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[Hermann Hesse] · Krieg und Frieden: Betrachtungen zu Krieg und Politik [wwii-related-fiction PDF] Read Online µ .
If the War Goes On is a collection of essays chosen by Herman Hesse that span over the 40 year period between World War I and the end of the Second World War The majority of the essays are taken up with the former but there are also some universal truths explored that are applicable to the latter as well The main theme that runs throughout the book is that of a rejection of nationalism and of groupthink in general Hesse, as he often reminds us, is not a pacifist, but views war and nationalism as corroding individualism It is individualism of each man women are not considered here and his ability to live to his ultimate potential unfettered by oppression that makes the world beautiful Hesse insists that trying to better the world around you is a futile endeavor Making yourself better is the only way to make the world betterT .
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Growing up during the Cold War and the U.
S invasions of Southeast Asia, on the one hand, and the civil rights movement, on the other, politics was almost inescapable Older friends were being drafted, going underground, fleeing to Canada Black and Hispanic friends were confronted by identity politics My sympathies went naturally to the oppressed, so much so that I stirred to the nationalists resisting by force of arms what they identified as American imperialism, so much so that I gave the benefit of the doubt to even the successionists in the black, Hispanic, Native American etc communities.
Yet, just as much as I naturally sympathized with the oppressed, so too I found physical violence repugnant Clearly, ther One of my favorite passages indeed every man of insight, every awakened and enlightened one, every true knower and teacher of mankind, has taught this one thing namely, that man should not wish for greatness or happiness, for heroism or sweet peace, that he should wish for nothing at all but the pure and wakeful mind, the brave heart and faithful, knowing patience that will enable him to endure happiness as well as suffering, tumult as well as silence.
Let us wish for these good gifts They all have the same source They come from God, they are nothing other than the divine spark in each one of us We do not perceive the spark every day often we go a long time without perceiving it, but a single moment can bring it back to us, a moment of terror and despair, or a moment of blissful quietness a glance into the mystery of a flower, or into the trusting eyes One Of The Most Astonishing Aspects Of Hesse S Career Is The Clear Sightedness And Consistency Of His Political Views, His Passionate Espousal Of Pacifism And Internationism From The Start Of World War I To The End Of His Life The Earliest Essay In This Book Was Written In September,And Was Followed By A Stream Of Letters, Essays, And Pamphlets That Reached Its Hight Point With Zarathustra S Return Published Anonymously In , The Year That Also Saw The Publication Of Demian , In Which Hesse Exhorted German Youth To Shake Off The False Gods Of Nationalism And Militarism That Had Led Their Country Into The Abyss Such Views Earned Him The Labels Traitor And Viper In Germany, But After World War II He Was Moved To Reiterate His Beliefs In Another Series Of Essays And Letters Hesse Arranged His Anti War Writings For Publication In One Volume InAn Amplified Edition Appeared NAnd That Text Has Been Followed For This First Engish Language Edition

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