↠´ Night of Camp David Ò Download by Ä Fletcher Knebel

↠´ Night of Camp David Ò Download by Ä Fletcher Knebel What does a lawmaker do when he s convinced the president of the United States is insane Here s a plausible scenario Older book, but still relevant and thrilling.
I didn t write a review of this book, because in this instance the publisher s blurb is a perfect review that does not spoil the plot That is rare.
How Can One Man Convince The Highest Powers In Washington That The President Of The United States Is Dangerously Unstable Before It S Too Late Senator Jim MacVeagh Is Proud To Serve His Country And His President, Mark Hollenbach, Who Has A Near Spotless Reputation As The Vibrant, Charismatic Leader Of MacVeagh S Party And The Nation When Hollenbach Begins Taking MacVeagh Into His Confidence, The Young Senator Knows That His Star Is On The RiseBut Then Hollenbach Starts Summoning MacVeagh In The Middle Of The Night To Camp David There, The President Sits In The Dark And Rants About His Enemies, Unfurling Insane Theories About All The People He Says Are Conspiring Against Him They Would Do Anything, President Hollenbach Tells The Stunned Senator, To Stop Him From Setting In Motion The Grand, Unprecedented Plans He Has To Make America A Great World Power Once AgainMacVeagh Comes Away From These Meetings Increasingly Convinced That The Man He Once Admired Has Lost His Mind But What Can He Do Who Can He Tell read on and off through the night A prescient book which I read back in the early 70s as I developed a taste for political thrillers I was reminded of it while watching a segment of The Rachel Maddow show where she talked about a president suffering from mental incapacity, she was reminded of this book by political historian Michael Beschloss I went to look for it, but it was out of print and wildly expensive Lo and behold, however, the buzz created by their discussion caused a reissue, and so my first book of 2019 is about how to remove an unfit president from office It holds up pretty well, especially as male attitudes in much of Washington seem to have not evolved as much as they have outside the Beltway i.
e much of the rest of the country, especially the blue bits during MeToo TimesUp era Notably Fletcher Knebel s first book written without Charles W Bailey II, this is a worthy follow up to Seven Days in May This time, a junior senator from Iowa is asked to meet with the President at Camp David the result of the meeting is that the senator begins to believe that the President is becoming clinically paranoid and is descending into madness.
Writing in 1965, Knebel tries, and for the most part succeeds, to keep the tone matter of fact and eschews melodramatic flourishes in favor of documentary detachment and realism While some readers today find this approach dull, others, including myself, feel that it enhances the tension and the unease The most disturbing thing about the book is that the behavior Two important facts 1 The unofficial subtitle of this work of fiction is What would happen if the president of the USA went stark raving mad 2 It was published in 1965.
This novel by Fletcher Knebel was just reissued by Random House, presumably because the premise is so close to what many people in this country now think of our current president The similarities end there The book s fictional president, Mark Hollenbach, is very very different from Donald Trump and not just because Hollenbach is a Democrat One thing that this book is NOT is a loosely veiled roman clef about the current administration See point No 2 above The plot is actually fairly simple After three years in office, the president s personality seems to have drastically changed oddb Almost adorable in its naivete considering our current situation, but this was written in 1965 The president in this book isof a Mike Pence character in his weird Puritanical attitude towards women which is seen as a warning sign when the Senator who is up for the VP job starts to investigate the president s background , though the president is a nice contrast to the hero of the book, a sleazy first time Senator from Iowa, who grows alarmed of the president s mental state after the roasting at the Press Correspondent s dinner and subsequent break with reality at Camp David You can see why this book is being talked about again especially with the first chapter of the Press Correspondent s dinner since it deals with a mentally unstable president and the Deep State group of politicians including the Supreme Court Justice in this b

This was an almost thrill for me The writing was competent and sometimes insightful the author had a way with imagery that rarely felt stale and often surprised And the premise is a whopper what do you do if you think the president of the United States is insane This is the dilemma faced by a junior senator from Iowa, Jim MacVeagh The year is somewhere in the 1960s the book was published in 1965 the administration is Democratic but not Lyndon Johnson s The president has summoned the senator to Camp David to shoot the breeze and to dangle the idea that he might choose MacVeagh to replace the current vice president when he runs for reelection But the conversation goes askew and MacVeagh leaves distinctly uneasy.
Subsequent events do not make him feel any better, and before he knows it he s plunged into a terrible dilemma one that brings down upon him the scr What would happen if the President of the United States POTUS showed signs of mental instability Such is the question in Fletcher Knebel s 1965 political novel that reverberates in current literature When James MacVeagh is summoned to meet with President Mark Hollenbach at Camp David, he is unsure what to expect, especially this late at night The junior senator from Iowa agrees, hoping that he will be privy to some interesting information Their meeting is quite odd, one in which Hollenbach expounds on how his beleaguered VP is likely to be replaced ahead of the Democratic National Convention later that year POTUS also vents that there is a conspiracy building against him, leading him to want to enact all encompassing phone tapping measures to keep the country safe As MacVeagh leaves the meeting, he cannot help but wonder If POTUS went raving mad,Would it be really, really bad Knebel, when he wrote this bookHad no idea where to look Had to rely on his imaginationTo describe what would happen to the nation.
Well, now we are better informed,With bitter experience we are armed A mad POTUS, all angry and bitterWill spend most of his time ranting on Twitter,Will talk incessantly of building a wallWhile the country does a Decline and Fall Will deny science and forgo good senseAnd incur to the world, damage immense.
The only hope for a beleaguered nationWould be the positive outcome of a certain investigation

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