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[Dilly Court] Ý The Best of Daughters [world-of-warcraft PDF] Ebook Epub Download ½ The best of daughtersI really enjoyed reading this story It was not obvious what would happen next which kept my interest from start to finish.
This was my first introduction to Dilly Court I must say I was very pleased with this jump into a period novel I was fascinated with the way that Dilly was able to use accurate verbiage throughout her descriptions and found myself looking up a few words here or there When the words are added simply to push it onto the reader that the author is knowledgeable it annoys me Dilly doesn t do this at all The writing flows and fits and had she used modern words in her descriptions it would have been off putting This book takes you back into times right before WWI when a well to do family is flung into a state of trial as her father s business is swindled by his partner and forces them to flee to the countryside Despite Her Privileged Upbringing, Daisy Lennox Has Always Longed To Make Something Of Her LifeShe Is Drawn To The Suffragette Movement, But When Her Father Faces Ruin They Are Forced To Move To The Country And Daisy S First Duty Is To Her FamilyHere She Becomes Engaged To Her Childhood Friend A Union Both Families Have Dreamed OfBut, On The Eve Of Their Wedding, War Is Declared, And Daisy Knows Her Life Will Never Be The Same Again I have found a new favorite author Dilly Court Dilly Court is an English novelist who writes wonderful romantic historic fiction I read The Best of Daughters while we were camping over Labor Day weekend and I loved it If you are a fan of Downton Abbey, like me, you will appreciate the setting of The Best of Daughters Daisy Lennox is the daughter of a well to do stock broker growing up in Edwardian England She is rich, beautiful, and privileged, but she wantsout of life She joins the suffragette movement to fight for woman s rights, but she finds her world soon crashing down when her father s business partner leaves the country with all of the firm s money Daisy seeks to reinvent herself in the country and finds herself physically attracted to Bowman, the mechanic that is fixing her father s car She also finds that the entire neighborhood is under Bowman s spell Daisy s mo A gripping tale of love , loss and war with a worthy heroine.
1912 London Daisy Lennox has had a privileged life , but feels something is missing She longs to join the Suffragettes Alas her first attempt ends in disaster.
When the family fortunes disappear they are facing ruin and have to move out of London Here Daisy finds herself running the home as her Mother is incapable of doing anything useful When war is declared Daisy must grow up and find what living in the real world entails She must face the horrors of war and learn what love really means.
As the eldest daughter and with a mama intent on improving her family s social position, Daisy knew what was expected of her, no matter how it chafed to behave as a lady ought, and to marry soon and above all, marry well But in 1912 Daisy s world stands on the brink of profound change, and she cannot resist the siren call of the women s suffragette movement and its heady message of empowerment Daisy believes that campaigning to see women granted the vote is a worthy passion, one that will allow her to make an indelible mark on the world, and fulfill her closely held dreams of independence For while ambition outside of marriage may be unconventional in a woman, it is the future Daisy craves, far preferable to marrying her childhood best friend the wealthy and highly re Good readAlthough I felt this book a little slow to begin with and it took me longer to read than normal I enjoyed it and would recommend it.

I wasn t sure if I d like Daisy to begin with but she grew on me A good story about the horrors of ww1.
Published March 18.
13Pages 448Publisher RandomHouse UK North AmericaPosting the 2nd book review in this March series for Women s History Month For this story, we enter the era leading up to, then WWI itself Author Dilly Court paints main character,Daisy Lennox, as a strong willed young woman unwilling to settle for the status quo Her interest in the suffragettes is just the first ofunusual involvements Daisy pursues Her sense of justiceinforms her life decisions and path she chooses Well drawn and well researched,Dilly Court, reveals unique moments in Women s History.
My Thoughts Likeability of our MC, Daisy Lennox, is established early on in this story.
Her attitudes and actions to those less fortunate are skillfully contrasted with the stiffly ruled and regulated uppercrust of her mother s society Daisy s adventurous spirit inwillingly a originally published at Reading RealityThe Best of Daughters reminded me strongly of four different works Upstairs, Downstairs, The Ashford Affair by Lauren Willig, Charles Todd s Bess Crawford series, and the very long shadow cast by Downton Abbey.
The World War I era has suddenly become very popular, thanks to Downton Abbey, but Upstairs, Downstairs, definitely the precursor for Downton Abbey, was also set in that same period of social upheaval Great change makes for great drama.
The Best of Daughters is about the daughter of a businessman The Lennox family are not members of the nobility Daisy starts out the story as upper middle class Wealthy but not a blue blood And she wantsthan the life planned out for her.
She starts the story in rebellio

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