º Gift Wrapping with Textiles: Stylish Ideas from Japan ☆ Download by à Chizuko Morita

º Gift Wrapping with Textiles: Stylish Ideas from Japan ☆ Download by à Chizuko Morita In Japanese Culture, It Is Customary To Put As Much Care Into The Wrapping Of A Gift As Into Choosing The Gift Itself The Way A Gift Is Wrapped And The Material In Which It Is Presented Are Considered Expressions Of The Giver S Feeling Toward The Recipient Now, Using Techniques That Have Been Part Of Japanese Tradition For Generations, Chizuko Morita Offers Readers Innovative And Unique Ideas For Using The Japanese Art Of Wrapping With Cloth In Very Contemporary Ways In A Matter Of Minutes, A Swatch Of Cloth Known As A Furoshiki Can Be Fashioned Into An Elegant Wrapping For A CD, A Book, A Bottle Of Wine, A Box Of Chocolates, Even A Soccer Ball And Unlike Paper Gift Wrap, If You Get It Wrong The First Time, You Can Just Undo The Knots And Start AgainNot Only Are The Wraps Fool Proof, They Rely On Only Three Basic KnotsCLUDES Stunningly original Wrapping Ideas Gift Wraps For Wine, books, CDs, Pictures, Posters, Balls, And Boxed Items Of All Sizes Based On Techniques That Have Their Roots In Centuries Old Japanese Traditions Of Wrapping For Gift Givingalso Additional Ideas To Freshen Up Everyday Items Such As Pillows, Baskets, And New Thoughts For Decorating The Breakfast And Dinner Table Add An Elegant Touch To Flowerpots, Planters, Or A Bouquet Of Flowers Make An Instant Magazine Rack Or Knapsack When I was a young mother at home I used to do all sorts of nice and creative things for gifts and gift wrapping, but I have to admit that it s years since I did anything other than wrap presents in shop bought and usually gaudy paper This book, while nicely set out and with lovely photographs, has not, however, inspired me to begin wrapping gifts in textiles Sadly, that s because I don t expect any recipients to truly appreciate it, and why gift something beautiful if the receiving eye doesn t behold it.
Nevertheless, this book will undoubtedly be of use to those who want to follow this very stylist custom It has lovely pictures, and excellent step by step instructions.

The author demonstrates wrapping a wide variety of objects using fabric squares Although the fancier folds are probably beyond me I can barely handle a stick on bow , the simpler styles are both attractive and green It could be fun to try to match the fabric to the gift Although I have yet to try wrapping any packages, I have it on good authority that the instructions are easy to follow.
cross posted from my professional blog Furoshikis are the Japanese squares of fabric that can be transformed into carrying bags and wraps of all kinds I ve been experimenting with them for a while, and wanted to see the full range of what was possible with a large square of fabric Gift Wrapping With Textiles by Chizuko Morita was, unbelievably, in the local Borders Now that I ve had it for a few months, I feel qualified to comment.
The truth is, almost all the really useful wraps are demo ed on YouTube or diagrammed on the Japanese Ministry of the Environment furoshiki There are a few good additions in this book, notably a large folio carry think framed art , the long tube wrap think rolled posters , the kimono wine wrap not as useful as the ordinary bottle wrap, but prettier , the basket wrap use it to give a pot

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