¶ Marco Polo, If You Can(Blackford Oakes Novel) Ï Download by Ç William F. Buckley Jr.

¶ Marco Polo, If You Can(Blackford Oakes Novel) Ï Download by Ç William F. Buckley Jr. Just didn t do much for me It s a pretty straight forward Cold War era spy story But, when reading it in 2011, it feels too dated Hard to get too excited about espionage being conducted via photo manipulation and xerox machine Plus, having read several of William Buckley s son Christopher Buckley s books, I was expecting a bit wit than was present.
A mild spy hunt, acold war daydream of the US government turning espiocratic tables on the USSR Buckley gives us twice the narrative of longer spy novels Goes down smooth.
Master Of Espionage Fiction And National Book Award Winner William F Buckley Jr Brings Us Another In His Best Selling Series Starring The Intrepid CIA Agent Blackford Oakes When A Shadowy Russian Mole Threatens To Undermine The Free World S Defenses By Infiltrating President Eisenhower S National Security Counsel, CIA Super Secret Agent Blackford Oakes Is Called In To Unmask The Imposter Then, Oakes Turns The Tables On The Communists By Piloting A U Spy Plane On A Gary Powers Style One Way Mission Behind The Iron Curtain Sentenced To Death And Trapped In The Depths Of The Lubyanka Prison, Oakes May Have Turned His Last Trick Or Has He A competently written cold war era spy novel is marred by an unbelievable caper involving a U 2 plane The technical aspects of the plot are definitely of far interest than the rather one dimensional character development.
In parts fantastic, in parts rather dull Far from the best novel in the series.
I enjoyed it, but it wasn t a book I couldn t put down.
Continuing my series of William F Buckley readings, I read this spy story One of my all time favorite genres, being a child of the 50 s 60 s but even I found this rather dated Our world has gone so far beyond doctoring a xerox machine to make extra copies of everything hide them in a secret drawer Nothing of Buckley intrudes on what is a plain old fashioned spy story, based on the Gary Powers U2 spy plane incident He went down in the USSR was held, put on trial later exchanged for a Russian spy The book was entertaining, well written but somehow less than gripping Maybe it s time to move on from my favorite genre when I was 13

Another fabulous Blackford Oakes novel Oakes is cool, calm, and collected, as usualeven while facing imprisonment in the Soviet Union This guy is smart, compassionate, handsome, suave you name it A regular James Bond without the smugness or the gadgets His boss Rufuslow key, impreturbable, and deadly decisive Great dialog throughout, especially the rantings of President Eisenhower about his staff s incompetence and Kroo cheff s bumblings This is as are all of Buckley s novels sophistocated reading So read Marco Polo, If You Canif you can Oakes is a Mary Sue and the plotting isn t impressive What brings me back is the way that Buckley invokes the 1950s and 1960s.
At the time I read these novels the late 1980 s and early 1990 s , I found them to be pretty good sort of a cross between Matt Helm and James Bond Not quite up to Ian Fleming s standards, but not quite as dated by then either.

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