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[ Pdf A Long Way Home: A Memoir Ï les années 1700 PDF ] by Saroo Brierley Ï Everyone can benefit from going on this amazing journey with a young man who exhibits tenacity, resolve and grace in his search for his birth family and his devotion to both his adopted and birth families.
I m not giving much away by quoting a stranger the author met as a grown up on his mission to find the family he lost at age 5 Finding his former home unoccupied and having no idea where to look next, he encountered a man who said to him, Wait here I will take you to your mother.
At age 5, Saroo Brierley fell asleep on a train in India and couldn t find his way home By luck he was placed in an orphanage and adopted by an Australian couple He spent years combing his memory of places and landmarks in India, tracing them on Google Earth from his home in Australia, and finally solving the mysteries of how he got lost, traveling back to India, and finding his way home As the title says, ALong Way Home.
This may be the most fascinating book I ever read I couldn t put it down, even though I myself have never been to India or Australia It is an amazing story.
This book tells an amazing story There is simply no other way to describe it It is the real life story of Saroo, a five year old child in a village in central India, who gets lost and finds himself transported all the way east to Calcutta, some 1800 kms away Young Saroo, all of five, penniless and illiterate, does not even know the name of his village and knows little else about where he was from He gets off at the bustling, crowded Howrah train station and survives for six weeks in the intimidating bad and mean streets of Calcutta by his instincts and luck He ends up at a benevolent orphanage called ISSA, where the kindly Ms.
Saroj Sood tries to find his family and re unite him But all Saroo can tell was that he was from Ginestlay, which is what he remembered as his village s name He also mistakenly says that he travelled just overnight by train when in reality he had travelled almost I put off reading this book for fear it would be mostly a tale of abuse and a condemnation of Indian people Well, I was wrong While there are disturbing parts, necessary to the story, the spirit of this very young child helped me through And the caring nature of most of the people he meets reflects my own interactions with the people of India You have just Gotta read this story

I wanted to read this before seeing the movie very interesting and tugs on your heartstrings to hear how difficult life is for so many How the author finds his family is truly amazing.
As Americans we can scarcely imagine what a horrific experience young Saroo endured Had it not been for his already desperate existence up to being lost, I doubt anyone would have the guile he did to survive the circumstances he found himself in at the age of five A remarkable recounting and captivating story.
It s both a heartbreaking and heartwarming story.
When 5 year old Saroo is accidentally separated from his Indian family at a train station, he ends up surviving on the streets of Kolkata Calcutta on his own for 2 3 weeks before being taken to an orphanage He s quickly adopted by an Australian family, John and Sue Brierley.
Fast forward 25 years, and Saroo chooses to search for his biological family, which he does with the help of Google Maps, Google Earth and Facebook In a country of almost 1.
3 billion people, he manages to find the three he cares most about.
It s an inspiring story, and one I devoured quickly My heart broke as he describe the poverty of India, and I cried as he described his adoptive mother and birth mother Amazing StuffThe New York PostSo Incredible That Sometimes It Reads Like A Work Of FictionWinnipeg Free Press Canada A Remarkable StorySydney Morning Herald ReviewI Literally Could Not Put This Book Down Saroo S Return Journey Will Leave You Weeping With Joy And The Strength Of The Human SpiritManly Daily Australia We Urge You To Step Behind The Headlines And Have A read Of This Absorbing AccountWith Clear Recollections And Good Old Fashioned Storytelling, Saroorecalls The Fear Of Being Lost And The Anguish Of SeparationWeekly Review AustraliaBorn In Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh, India, Saroo Brierley Lives In Hobart, Tasmania, Where He Manages A Family Business, Brierley Marine, With His Father Saroos Story Has Been Published In Several Languages And Is Now A Major Motion Picture From The Weinstein Company

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