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[ Read Online Nighteyes Ï indian-literature PDF ] by Garfield Reeves-Stevens » Lady s daughter is stolen by aliensagainand then they come back to get her, or somethingsinister.
Garfield Reeves Stevens is a writer that not enough people know of He and his wife Judith have teamed up in the past many times on novels and TV shows like Star Trek Enterprise and the SyFy original movie Fire Serpent Alone, Garfield has also written many novels, including plenty set in the Star Trek Expended Universe Many of his works are genre benders with a sci fi touch.
When I came across Nighteyes in a used bookstore, it wasn t only the cover that led me to buying it The inside flap compared it to the works of Whitley Strieber For those who don t know, that means Nighteyes has something to do with the alien abduction phenomenon This is a topic I find endlessly fascinating Nighteyes came out in 1989, not long after Whitley Strieber published Communion One would think that the success of Communion might have led tointerest in the s AFTER YEARS OF OBSERVING US, ABDUCTING US, AND EXPERIMENTING UPON US, THEY HAVE FINALLY MADE THEIR FIRST MISTAKEAs The Sun Sets On A Lonely Connecticut Farmhouse The Shadows Come, Gliding Through Windows, Sliding Up Walls, Enveloping Sarah Gilmour As She Searches Frantically For Her Missing Child Then The Shadows, With Their Dark, Inhuman Eyes, Are Everywhere, Surrounding Her As She Sobs Silently, Realizing With Horror That They Have Taken Her Daughter Once Again And Now They Have Come Bcak For For Her Melodrama, dreck.
If you examine the reviews onfor this book you will see a startling amount of derision and scorn No idea why Mystifying because its a genuinely well written, energetic treatment of a premise that has seen a lot of over use in contemporary science fiction Just because the idea at the base of this story is so plastic that every SF based tv series relies on it at least once a season is no reason to slight this novel Further, the author had to deal with the challenge of treading in territory already deeply carved out by Close Encounters of the Third Kind Not an easy task.
Anyway Let me make it clear that this author is thoroughly competent and writes a ripping yarn There s no reason to dismiss this effort out of hand Recurring people play scapegoats for secret agencies They became a clog in the wheel of the secret service during this new age set story These common individuals flee amok catching up somehow in controversy leading to powerful governmental consequences The technology in this near future view compared to ours would look like our own perceiving it by a general point of view This story is interesting Its political viewpoint becomes a part of the story adding interest in the normal collective opinions of the FBI An investigated crime is committed against the public security during an extreme surveillance of a secret agent and the higher ups need answers or want it covered up A crust of time spans between the FBI and lives of innocent people who from their everyday activity go to hiding in fear of the FBI They ve learned of secrets and add some Let me just begin by saying that this book was much longer than it needed to be In my opinion, there were many filler scenes adding no value to the story that the author could have omitted.
Let me also warn you that I personally am not a fan of stories involving UFOs and aliens Admittedly, I picked up this book out of desperation to have something to read and lack of other options I didn t particularly care for the concept it s unoriginal and done many times before Honestly, this alien story is basically like every other stereotypical alien story, except by the end it turns into Terminator.

One specific detail about the story is that, unlike most books written a couple decades back or longer tending to date themselves with everyday objects that our society has outgrown, such as a VCR tape collection or makes of cars, etc things only a collector would have now, this doesn t I liked that The country s alphabet agencies are involved in messing each other over til it irritates the reader with the paranoia but it s all story line so we have to deal with it The rest of the story gets interesting is well thought out worth the read As someone said, this type of story has been done to death but the twist the details are very well written original.
Fascinating read Was a little confused at the beginning, though so were the characters The story built at a steady pace, gaining characters at a rate that wasn t overwhelming It felt realistic until the last few chapters, but still plausible enough to wrap up the story, with enough happening after the finale to answer those lingering questions I m always left with after a good story Would recommend.
Loved it Twists and turns Compelling characters Unexpected directions right up to the end And a satisfying resolution Would recommend.

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