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[Michael Cordy] ✓ The Colour of Death [words PDF] Ebook Epub Download ñ In A Residential Neighbourhood Of Portland, Oregon, An Unknown Young Woman Uncovers A Shocking Crime Scene By Inexplicably Sensing The Evil Within Its Walls To The Police, She Is A Mystery She Can T Even Tell Them Her Own Name They Christen Her Jane DoeSuffering Terrifying Hallucinations, Jane Is Assigned To Nathan Fox, A Forensic Psychiatrist Struggling With His Own Demons Together They Must Piece Together The Jigsaw That Is Jane S IdentityThen A Sequence Of Brutal Killings Terrorizes The City And Fox Learns Jane Is The Only Cryptic Link Between The Unrelated Victims To Solve The Murders, Fox Must Discard His Black And White Preconceptions, Look Beyond The Spectrum Of Normal Human Experience And Confront The Dark Truth Of Her Pastand His Own Received from and reviewed for Transworld booksIn Portland a young woman is irresistibly drawn towards a house She can sense the evil in the house, but can t make herself turn away Using an axe she breaks into the house and singlehandedly puts a stop to the evil lurking inside, injuring herself in the process.
When the police catch up with the young woman she turns out to be a mystery Not only can she not explain how she knew what was going on in that house, she doesn t know who she is, where she came from or anything else about herself.
Dr Nathan Fox, a forensic psychiatrist with violence in his own past, is asked to talk to the girl and see if he can help her retrieve her memories and find explanations for what she did As he works with the girl, Fox finds himself fascinated, both by the girl and the powers she has.
At the same time, downtown Portland is rocked by Admittedly, I ve never been much of a reader In the past ten years I have probably read nothan 5 or 6 full length novels that I did so for leisure and not school or study I suppose I never really had the patience or attention span to commit to fictional narratives I am currently between jobs and constantly looking for new hobbies to enjoy in my spare time, so I decided that I wanted to give reading another go and find a new book to sink my teeth into A couple of weeks ago I was at the store, browsing the shelves waiting for something to jump out at me One book in particular caught my eye, its ghostly blue and white cover adorned with the words The Colour of Death instantly creeping under my skin The title alone intrigued me, so naturally I

5 piacevole thriller da leggere con tutti gli elementi del genere I was really engrossed in this book at the start as we first meet Nathan Fox as a young boy when his mother, father and young sister are brutally murdered during a gas station robbery but Nathan can t remember anything about the traumatic incident or why his life was spared.
The story then moves 19 years to the present day as Nathan is now a psychiatrist helping people though he can t help himself with his loss of memory He is detached and has learned to distance himself from pain and loss.
He is then entrusted to a young woman who has total memory loss and, because Nathan is the right colour of indigo, she trusts him and no one else I found this side of the story very intriguing as both the woman and Nathan shared a special kind of sense.
Nathan could feel someone else s pain and Jane Doe had other senses as well, which are slowly revealed and which co

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