Supply and Demand is the book that finally does justice to Shepard Fairey s entire body of work, a massive retrospective covering 17 Years of this groundbreaking artist s prodigious output Through the lens of esteemed writers and critics such as Carlo McCormick, Steven Heller and Roger Gastman,

The second, eagerly awaited Banksy collection Same handy pocket size as Banging Your Headnow in full, glorious color As ever, the stencils and art are complemented with various commentary, thoughts and context from the man himself, together with various reviews and emails Quite superb.

Whether adored or abhorred, graffiti and street art provoke passionate debate This is the first comprehensive popular survey of the art movement around the world Organized thematically, it explores the origins of the movement and its evolution, the relationship between street art and the urban

The medieval world was a distinctive one, rich in change and diversity This book brings together these disparate worlds to show one medieval world, stretching from Connacht to Constantinople and from Tynemouth to Timbuktu This set of reconstructions presents the reader with the future of the