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[Michelle Reid] Å The Arabian Love-Child [foursome PDF] Read Online Å Both hero and heroine were extremely unlikable and the ending flat I had high hopes for Rafiq s story as he seemed like an intriguing secondary character in The Sheikh s Chosen Wife, book 2 The man revealed here wasn t the same person I remembered even though we didn t have access to his inner thoughts in the previous book Regardless, this Rafiq was too bitter, cynical, and unforgiving to like much less love For her part, Melanie was very much the wronged party in the relationship However, this didn t prevent her from jumping Rafiq s bones way too quickly even after eight long years apart, treatment colder than an iceberg, AND no apology or grovel yet Melanie wasn t a total doormat though She showed spirit in how she loved and protected their son, Robbie.
This could have earned a slightly higher rating if Rafiq had shown deeper remorse for his and his brother Hassan s un Half Arab Prince, Half French, Rafiq Al Qadim Wears His Pride Like A Suit Of Armoras Melanie Had Discovered When She Fell In Love With Him Years Ago Then Rafiq Chose To Believe Ugly Lies About Her, And Blew Her Out Of His Life Like A Grain Of Desert Sand In The Wind But Melanie Will Never Stop Wanting Rafiq Unbeknownst To Him, She Gave Birth To His Child Now That Robbie Is Old Enough To Need His Father, Melanie Is Determined Rafiq Will Accept His Soneven If He Can Never Forgive Her Arrrgggghhhhh I am giving this two stars because I know I ve been negative lately soThe H is brooding in his tower of power as he feels like a fool His sexy Spanish se orita mistress just got married on the fly, and he s been made a fool as the gossip rags are going to town Nobody makes a fool of Rafiq he makes fools of other people Rafiq is not just brooding on his ex mistress but all the women who have betrayed him his mother who wanted to abort him but died at his birth what father tells his son that , and the ultimate betrayal by the love of his life Love of life betrayed him years ago She was a virgin when they got together, but betrayed him just a week later with her step cousin Yes, cause that s what virgins do They take on legions of lovers just cause.
Guess who walks in asking for help with her i the book was dark and intense it was heart wrenching how rafiq was cruel and unforgiving where melanie was concerned i was sadly disappointed when he forgave hassam so easily for the part he played in their estrangement he found it so easily to forgive his brother but not the woman he professed to love i felt for melanie but found her pathetic at the same time she was so easy, just fell back into bed wid him add to dat, she had been living like a nun the past 8 years while HE had been whoring himself laughable I really don t know why but I liked it, maybe because is written by Michelle Reid, I don t know.
First, I m not a fan of secret child stories, in fact I hate when the heroines keep the baby as a secret because the hero didn t love her or broke up with her or something like that, but the reasons in this book convinced me enough.
And then, if you re going to use a word phrase in other language you should be sure it means what you want it to mean, but it made me laugh so much it ended up being positive for me.
The Arabian Love Child is the story of Melanie and Rafiq.
I should learn to stop binging on authors, especially when Im on a good reading streak with them but I dont, and Oh so do I regret thee.
So lets recap this craptastic fest Our dbag hero LURVED the heroine 8 years ago, but then someone told him she was cheating on him with her step bro so he brutally kicks her out calling her all kinds of names in the abuse book.
Since then he happily hoes around.
Now 8 years later the heroine re enters his life, and SURPRISE, Mr dbag has a son which he s now pissed he was not made aware about Totally NOT his fault that he kicked out the heroine TWICE even when in the present tense she goes to inform him about the same, slut shames her, abuses her, and uses her own body against her because obv this is a HQN novel so while he struts around with all the b es, she has FOUR STARS Loved, loved, LOVED this one Totally my kind of story

I m glad there were so many beds to fall on since the heroine had no spine and couldn t stand up for herself in the vicinity of the hero for longer than 10 minutes She was truly pathetic in her sexual neediness and how she berated herself for it before, during and after Spare me the misplaced guilt The hero was a judgmental pig who fueled his grievances including those against his mother who died in childbirth, his former girlfriend, and of course the h with huge logs of resentment, slut shaming, mistrust, and half stories The heroine was afraid of him at one point when he was so angry That s not a good look on a hero Sorry, no I didn t believe in their love They basically had a one night stand that resulted in a pregnancy They hardly knew each other and then they were apart for 8 years The fact that they couldn t keep their hands off of each other in between insults and threa I cannot believe that Michelle Reid wrote this bookIt was awful especially since the hero Rafiq was such an incredible character inThe Sheik s Chosen WifeShe took the absolutely ultra in heroes dark, brooding, charismatic, but caring to those he loved and turned him into a monster Throw in a doormat of a heroine who constantly cowers, whimpers and repeatedly begs for sex and you have an absolute disaster.
Even Rafiq himself sees itI have been treating you without honor from the moment I met you, and have done it all from a superior stance that deserves nothing but your contemptYup, you got that right The only redeeming thing about the book was their son, Robbie He was well written and a truly enjoyable character.

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