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[Gus Russo] Î Where Were You? America Remembers the JFK Assassination [harlequin-desire PDF] Ebook Epub Download ↠´ This is the companion book to the NBC 2 hour documentary and contains thoughts about and reactions to the events of November 1963 of various recognizable cultural and political figures I clearly remember where I was, and my mind recalls the sounds and sights down to the industrial green of the walls of a high school classroom on that fateful day fifty years ago Where were you From the Foreward by Tom Brokaw John Fitzgerald Kennedy, wealthy young aristocrat, war hero, and ladies man, remains ageless in our memories and in the official and informal photographs from his presidency He was already preparing to run for a second term and beginning to muse on what he might do after eight years in the White House We l I have a terrible weakness for books or almost anything on the JFK assassination This book gathers 50 perspectives based on the premise that everyone remembers where they were when they heard that Kennedy had been shot The first section and my favorite the only one I would recommend was Dallas We hear reflections from Buell Frazier who drove Oswald to work at the book depository on November 22 Marie Tippets, the wife of Officer Tippets who was also shot and killed by Oswald Robert Grossman, the neurologist who was called to examine JFK and also Oswald at Parkland hospital Ray Hawkins who became suspicious of Oswald and followed him into the Texas theater and alerted police Ruth Haynie who was friends and with Oswald s wife at the time of the shooting All of these were important stories with key details I did not know My least favorite sections were the p November , A Policeman S Wife Was Fetching Their Sick Child From School A Young Shoe Store Manager Had No Idea What Lay In Wait For Him That Day A Future President Was Tending To His Farm A Future Vice President Was Standing On The Steps Of His College Library A Georgetown Student Was Looking Forward To Playing The Piano For The President When He Returned To Washington, DC, That Evening A Future Movie Star Was Attending His Second Grade Art Class Then The News Rang Out Across Airwaves, Through Telephone Lines, And By Word Of Mouth, Plunging The Country Into Shock And Sorrow It S Hard To Imagine How The Last Fifty Years Would Have Unfolded If President John F Kennedy Had Lived Would Vietnam Have Dragged On Until Would Nixon Have Come Into Power It S Difficult To Say But, Combining Evocative Archival Images With The Unique, First Person Stories Of Those Who Lived Through It, Where Were You Says What The History books Can T And Offers A Fresh Look At What Was, What Is, And What Might Have Been Since That Fateful Day In The Two Hour NBC Documentary Event That This Volume Accompanies, Special Correspondent Tom Brokaw Interviewed People Close To The Tragedy As Well As Former Heads Of State, Politicians, Authors, Journalists, Performers, Musicians, And He Asked Them Five Simple Questions, Starting With Where Were You Together, Their Words Paint A Rich And Moving Picture Of A Hopeful Nation Torn Asunder By Grief It Will Remind Those Who Lived It Of A Pivotal Moment In American History, And It Bears Witness For All Who Follow This could have easily rated 5 stars All they needed to do was to omit the final 1 3 or so of the book, when they stopped treating the assassination as a historical event and begin treating it as a pop culture phenomena.
The beginning gives voice to people you usually don t hear from Ruth Paine, with whom Marina was living The guy who gave Oswald a ride to the depository on 11 22 The smaller players in the tragedy Those were highly fascinating Then it moves on to famous personalities, people who were either close to Kennedy or were higher ups in the government Again, fascinating.
But then we move on to the section labelled, generously, Culture Some of the people were mildly interesting, Tom Hanks comes to mind But others had nothing to do w I received this book as a Good Reads giveaway The assassination of JFK happened before I was born but it still had an impact on me Growing up, I watched my mother with almost absolute reverence my mother handle the media that she had saved from JFK s assassination and had heard many times where she was when she had heard about the death of the president I enjoyed reading this book which divulged information about JFK s life that I wasn t aware of I also enjoyed the retelling from the different standpoints of how this affected the lives of the American people and where they were when they heard the news And even though many have differing opinions on how they felt about JFK and his presidency, they all have the overwhelming opinion of his life being take I was in fourth grade at Silverside Elementary School in Wilmington, Delaware on Friday, November 22, 1963 the day President John F Kennedy was assassinated For decades after, people would ask each other Where were you Now Gus Russo and Harry Moses have asked that question of a historic lineup of than 50 people And the answers are fascinating Those featured include people who were in Dallas on that tragic day, including Dan Rather and Marie Tippit the wife of slain police officer J.
D Tippit politicians, including Bill Daley, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Joe Biden those who were for and against the various conspiracy theories and celebrities from John Glenn to Tom Hanks and Oliver Stone to Judy Collins Most of those interviewed had a personal connection to JFK Some met him only once, while others were good friends.
Much discussed are the theories of wh I was beyond excited to receive this as a first reads giveaway.
Oral history books are usually amazing, and this one doesn t disappoint It is much than the title suggests The contributors span from politicians and journalists to musicians and actors who remember the time and Kennedy himself vividly They discuss not only where they were and what they remember of his assassination, but what they remember of his character and the incredible era in America that constituted his presidency Reading the stories of those who knew Kennedy and remember his assassination with the clarity of yesterday is powerful beyond words More than a few of the stories gave me chills as I read them There is representation of a wide array of opinions in this book There are those who believe that Oswald acted alone and those who are certain there was a cover up W

The most fascinating part of this collection of memories of the JFK assassination is the first section in which people who were in Dallas or knew the Kennedys or the Oswalds remember the event That s fascinating.
What Steven Spielberg and Bill Clinton and Robert DeNiro remember is all well and good but it s not really relevant to the larger picture of what America remembers because, and this is the cynic in me speaking, no one would consider them in terms of what America remembers if they hadn t got famous.
A interesting collection of stories, or even addition to this collection, would have been to random ask average people across America what they remember I know my own parents have told me again and again wh This book gives insights on Kennedy s assassination different from any I ve read before Acquaintances of Oswald share their observations of him One of the memories is from the widow of the police officer There is the story of Oswald s capture, along with stories of Oliver Stone s movie There are a couple of sections that could have been omitted, such as the one by Robert DeNiro Overall, this is a worthwhile read.
Jack Kennedy used the pictures to cover up what he was He loved the glamour shots He loved being handsome He loved Jackie being beautiful He loved all that photography He loved the kids He loved Macaroni the pony I think he liked that idea because it created a certain thing he could manipulate and use The inner Jack Kennedy was far less romantic and far tougher.
Chris Matthews , from Where Were You Where Were You is a collection of stories, told of the JFK assassination, his presidency, the conspiracy theories, and his legacy Most of the stories contain the moment that they had heard of that he had been shot, although not all of the testimonies are specific to the assassination Some of the folks were there in Dallas at the day that the assassination happened, but others were instead involved in Jim Garrison s investigation against Clay Shaw or just reflect on the overal

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