Trailer ì Submitting to Lord Rockwell PDF by È Em Brown

Trailer ì Submitting to Lord Rockwell PDF by È Em Brown Deanna Herwood plays at the gaming tables in an attempt to support her family She loses fifty pounds to Lord Rockwell and he offers to wipe the debt if she spends one night with him This is the first part of a series there are 11 books listed but not all for the same characters, so it s a little hard to work out IF these two get a resolution And the rope cover of book 1 Submitting to the Rake should have been this cover where he does tie her up like that.
Don t expect historical accuracy, or common sense, or decent editing things like misspelling your hero s name It was ok2 stars A prelude to a full book

She was a gambler and a drunk, had had multiple affairs in the past THEN, he offered to pay her, so she, in essence, prostituted herself Nothing redeeming about this one whatsoever.
Too short.
I praise Em for her originality amongst all these generic writing It was quite bold of her to put bondage in historical romance It is not another romance fling for it doesn t contain romance Only pure pleasure and realistic relationships The idea of mixing pleasure with pain to maximize the pleasure itself is not that unique but combining it with specific relations and backgrounds of the characters which compels them to it is enthralling I absolutely enjoyed it Despite this taking all the glory, the backgrounds of the characters that made them likable to us are not to be forgotten They were presented with such ease that you don t feel coerced or overloaded with it It comes in naturally and shapes the story.
I wish forunique stories like this one What made me Fairly good, quick read NO HEA at least in this short work.
For Debt Ridden Deana Herwood, Losing A Hand Of Cards To The Wealthy Lord Rockwell Is Bad Enough But When He Proposes She Settle Her Loss By Spending One Night Offering Her Body Up To His Pleasure, She Finds Herself Caught In A BindAfter Agreeing, She Discovers That His Carnal Appetite Includes A Preference For The Taboo When She Expresses Her Reservations, He Offers An Even Outrageous Proposition He Will Owe Her A Hundred Pounds If She Fails To Spend At His Hands Can She Win The Wager, Or Will Her Body Succumb To The Wicked Attentions Of Lord Rockwell An Exotika Regency Historical BDSM Erotica Story From Ellora S Cave

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