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[ Read Online Never Fall Down Ä young-adult-romance PDF ] by Patricia McCormick Ä Important As was true with her National Book Award finalist, Sold, Patricia McCormick uses her fiction writing skills and her journalistic writing ability to share a child victim s harrowing tale In this case it is Arn Chorn Pond, survivor of the Khmer Rouge genocide in Cambodia Never Fall Down, named for one of the first things the captured boy learned to survive, travels the full arc of his experience, from the last days of normalcy before the Khmer Rouge takeover through the years of captivity, forced labor, and eventual conscription as a Khmer Rouge soldier when the Vietnamese invaded And as was the case with Sold, this is a young adult book with some adult themes, in this case, violence, death, murder, and other atrocities At times the descriptions get quite graphic Adding to the effect is McCormick s decision to tell it as Arn himself would after he has learned but not mastere This National Book Award Nominee From Two Time Finalist Patricia McCormick Is The Unforgettable Story Of Arn Chorn Pond, Who Defied The Odds To Survive The Cambodian Genocide Of And The Labor Camps Of The Khmer RougeBased On The True Story Of Cambodian Advocate Arn Chorn Pond, And Authentically Told From His Point Of View As A Young Boy, This Is An Achingly Raw And Powerful Historical Novel About A Child Of War Who Becomes A Man Of Peace It Includes An Author S Note And Acknowledgments From Arn Chorn Pond HimselfWhen Soldiers Arrive In His Hometown, Arn Is Just A Normal Little Boy But After The Soldiers March The Entire Population Into The Countryside, His Life Is Changed ForeverArn Is Separated From His Family And Assigned To A Labor Camp Working In The Rice Paddies Under A Blazing Sun, He Sees The Other Children Dying Before His Eyes One Day, The Soldiers Ask If Any Of The Kids Can Play An Instrument Arn S Never Played A Note In His Life, But He VolunteersThis Decision Will Save His Life, But It Will Pull Him Into The Very Center Of What We Know Today As The Killing Fields And Just As The Country Is About To Be Liberated, Arn Is Handed A Gun And Forced To Become A Soldier Part audiobook via overdrive app, part paperbackYou show you care, you die.
You show you fear, you die.
You show nothing, maybe you live Long time I been on my own, but now really I m alone I survive the killing, the starving, all the hate of the Khmer Rouge, but I think maybe now I will die of this, of broken heart All the time you fighting, you think only of how to survive All the time you survive, you wonder why you don t die But now my life can be something different Now, in America, I don t have to fight I don t have to survive I can chose a new thing to liveAn important story to tell but the way she chose tell it made it hard to get into the story sometimes I felt kept at a distance during some things that should have had me feeling for Arn and what him and the others were going through.
Not that I had a stone heart throughout all this, I just wasn t as invested as I wante The rich, they chase you if you steal their thiNgs Poor people, they the one who share All the old clothes, our old lifE, one big pile, is on fire now And gone To live with nothing in your stomach and a gun in your face, is that liVing or is that dying a little bit every day Be like the grass BEnd low, bend low, then bend lower The wind blow one way, you blow that way But now the Khmer Rouge, they win They kill my family in my mind Death is just my daily liFe now I let him die Because now I m A ghost myselfto cover the sound of the kiLLing, but you hear it anyhow Sickening sound Skull cracking You hear it every day Death is every day One day you are comraDe The next day corpse You not living And you nOt dead You living dead Why Why I m so bad He didn t .
I I really don t know how to review this Or rate it Will need to give it some thought This story was heart breaking It is based on a true story of a little boy who managed to survive the 1970 s genocide in Cambodia, many members of his family were not so lucky He learned harsh life lessons and used that knowledge to get him through some horrific trials The author is a journalist I thought that telling this story from the POV of a child was brilliant, even though it took me a bit of time to get used to the choppy pigeon English My thought is that maybe the pigeon English wasn t necessary This still could have been told through the eyes of a child without that The child POV was still brilliant though because it masked some of the horror he had to live Well maybe not masked because it was plain to see that these events were truly horrific, but maybe the word cushioned might beaccurate As painful as this was, it was worth the read.

Personally I think the Cambodian Genocide is an event that needs to be taughtin schools in North America, not to scare kids, but to show them how some people survived, beat the odds and lived to share their story of this frightening 1970 s turmoil Never Fall Down is a fictional memoir based on true events and based on a real person, a boy who lived through the horrific years of the Pol Pot Regime It s disturbing, but well written and undeniably important.
general piece of advice to anyone who approaches the blank box with the intention of writing a pleasing to the eye review do not read one of mike reynolds reviews first it will make you walk away from the computer in utter discouragement arn chorn pond was a young child when the khmer rouge decided to unleash on cambodia a mayhem that resulted in the extermination of one quarter of the population notice that the khmer rouge were themselves cambodian since the book is told from arn s point of view, in the first person, and arn is a young child, you don t get an explanation for why this madness happened, so for that i remand you to wikipedia, where i will go myself after i finish writing this review as a grown up and a survivor, arn has been and continues to be an activist on

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