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[Tom Léger] ☆ The Collection [young-adult PDF] Ebook Epub Download ð A Dynamic Composite Of Rising Stars, The Collection Represents The Depth And Range Of Tomorrow S Finest Writers Chronicling Transgender Narratives Authors From North America Converge In A Single Volume To Showcase The Future Of Trans Literature And The Next Great Movements In Queer Art as with all anthologies, some works were better than others but all in all, i really enjoyed it i laughed, i cried, i got turned on, i got turned on while crying.
you know, the whole transgender experience.
i really loved its unapologetic presentation like, here is our shit, like it or not, it doesn t matter because we didn t make it FOR YOU i identified with a lot of the stories, even ones that weren t narratives i have identified with in the past a must have queer reader, published by a trans owned and operated publisher yes to that.
In all honesty and transparency, I m giving this 3 stars instead of 2 or 1 solely because it is what it is and I m glad that something of its kind does exist But 3 stars is generous just considering the quality of the writing here And of course quality will vary among stories in any anthology, but way too many of these stories are just bad bad irredeemably are you kidding me who would publish this shit bad Some were just plain poorly written, like sentence level poorly written Some just didn t have memorable characters A few too many centered around trans dude protagonists who were being wronged in some way by their girlfriends At least one was a shitty Kathy Acker rip off One story probably had the absolute most boring narrative arch possible, in which a kid who works at a coffee shop is misgendered by stock character after stock character until finally at the story s end o

it s usually kind hard for me to get excited about anthologies, but this one is amazing Sensitive, witty, experimental, philosophical, visceral, cerebral, soulful, sexy, it s all here The pieces capture what I love best about short fiction a form that does not get nearly enough appreciation in a novel dominated literary world Obviously, a Roman Incident by Red Durkin what a fox was my favorite story, but there is SO MUCH between these beautiful covers

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