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Ë Read Ë Pet Sematary by Michael C Hall ò Never Before Available On Unabridged Audio Dexter S Michael C Hall Reads This Classic Horror Story Described By Publishers Weekly As The Most Frightening Novel Stephen King Has Ever WrittenWhen Dr Louis Creed Takes A New Job And Moves His Family To The Idyllic, Rural Town Of Ludlow, Maine, This New Beginning Seems Too Good To Be True Yet Despite Ludlow S Tranquility, There S An Undercurrent Of Danger That Lingerslike The Graveyard In The Woods Near The Creeds Home, Where Generations Of Children Have Buried Their Beloved PetsBehind The Pet Sematary, There Is Another Burial Ground, One That Lures People To It With Seductive Promisesand Ungodly Temptations A Blood Chilling Truth Is Hidden There Oneterrifying Than Death Itself And Hideouslypowerful An Ominous Fate Befalls Anyone Who Dares Tamper With This Forbidden Place, As Louis Is About To Discover For Himself

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