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☆ Read  The Lost Girl by Sangu Mandanna í Wow Just wow 5 stars really doesn t feel enough for this one FULL REVIEW Death is beautiful when seen to be a law, and not an accident It is as common as life Henry David ThoreauSpoilers and me have a hate relationship so spoiler alert It s really difficult for me to write a review for this book Since English is not my first language and I really want to do this book justice, I feel very limited to put my thoughts into words So although I will try to explain how absolutely amazing this book is, it won t be enough I have to admit, I was not hooked from page one I even put the book aside for a few days Yeah I know, unimaginable I don t know if it was me or the book though, so in this case I m going to use the line it wasn t you, it was If I were ever to write a book, this is the book I would want to see my name on The Lost Girl was not a novel I originally went into expecting to love, but surely enough, it has made its place in my heart and even now, days after putting it down, it hasn t left Yet,than that, I don t want it to With her debut, Sangu Mandanna has created a piece of fiction that transcends all boundaries and explores, not only an unique futuristic society, but also the bonds of friendship, the ties of family, the depth of grief and most of all, what it means to be human In all honesty, I can not explain the utter beauty that this book is The Lost Girl is truly, in every sense of the word, a heart wrenching tale that will keep you both reaching for the tissue boxes and stunned in horror Mandanna does a good job portraying her characters feelings and relationships, especially Eva s fear and resentment at her untenable situation The unsympathetic characters also have dimensions beyond merely being mean to the protagonist She even has a romance that develops gradually out of two individuals gasp knowing one another over time And her writing is fine I wish she had written a different book.
If, like me, you pick this up out of topical interest, you are going to be disappointed The world building, pretty much all of it, from the legal issues to the motivations of people who would pay for the presumably hugely expensive copies of their children to how those copies are raised, trained, and utilized Makes No Sense I was fine when we stayed in Eva s head, hearing her struggle to be herself as well as Amarra, but any What if your entire life s purpose was to be used as a replacement for someone else What if the world didn t see you as a person, but as an object What if you knew that your feelings and desires were real, but just about everyone else discounted them This is what life is like for Eva, created to be an echo for someone else s family For she is not really Eva to the outside world, but instead a copy of AmarraYou re an angel among mortals You are hopeEvery day, Eva wakes up Eva learns about Amarra s life on the other side of the world, and how to be like Amarra, in case anything happens to her twin and she needs to step in to live that other life Only, she wishes for a life of her own, one where she could do things that every other girl gets to experience, and maybe even have someone to call her own Her feelings are to be locked insi If only tears could talk, they would tell you how much I loved this story.
They would tell you that pages can radiate emotions, that words can create feelings, that beauty can hurt.
If tears could talk.
they would tell you how they dropped on this book drowning smiles in emotions, drowning sadness and turning it into in happiness, making me heart melt slowly and leaving me with a sweet taste of hopeYou re an angel among mortals Echos are asked to sacrifice everything to make another family, other people, happy To give them hope You are hopeSometimes I read sad books that make me happy How ironic, huh But it s true.
I love reading stories about humans, about the human nature in fact, about their essence, about their deep, raw feelings Figuratively, I love the sound of my heart breaking with every word, with every new nuance discovered.

Eva is an echo, a person weaved into existence to serve as some parents backup plan, in case something happens to their beloved daughter Although reserved for the rich, the practice is not uncommon and Weavers make new echoes all the time Eva has no life of her own she must experience everything her Other, Amarra, does, so when Amarra gets a tattoo, Eva has to get one exactly like it even though she hates it, and when Amarra goes swimming in the middle of the winter, Eva has no choice but to do the same But the city is the place that shelters Amarra s ghost And yet being in it alone is one of the few places I can let the mask slip away and instead of walking in her shoes, it s like we re two girls, ghost and echo, walking side by side.
Even tho Utterly beautifulThe Lost GirlYes, she s lost Lost in a cruel world where she has to fight for survival.
She s broken too.
She so badly wants to be a human Her feelings are almost palpable It s coming at strong waves toward me It s exhilarating My heart stutters here and then I paused the book and closed my eyes and for a minute, feeling grateful that I m not in a dreadful situation like her Feeling grateful that all these characters are a work of pure fiction No matter how much we wish we had vampires running around, sweeping us off our feet, they are still blood sucking monsters Anyways, this book is not about vampires and I don t think I m making much sense.
The Lost Girl is about an Echo named Eva An echo who desires to live like hu Eva was created as a replacement for Amarra Her whole life has not been her own Everyday is based on Amarra s life, eating what she ate, learning how she talks, dresses, what she did that day, even studying maps of her house to know where her bedroom is located Understandably, Amarra does not like Eva Amarra has to make journals everyday sharing everything about her life with the girl that might one day take her place The girl who one day might hug her mom, laugh with her friends, and kiss her boyfriend Amarra hid her boyfriend for a year because she did not want to share him but Ammara never took the time to ask how Eva felt Eva wants a choice and she wants to be with Sean, one of the people assigned to watch over her.
Eva loses the last of her free will when Amarra dies and she must take her place Everyone deals with gri Holy crap I need a moment to wipe the stupid grin off my face and take a deep breath so I can give this amazing book the proper review it truly deserves breathes into brown paper bag while heart rate settles Ok, with that hopefully out of the way, I have to hand it to Sangu Mandanna, she played all her cards right, The Lost Girl is an evocative dystopian that deftly tackles so many complicated themes identity, loss, grief through so many rich and complex characters that I m still lost in a jumble of emotions Be prepared for effusive praise.
The premise alone opens the door to so many questions Eva s an echo, a creation of the Weavers, a copy of another girl, Amarra, intended to replace her if she ever dies because her parents can t imagine ever letting go But who is Eva, really An individual in her own Eva S Life Is Not Her Own She Is A Creation, An Abomination An Echo Made By The Weavers As A Copy Of Someone Else, She Is Expected To Replace A Girl Named Amarra, Her Other , If She Ever Died Eva Studies What Amarra Does, What She Eats, What It S Like To Kiss Her Boyfriend, Ray So When Amarra Is Killed In A Car Crash, Eva Should Be ReadyBut Fifteen Years Of Studying Never Prepared Her For ThisNow She Must Abandon Everything She S Ever Known The Guardians Who Raised Her, The Boy She S Forbidden To Love To Move To India And Convince The World That Amarra Is Still AliveWhat Eva Finds Is A Grief Stricken Family Parents Unsure How To Handle This Echo They Thought They Wanted And Ray, Who Knew Every Detail, Every Contour Of Amarra And When Eva Is Unexpectedly Dealt A Fatal Blow That Will Change Her Existence Forever, She Is Forced To Choose Stay And Live Out Her Years As A Copy Or Leave And Risk It All For The Freedom To Be An original To Be EvaFrom Debut Novelist Sangu Mandanna Comes The Dazzling Story Of A Girl Who Was Always Told What She Had To Be Until She Found The Strength To Decide For Herself

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