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[ Pdf HR Giger Ç littérature néerlandaise PDF ] by Collectif å I wanted to get hold of a good reference book of some of Giger s work Most of the coffee table books I would find were either in less than favorable shape, or entirely too expensive for an artist to buy I found this for a few bucks and although it s it s a softcover, it s still a great collection.
livre en tr s bon tat et dessin tres bien reproduits de grande qualit pour un cr ateur et dessinateur hors pair pour tous ceux qui cherchent un peu d actualit et d anecdotes sur giger ouvrage tr s sympa par ses tr s nombreuses illustrations et photos.
tr s bien fait comme tous les bouquins taschen du reste magique F A N T A S T I C SELLER a

I was overwhelmed with how wonderful this small little book was Even though it really has taken up a lot of pages because all of Giger s writing in it is in 4 different languages in the same book so buyers beware, a lot of the pages are not in english But the great note is it really has an enormous number of a lot of the art, projects, film, and museum photos in it A lot of them in which cannot be found in any of his other books For the price though it is a quantum steal If you are a huge Giger fan like me it is a must have.
Amazing read, a great source of inspiration A very nice collection of lots of varied art from a master After seeing his work in the Alien series I became very interested in Giger s work and this book did a great job of showing all the different kinds of things he has worked on from classic paintings, to the Giger museum, and even a microphone he designed for Korn.
Magnifique livre Giger Il Padre Di Alcune Delle Creature Pi Strabilianti Degli Ultimi Tempi, Compreso L Alien Del Film Di Ridley Scott In Questo Libro L Accento Posto Proprio Sui Suoi Maggiori Successi

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