Ú Two Years Before the Mast â Download by ☆ Richard Henry Dana Jr.

Ú Two Years Before the Mast â Download by ☆ Richard Henry Dana Jr. This is supposedly a classic,a sailor's life at sea in the year 1834.
A Harvard student enlists as a common sea man to improve his health.
He stays onboard a ship for two years and keeps a diary.

But if I was expecting adventure,I was disappointed.
I found it rather boring and monotonous with little action.
The writing style didn't engage.

There is a lot of sailing terminology and technicalities which were of little interest to me.

this book is absolutely essential for anyone who has any desire of stepping off the quarterdeck of his historical fiction (O'Brien novels) and heading down to the focs'l to hear about sailing traditional ships from the men who were actually sweating lines, heaveyohoing, and climbing the rigging to furl the royals before a gale.

dana passes the equator four times over the two years that he is a merchant mariner sailing to, the then mexican owned california, to load his ship with hides bound for boston's leather factories.
the narrative style is straight forward and matter of fact.
dana hardly lets his bias sit between the reader and the tale.
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" For a beginning sailor like me, an easy answer: those are the drains that fill because of the heel of the boat away from windward.
(By the way, sailor's usage for "going wrong," say gambling "blown hard to Lee.
I recall how Dana records the loss of their first crewman off South America; this, from a small crew, perhaps 15? As soon as they got on deck after the news, the sailor's clothes were auctioned.
(No time for sentiment onboard, as RHD says.
) Then I recall the great joy of their tea and molasses, or after reefing the topsail, some grog (with rum).
The weather around Cape Horn was abysmal, with big seas and sleet and snow, but they were on their way to pick up hi Second Reading: April 11, 2014

Two Years Before the Mast is somewhat unique in that my enjoyment of this book is mostly related to the fact that this book exists.
I say this as a native Californian with roots that reach back into Mexico.
Two Years provides a snapshot of one point along my ancestral past.

It's truly fortunate that Dana, a member of the educated professional class of the early 1800s, decided to remedy his eye fatigue by taking one of the lowest working class positions of the time: a common sailor on board a merchant ship.
He was completely out of his element both physically as well as intellectually.
The seaterms used in his new capacity as a sailor must have been just as foreign to him as they are to anyone reading this book toda Two Years Before the Mast is a captivating account of Richard Henry Dana, Jr.
's service as a common sailor on a voyage from Boston to the California coast in the early 1830s.
The long expositions on the technical aspects of navigation under canvas may not be of interest to those without familiarity with maritime life, but his personal narrative of daily life aboard a sailing vessel and the work of the cowhide trade in early California make the book worthwhile.
Two Years Before the Mast is an excellent nonfiction counterpart to the novels of Patrick O’Brian and Captain Marryat’s Mr.
Midshipman Easy.
I recommend it to those with an interest in nautical life in the days of sail.
Richard Dana Jr.
or Dana as his shipmates called him, is a man I would like to know.
Based on his autobiographicalTwo Years Before the Mast, a recounting of his 18341836, seagoingadventures aboard the Pilgrim (outbound) and Alert (return), Mr.
Dana was a popular, hardworking, man’s man able to tell a tale.
While attending Harvard, he contracted measles weakening his eyesight, choosing to become an ordinary seaman on a two year voyage to California—then the farthest hinterlands—for his ‘recovery’.
This wasn’t the only odd (well to me anyway) medicinal prescription used back then either.
How does a teaspoon of raw potatoes and onions beaten to pulp, administered every hour and held in one’s mouth as long as possible, strike you as a cure for scurvy, for a patient in the very last stages? When you are desper This book made me cry multiple times, but not for the direct subject matter.
I think there were just a few too many references to the California coast described in enough detail that the effect was to pry out longlingering ghosts haunting the coastline of my own isle of denial.
his descriptions are never quite up to the par of his literary contemporaries, but the detail leaves any Californialover desperately lamenting the irretrievable passage of those first roughandtumble times that "modern man" first began journeying to that area of the world.

Dana's description of first arriving in San Francisco made me shiver, and I still get goosebumps thinking about it.
The complete and utter irretrievability of that outpost wilderness fills me with something more than sadness and something less than rage.

The book itself is a fascinating look at pregold ru

In a way, the best thing for a writer is misfortune.
In that regard, Richard Henry Dana, Jr.
got lucky.

A young Harvard man, he signed on as a common seaman aboard the brig Pilgrim, bound for California from Boston, to help improve his health.
Had it been smooth sailing over benign seas under a wise and beneficent captain, with good food and a leisurely stay on California beaches, we likely would never have heard of Dana.

But, thanks to the treacherous and icy waters of Cape Horn, a power hungry captain keen on flogging his men on slight pretence, a year of hard labor hauling hides in anarchic California (still part of Mexico in 1834, the year Dana sailed), and shipboard living conditions that today's Supreme Court By my own reckoning, there are 2 books held within the sea tale by Richard Henry Dana, Two Years Before the Mast, one being a delightful account of the landscapes & the people encountered ashore & the other a virtually baffling & rather overwhelming collection of nautical terminology, nomenclature & jargon that would have been most familiar to any seaman working on a mid19th century merchant ship, such as the brigantine Pilgrim, (a two masted, square sailed ship), the one that a young Dana shipped out on in August 1834, leaving Boston's harbor & bound "round the horn" of South America for California.

However, my own version of the book had no helpful commentary, footnotes, glo

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