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✓ Read ð Sarah Key's Back Sufferer's Bible by Sarah Key Ø Quite technical at times but excellent in helping me understand what s going on with my back and how I can prevent pain from reoccurring I follow my physio s treatment however, which is different from the one recommended here I doof a Pilates routine which works great for me so won t change that Definitely recommend reading this though to anyone suffering from back pain.
Some of the information was very helpful exercises, drawings of the spine and adjacent structures, anatomy and physiology Pretty technical and well argumented but sometimes the message gets lost I m not convinced this book actually served its function to empower the reader into taking the control over their health Sometimes the author would get overly involved in the tech jargon, while at other times her worldly analogies will leave the reader without a clear idea of the structures involved and the mechanisms at play in a certain pathology.
Good book with straightforward language and helpful exercises This book is way too technical for the average reader with back problems But even doing some of the exercises in my gym routine has helped, and I don t suffer from chronic pain.
The First Book Showing How, In Easily Followed Steps, You Can Treat Your Own Back Pain Unlike The Author S Previous Book Back In Action, Which Gives Information On The Range Of Treatments Available For Different Back Problems, The Back Sufferer S Handbook Places Emphasis On The Contribution The Sufferer Can Make Putting The Problem RightIn Language That Every Back Pain Sufferer Will Find Completely Understandable, It Describes Each Spinal Disorder And What Causes The Pain It Gives Helpful Back Exercises With Information About What They Will Achieve And How Frequently They Should Be Done There Is Also Advice On Back Pain Management, The Role Of Medication, The Use Of Bed Rest And How To Return To WorkThis Book Is Essential Reading Both For The Patient Confined To Bed With Acute Back Pain, And For Someone With Less Severe Back Problems, But Still Having To Cope With Back Pain Or Discomfort On An Everyday Basis

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