Trailer ✓ The End of the Story PDF by µ Lydia Davis

Trailer ✓ The End of the Story PDF by µ Lydia Davis .
Fuck That s really all I can say.
Translation widget on The blog O carte deosebit Despre o rela ie care se sf r e te nainte sa accepte ca acest lucru este posibil O carte jurnal, o confesiune Recenzia mea completa o g si i aici Minimalist Fiction and Self AwarenessDavis s minimalist voice which I find myself mimicking in this review, always a sign of a style s power to inhabit the imagination and control the pen is not at all the usual minimalism This novel is life with its content subtracted away It s about a love affair, but we are scarcely told anything about what either person looks like We hear, in passing, that the narrator likes to identify species of grass and spiders, but we aren t given any names of grasses or spiders She falls in love with a man, but we have no idea what kind of person he is They are both attached to a university, but we hear next to nothing about what they study or teach She is a translator of French, but there is no French in the book That is especially unusual think of other Francophiles, like Wallace Stevens or John Ashbery, who can t h

5 starsRub enough elbows with the literary cognoscenti, you re bound to hear glowing praise about Lydia Davis short stories I was delighted to seeThe End of the Story, her first novel, made available to our library system s e book exchange to see what the hoopla was all about Delight turned to unalleviated boredom rather quickly, followed by utter exasperation with the realization at about page 40 that it never was going to get any better It s further frustrating that many GR folks found beauty in this, when all I could find was an excuse to keep my Extra Strength Tylenol nearby This was one painful slog disguised as art Its 240 page entirety is devoted to the first person obsessions of a 35 year old woman obsessing over every single micrometer, ngstrom, tissue thin sense memory of a failed relationship with a man really, barely older than a kid twelve years younger than her Th Senryu Review Supreme break up bookin stark self aware prose trumpsall night make up sex.
I always cry at endings.
This is the way in which we learn to let go while holding on.
Because when loss lessens us to the point that love s lessons leave us spent, less isSometimes it takes a certain sort of numbness time, work, drugs, sleep, food to know how to begin to feel again.
Because there are parts of the heart which are always crying and that is the fountain of compassion Sold this book because I thought some other thing would take my mind off of that which this book elapses Didn t really work It seems that moving on means actually processing emotional trauma not reliving one s memories but rather recollecting the reasons for one s actions and analyzing suppositions as to the reasons for the other then ultimately coming to terms with being unable to know in full what the other was thinking, to only know the o One of the few books I come back to over and over again I have never read anything quite like this nearly plotless, dialogue less book detailing the slow decline of a relationship The tone is hauntingly lonely and there is never a question about where the narrative is headed, but the observations are so smart and the sentences so well crafted that I highly recommend this book to those interested in reading about the small nuances of desperate, yet honest love.
Mislabeled Boxes, Problems With Visiting Nurses, Confusing Notes, An Outing To The County Fair Such Are The Obstacles In The Way Of The Unnamed Narrator Of The End of the Story As She Attempts To Organize Her Memories Of A Love Affair Into A Novel With Compassion, Wit, And What Appears To Be Candor She Seeks To Determine What She Actually Knows About Herself And Her Past, But We Begin To Suspect, Along With Her, That Given The Elusiveness Of Memory And Understanding, Any Tale Retrieved From The Past Must Be Fiction

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