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Download Epub Format Æ A Land More Kind Than Home PDF by ↠´ Wiley Cash What the mute boy sees is unspeakable what goes on behind the covered windows in that church is unforgivable How many times have we been told that life isn t fairI ve learned to just go ahead and take fairness out of the equation If you do, things stand the chance of making a whole lotsenseWise words from Sheriff Clem Barefield, Madison County, North Carolina Addie Lyle, 81 years old and is as sharp as a tack She sees right through the viperous Carson Chambliss, preacher of the local church His stock in trade includes the handling of poisonous snakes and faith healing, lording it over anyone who is not a true believer The relationship between young brothers Jess and Stump seemed spot on My heart went out to the both of them I thoroughly enjoyed this A sinister thriller with all the elements you look for in southern gothic Good versus evil, a tragic morality tale spiced with carnal sin and deceit, its focus the terrible cost to a community when blind faith and religious fervor is taken to the cult level You ve got the perfect villain in Carson Chambliss, a crooked snake lovin pastor, nastier than the rattlers he uses to test the devotion of his flock Caught in his cross hairs is poor Stump Hall, a young mute boy who s only line of defense is a 10 yr old his kid brother Jess and a 70 yr old named Adelaide Lyle She s perfection as thecame off the mountaintown mid wife, gutsyI drove back from that meeting with Chambliss as scared as I d ever been in my entire life , simple but sharp enough to see right through Chambliss and hell bent on protecting the c A Stunning Debut Reminiscent Of The Beloved Novels Of John Hart And Tom Franklin, A Land More Kind Than Home Is A Mesmerizing Literary Thriller About The Bond Between Two Brothers And The Evil They Face In A Small Western North Carolina TownFor A Curious Boy Like Jess Hall, Growing Up In Marshall Means Trouble When Your Mother Catches You Spying On Grown Ups Adventurous And Precocious, Jess Is Enormously Protective Of His Older Brother, Christopher, A Mute Whom Everyone Calls Stump Though Their Mother Has Warned Them Not To Snoop, Stump Can T Help Sneaking A Look At Something He S Not Supposed To An Act That Will Have Catastrophic Repercussions, Shattering Both His World And Jess S It S A Wrenching Event That Thrusts Jess Into An Adulthood For Which He S Not Prepared While There Is Much About The World That Still Confuses Him, He Now Knows That A New Understanding Can Bring Not Only A Growing Danger And Evil But Also The Possibility Of Freedom And Deliverance As WellTold By Three Resonant And Evocative Characters Jess Adelaide Lyle, The Town Midwife And Moral Conscience And Clem Barefield, A Sheriff With His Own Painful Past A Land More Kind Than Home Is A Haunting Tale Of Courage In The Face Of Cruelty And The Power Of Love To Overcome The Darkness That Lives In Us All These Are Masterful Portrayals, Written With Assurance And Truth, And They Show Us The Extraordinary Promise Of This Remarkable The title of the book is taken from Thomas Wolfe s You Can t Go Home Again, referring to death as how we find a landkind than home,large than earth, so you have to expect some unpleasantness before we come to the end.
Evil arrives in garish togs Carson Chambliss is a reverend of suspect provenance He comes to town, takes over an unused church, papers over the windows and mesmerizes his congregation with some very old time religion He seems particularly taken with snakes, handling them, using them as a test of faith, and finding some other uses besides He is a big believer in faith healing A considerable scar has marred his hand and who know how far up the damage goes No shades of gray here, CC is a baddie He brings not only his somewhat charred history and odd passions, but real danger to some of the inhabitants 4.
5 stars rounded upA Land More Kind Than Home is a daring, haunting, and heartfelt story of courage and the bond between two brothers that left me lost and mesmerized in the all my heart and soul lush coulee I settled in my grassy spot to read and soon I was checking the grass for the evil that I could feel slithering in, leaving me a little uncomfortable in my Coulee The love and bond between Jess Hall and his brother soon had me moving into a safer grassy spot with my guard up for the evil hiding behind the face of what should be good and safe Wiley Cash creates the strongest narrators here for me with these complicated and troubled characters, allowing me to become completely engrossed in their stories I loved the intensity, grit, and suspense to this one and Cash does a great job of showing me what his character s word I am surprised how quickly I was drawn into this book I didn t want to read it at first because I thought it might be a bit too dark for me and I wasn t sure if I really wanted to read a story about religious fanaticism I m glad I did read it in spite of the fact that this book was gut wrenching and tragic and dark and it made me just about hold my breath waiting for the inevitable to happen.
I know it may sound odd to say that this is a readable book but it really is From the first word there is no going back , only forward it is so gripping There are multiple story tellers Jess Hall s focus is on the present lending us a 9 year old s view of this world in a small town in North Carolina defined by tobacco farming and religion I was heartbroken for what he endures and was moved to tears as he tells about his relationship with his mute brother Stump and how he has t A Land More Kind Than Home The Debut Novel of Wiley Cash Wiley CashWiley Cash takes his title from the final lines of You Can t Go Home Again by Thomas Wolfe The epigraph Cash chose sets the tone of the work that follows Something has spoken to me in the nightand told me I shall die I know not where Saying Death is to lose the earth yo know, for greater knowing to lose the life you have, for greater life to leave the friends you loved, for greater loving to find a landkind than home,large than earthCash skilfully spins his tale through three distinct points of view Adelaide Lyle, an elderly lady who provides the history and background of the story, serving as moral conscience of the story nine year old Jess Hall, the portrait of innocence lost and Clem Barefield, sheriff of Madison County, North Carolina for twenty five years First taking office in 1961, Barefield s and I can tell you God makes us how he needs us to be Wiley Cash, A Land More Kind Than HomeWhat was there to do for Clem Barefield, the sheriff for twenty five years of Marshville, in Madison County, with pastor Carson Chambliss, who ran his church like he was Jesus Christ himself, had a following that would believe in his message to their deaths, and a church with windows covered in newspapers, and his idea of religion that was like a drug to these soulsPeople out in these parts can take hold of religion like it s a drug, and they don t want to give it up once they re on it they re likely to do anything these little backwoods churches tell them to dolike drinking poison, handling snakes and fire.
Clem BarefieldWell, I got a dead boy who never said a word in his life, a mama who don t want to say one now, a preacher who sinterested in saving my soul than telling me the

You show me a woman who calls herself a Christian up in these parts, and I ll show you a woman who knows how to heal It ain t un Christian to make do when you re poor, I can promise you that You just show me a Christian woman up here, and I ll show you a woman who knows what to pick and where to find it If you don t know how to heal yourself, then you don t know how to live when times are hard.
ahhhh, another salt of the earth, take care of your own business kind of book.
and another great one, at that.
this definitely reminds me of that tom franklin brand of crime fiction, but this one is somehow evengrim than Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter in the best way, of course here we have a story of a preacher come to a small town in north carolina with Beautifully written book, debut of this writer, a real recommendation from my part Yes, the book is a slow read, not really pacy story, but that did not bother me at all, all thedoes the beauty of the story, the atmosphere and the writing come through I loved the change of narrator and story line per chapter And you really feel the tension and atmosphere drifting from the pages A Land More Kind Than Home tells the story of the bond between two young brothers and the evil they face in a small North Carolina town The novel is narrated by three characters, nine year old Jess, the youngest of the two boys and the lone witness to the tragedy that befalls his autistic brother Stump under an adult s hand Adelaide Lyle, the church matriarch and moral conscience whose suspicion of a preacher drives her from the congr

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