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[Rebecca Donovan] Ò Out of Breath (Breathing, #3) [grimm PDF] Ebook Epub Download ë 9th May 2012I want this NOW Seriously It s not fair I want to throw a tantrum like my 3yr old does when he doesn t get what he wants 9th September 2012What Still no release date or blurb Ohhh hellllll no 17th September 2012 We have a cover but still no blurb or release date 1st October 2012It has now been advised that the release date will be announced on the 5th October Ohhh yeaaaaaahhhhh buddy 6th October 2012So because I live in Australia Friday the 5th October rolls around for us before anyone else I waited till after midnight and still no release date I went to bed excited and happy because I knew once I woke up this morning I would have a release date JUNE 2013 AND we don t even have an exact date in June So it s not like I can give you a exact estimate of how many sleeps until we get to read this % % % % % % % 7th January 20138 freakin m 4.
5 starsThere are moments in life you ll never forget Moments that brand your heart Moments that shatter your soul Moments that are infinite New emotions are created in these moments.
Time stops in these moments.
We lose ourselves in these momentsWe all shared this moment at the end of Reason to Breathe Our happily ever after was ripped away only to be replaced by emotions we didn t even know existed Emotions created by a moment that caused us to stop breathing A fearless ending that shocked the world After that, we grieved We grieved for the unknown.
That grief however, was replaced by anger After being physically assaulted by emotions and a cliffhanger heard round the world, Rebecca Donovan turned right around and emotionally raped us with Barely Breathing However, we insanely and 3.
5 stars I am devastatingly disappointed with this book since I had such high expectations, the first two books Reason to Breathe and Barely Breathing were brilliantly written and both of them left us with huge cliffy s and what makes this even worse is that we had to wait such a long time for this book to be released.
Normally I would agree that Rebecca Donovan is an exceptional writer who basically holds all your emotions in the palm of her hands while you are reading her books Perhaps, too much expectation went into this book because of the high standard we are accustomed to from her No doubt, this series is very emotional, somewhat disturbing and very upsetting to think they some people have this in their lives I was infested with blackness, scorching and marring my insides, feeding on the guilt and hate that had taken root so long ago It

You just know that I will be the one sitting at the computer screen repeatedly clicking refresh in the hopes that there will at least be like a book summary or something I will not for a second waver I will sit here religiously and click refresh because this is how much I am addicted to this series I realize that this is not healthy and I seriously do not give a damn I am and will forever be addicted to Emma and Evan When the release date is posted I will bite my fingernails in anticipation A day before the release I will stay up, read the first two books and on the last page of the second book I will immediately leave my house, got to the nearest book store, and stay there until I finish the third book Then the day after the third book comes out, I will read all the books in order I will then be satisfied because the book will have ended the way that I want With Emma and Evan HAPPY Minor Spoilers mature content reader discretion is advised.
3 STARS out of 5Genre New Adult RomanceI don t even know what to write I have a love hate relationship with this book I love Evan, Cole and Jared I disliked Emma and hated her actions It was rare that she was in a scene and I enjoyed reading it enough to be content Nope, her character kept me in an emotionally edgy state at all times In fact I spent most of the book like thisUtterly Frustrated Now don t get me wrong I don t mind being pissed off by a character.
However, to be in a consistent somebody please put ME in a padded cell state of mind due to her actions Not cool Unfortunately compared to books 1 and 2 in this series Out of Breath just fell short.
For me Personally It just.
It just completely failed t And the winner of the biggest book disappointment of the year goes to.
Out of Breath by Rebecca Donovan And to think this was probably my most anticipated book release of 2013 Yeah.
instead, here I am I feel like this book also suffered from the series syndrome The author made us wait a year for the final installment in the series And let s face it.
thetime that goes by, the less and less I am going to care So as an author you better BRING IT Not to mention I don t necessarily want to have to go back and re read the other books in the series But after a year and 200 books later the odds that I am going to remember anything are going to be slim to none Soon to the book itself It really seemed like I was reading two different books The part before Evan comes back Where were meet the new and improved Emma The Emma almost two years after SHE left Evan Listen Emmacut the shit All the drink 4 Still Breathing Stars It s been two years since Emma left Weslyn and went to Stanford for school Two years since she s left the past behind her, cutting off essentially everyone and everything except Sara and her roommates She has been existing, but not living Ever since she left her old life, ever since she left Evan, she s been barley hanging on Emma is on a seriously self destructive path Emma is out of control Doing things she swore she would never do, acting out in ways I never expected She doesn t let anyone in and pushes away everyone who tries to break through her barriers For the first time in two years, she meets someone who is persistent and won t give up on her He understands as much as he can about Emma and takes things at her speed, gives her the space and d Emma Leaves Weslyn And Everyone In It Behind To Attend Stanford University, Just As She Always Intended A Shell Of Her Former Self, She Is Not The Same Girl She Is Broken, And The Only Way That She Ll Be Whole Again Is Through Forgiveness Emma Must Find A Way To Forgive Herself And Recognize Her Own Worth Before She Can Receive The Love She Deserves This Final Installment Will Have Readers Holding Their Breath Until The Very Last Page Disappointed 3 Stars for the writing not the story lineIt feels like I ve been waiting forever for this final installment of Rebecca Donovan s Breathing Series Like all fans, I wanted Emma and Evan to have their hea The minute this book was released the husband and kids were put on strict do not disturb warning They have heard all about the books because I get all emotional when I talk about these characters Out of Breath brings a reader two years after Emma left Weslyn for Stanford Emma is surrounded by a group of GREAT roommates and is in her sopho year of college Her relationship with Sara is still strong They talk regularly while she is away in France and they see each over school breaks Emma has perfected being NUMB never letting thoughts of Carol, her cousins, Jonathan, her mother and of course Evan ever enter into her mind On the outside she is ex 2.
5 stars Warning rant, with some minor spoilers What the hell was that Seriously Can somebody tell me how that was supposed to make be feel, because I m pretty sure that it wasn t supposed to make me frustrated, annoyed, bored, and then frustrated again I didn t like Emma in this book at all I get that she has been through a crap ton of horrible shit I was very sympathetic to her in the previous two books, but in this one, I just wanted to scream at her to get the fuck over it The book starts off a year and a half after Emma ran away from Evan and went to California She has apparently been in emotional cold storage for all that time, and one party and a ton of booze brings her back to life So, then we proceed with the excessive drinking portion of the book, where all of Emma s friends coddle her and make excuses take the bl

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