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[Ellen Marie Wiseman] ✓ The Plum Tree [leadership PDF] Ebook Epub Download ☆ I did enjoy this novel although it is a haunting account of the holocaust It s a story told from the German perspective of an 18 year old girl who finds love with a Jew just before the war starts It s haunting as she loses her love only to find him later and hides him in the family attic to save him He is caught however, and both are sent to the concentration camp I find all reads that take place during Hitler s regime to be disturbing but like many survivors, it s a story about survival, family and love I like Wiseman s style of writing and look forward to her latest novel What She Left Behind.
Christine, I want you to understand something War makes perpetrators of some, criminals of others, and victims of everyone Not all of the soldiers on the front are fighting for Hitler and his ideals Just because a soldier is in the battle, doesn t mean that he believes in the warThe Plum Tree is a story of a young girl Christine and her family during WWII and the Nazi occupation of Germany Beyond that, it is a tale of love and survival, of loss and strength, and a tale of hope It is historical fiction, woven with a tale of romance between a young German girl and a young German Jew at the height of the terror in Nazi occupied Germany We have all learned about WWII, Nazi Germany, the concentration camps, and t A Deeply Moving And Masterfully Written Story Of Human Resilience And Enduring Love, The Plum Tree Follows A Young German Woman Through The Chaos Of World War II And Its Aftermath Bloom Where You Re Planted, Is The Advice Christine Bolz Receives From Her Beloved Oma But Seventeen Year Old Domestic Christine Knows There Is A Whole World Waiting Beyond Her Small German Village It S A World She S Begun To Glimpse Through Music, books And Through Isaac Bauerman, The Cultured Son Of The Wealthy Jewish Family She Works ForYet The Future She And Isaac Dream Of Sharing Faces Greater Challenges Than Their Difference In Stations In The Fall Of , Germany Is Changing Rapidly Under Hitler S Regime Anti Jewish Posters Are Everywhere, Dissenting Talk Is Silenced, And A New Law Forbids Christine From Returning To Her Job And From Having Any Relationship With Isaac In The Months And Years That Follow, Christine Will Confront The Gestapo S Wrath And The Horrors Of Dachau, Desperate To Be With The Man She Loves, To Survive And Finally, To Speak Out Set Against The Backdrop Of The German Home Front, This Is An Unforgettable Novel Of Courage And Resolve, Of The Inhumanity Of War, And The Heartbreak And Hope Left In Its Wake While the blurb say masterfully written, that is not my overall assessment The Plum Tree is about life from the other side of the coin in WW2 the life of a German girl and her family This is a point of view I have not really considered until now Christine is 17 in 1938 and in love for the first time with Isaac, who has Jewish grandparents She is heartbroken when Hitler passes one of his many decrees and Isaac and his family are ferried in the dead of night to places unknown Christine and her family are appalled at the Fuhrer s new ruling they are opposed to his ideas As the war begins and then progresses, Christine s family feel the repercussions all able men are taken away to the army, rationing begins and only Nazi radio can be accessed 1939 becomes 1940, 1941, 1942 The family s hardship worsens meagre starvation rations, no word from Started off as a 4 star and gradually became a 2.
5 Oh, I so, so wanted to like this I d heard so much about it and recognized the home village really, a town in the first chapter as the very one in which I spent a lovely, meaningful summer The story had such promise, but too often, I wanted to throw the book across the room Reasons therefore 1 The heavy fisted Defense of the Good German I m actually quite sympathetic, but sometimes this felt like a defense in the guise of a novel Our heroine s concerns about the Nazis were often cloaked in a perspectives that didn t at all seem to line up with her station in life and education 2 A lot of telling instead of showing We hear a lot about the hard work of Mutti, but we despite the long descriptions, we don t see it The central love affair begins in the first chapter, but the couple have fallen in love before the book begins We don This is a story of the war , of the grave injustices , the horrors of the concentration camps It is a story of unmitigated hate , but it is also a love story , a story of death and survival It s a story that reminds us of the holocaust but also reminds us of the resilience of some of the survivors and that not all Germans were Nazis We ve seen real examples of how Jews were helped by notable people such as Oskar Schindler but this novel reminds us that there were others , ordinary German citizens who were brave and bold enough to leave bread and cheese along the way as prisoners marched or tried to hide Jews from the Nazis The author tells us in notes and in a Q A at the end of the book that her inspiration was the experience of her German grandparents during WWII Oma had tried to help, risking her life to set This is the first book I ve read by Ellen Marie Wiseman I ll read this author again Its clear Ellen Marie Wiseman has excellent STORYTELLING talent Her writing flows Its an Historical novel, historically accurate , about the Holocaust a topic I know much about from family members friends being Jewish other books on the Holocaust ongoing education with the intention to remember It might seem at first anyway that what makes this book unique is that the narrator is a young GERMAN girl.
and the camp is not staged in Auschwitz Yet I actually don t find the book all that unique not today in 2013 I suppose if I had read this book 40 years ago I might have found the German perspectiveof an awakening But I m 61 I ve read many books from BOTH sides of the Holocaust we ve know that many GOOD German Once in a while, I fall prey torecommendations It s usually when I m impatient and stressed and I m looking for the literary equivalent of an After School Special, something that hits the right empathic buttons without much mental strain The last time I did this I ended up with Orphan Train, which was bad but mostly hit those marks This book was so painful that I quit reading about ten pages from the end, after forcing myself to keep going long past when I should have abandoned it The writing is competent, but the characters are shallow and overwrought The plot is idiotic, coincidences pile on coincidences and people behave against human nature in order to force the next development Basic scene setting details are inaccurate People die, and live, and return from the dead only as it serves the very predictable storyline I picked this book without doing the proper research, which now sh

I had a hard time sticking with Ellen Marie Wiseman s tale of a WW II romance between a Jewish Boy and an German girl in the beginning There was almost too much description of place meeting every flower and chicken in the town, so to speak, and Wiseman kept flinging German phrases into the story then immediately translating them in an annoying way The central character, Christine, is part of a German family that was almost too morally disengaged from National Socialism to be realistic very goody two shoes although I am well aware not all Germans were Nazis Since I had committed to read the book it was a Bookbrowse ARC I stuck with it and ended up immersed in the story, which included lots of family trauma for both Christine and her boyfriend and provides a very realistic depiction of life in the war zone and in the German concentration camps I d also note This book has been for too long on my TBR, and it was one that really intrigued me Admittedly it was mostly due to the beautiful cover design The eerie, yet colorful image grabbed me and stayed plastered to my subconscious for a very long time.
It is not the best novel about the Holocaust and WWII, that I have read , but it was a gripping fictional memoir, based on a true story As a memoir it was very well done The author has a good narrative style Nothing in the book is new, but what made it outstanding was the counter perspective it provided in the collective German experience Since it is based on a true story, the events was not over dramatized, although the experiences of Christine Bolz and her family had hair raising moments It was just so well described In the end the book mad

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