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[ Read Online The Ghost Bride Ü portugal PDF ] by Yangsze Choo Ü Seventeen Year Old Li Lan Lives In S Malaya With Her Quietly Ruined Father, Who Returns One Evening With A Proposition The Fabulously Wealthy Lim Family Want Li Lan To Marry Their Son The Only Problem Is, He S Dead After A Fateful Visit To The Lim Mansion, Li Lan Finds Herself Haunted Not Only By Her Ghostly Would Be Suitor, But Also Her Desire For The Lims Handsome New Heir At Night She Is Drawn Into The Chinese Afterlife A World Of Ghost Cities, Paper Funeral Offerings, Monstrous Bureaucracy And Vengeful Spirits Enlisting The Help Of Mysterious Er Lang A Dragon Turned Clerk Li Lan Must Uncover The Secrets Of The Ghost World Before She Becomes Trapped There ForeverDrawing On Traditional Malayan Folklore And Superstition, The Ghost Bride Is A Haunting, Exotic And Romantic read Perfect For Fans Of EMPRESS ORCHID And MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA Library ebook.
It seems two or three times a year I must read a tale that journeys me into the Asian afterlifethe Asian Historythe culture.
and the family at hand I enjoy other Asian books by authors Lisa See, Janie Chang, Alice Poon, Tan Twan Eng, and others This is my first novel by Yangsze Choo She grew up in Malaysiaand is a 4th generation Malaysian of Chinese descent She received her undergraduate degree at Harvard.
and I m thrilled to learn she is living here in the Bay Area with her family and several chickens I have an advance copy of her new book The Night Tiger , which I also look forward to reading soon Back to The Ghost Bride The wealthy Lim family approached Li Lan s father about a ghost marriage Li Lin was 18 Her mother died when she was a child The Lim family was one of the wealthiest in their town of Ma Imagine having to marry a deceased bridegroom Yes, you read that correctly Although uncommon, this was the practice among some folk lore practicing Chinese and is the ill fate of Li Lan , a young woman in 19th century Malyasia in The Ghost Bride by Yangzse Choo Despite some beautiful imagery and scene settings, The Ghost Bride is painfully slow Even though it has the calming zen like presence common to most Asian historical fiction novels the plot is halted, as well Choo has the habit of telling Li Lan s story versus allowing the reader to live it which is unusual as the story is told in 1st person narrative Li Lan never comes alive and is one dimensional, boring, and not available for attachment This weakens the pace of the story and filters the characters The Ghost Bride flows too much like a young adult fictional novel 12.
01 On offer Today for 1,99 Enjoyed this a lot although I did not have many hopes I bought the book because i found it as book deal on kindle I am really happy that I the book read since I learned a lot about old Malaya s culture and history Also, it was fascinating how the author introduced the reader into the world of the Chinese Malayan myths about the afterlife What I liked the most about this book is how beautifully the author describes the sights and culture of Malaya I remember reading about some food the main character was eating at the party and it made me seriously crave for what she was eating I do not think this happened in other books I read She made me see, smell and feel, just like i was there inside the book The action flows fast enough not to get bored and there is also a love story However, the magic of the book is Beautifully written book with a beautiful cover It captured my attention from page 1 and it was very hard to put down There was a not a single page that I did not want to read The long and short of it is that Li Lan, the daughter of opium addicted and bankrupt man her Mother passed away when she was a child Her father receives an offer by a wealthy and powerful family The Lim family want her to become a ghost bride for their recently deceased son,Lim Tian Ching After a visit to the Lim family home, Li Lan finds herself haunted not only by her ghostly would be husband, but also by her desire crush interest for the Lim s handsome new heir, Tian Bai Night after night, she is haunted by Lim Tian Ching a suitor who disturbs her in many ways After visiting a medium and feeling she has no options she accidental In a word disappointing.
This started out so positively, the first page had me hooked and then it went downhill, fell apart, became tedious and ended up a mess.
I think the main problem I have is that Li Lan is such a nothing character, sorry to say She isn t interesting and has no personality She has been educated in a fashion, that s the sum total of who she is And she is like a child, easily distracted and believing of anything anyone anywhere tells her Someone says this person a good person is a murderer, she believes it Someone says this person another good person has run off to be a concubine and she believes it Over and over.
She doesn t ever figure anything out for herself Someone always tells her what she needs to know She manages to find a spirit ghost to tell her what she needs to know about the s I see dead people.
Li Lan, the motherless Chinese maiden, whose opium addicted father has betrothed her to the deceased son of a wealthy family, accidentally finds herself roaming the Plains of the Dead a terrifying afterworld where ghosts wait around to be judged, punished or reborn to new lives Within the ghost world, she embarks on a supernatural adventure, filled with highly imaginative, colorful characters including horned demons, corrupt judges and shape shifting otherwordly beings What is it about this ghost world that seemed to create uncanny parallels with the livingIndeed Yangsze Choo has created hauntingly fantastic worlds of the living and dead All the elements that have fascinated me in Chinese folklore and mythology are in this novel traditional Chinese rituals, superstitions, the ominous afterlife, fabled creatures This was a beautifully written and touching novel Fans of Peony in Love or Hayao Miyazaki s film Spirited Away will not be disappointed The heroine of this story grows from a demure and spoiled girl into a confident and courageous woman The world that Yangsze Choo creates is fantastic,so because they reflect actual beliefs about the afterlife This book has romance, terror, adventure and even some humor thrown in too Ghost Bride earned every one of its stars It seemed to me that in this confluence of cultures, we had acquired one another s superstitions without necessarily any of their comforts.
The star of this book is not Li Lan It is not her book the focal point is not the very mild romance, it is not the mystery The overwhelming show stealer is the setting, the background, the history, the superstition and traditional beliefs of turn of the century Malaya.
I am Asian myself and I maintain my love of Asian culture despite having immigrated to the United States I know a lot about the region and its history for me, this book feels like going home It is my equivalent of chicken soup or rather, in the context of the book, herbal chicken soup and cordyceps for stamina The setting is spectacularly beautiful, I am a Chinese Malaysian, born about a hundred years after the period this story takes place, and even I, jaded as I am about the state Malaysian is in now, find The Ghost Bride fascinating It s interesting to remember how people lived back then, before Malaysia was Malaysia, when it was still Malaya and under the British rule, how the various immigrants and cultures intersect What I enjoyed most is imagining how this story could ve very well been my own family s story Not The Ghost Bride part, of course It is a rare occurrence in itself, but I believe by the time my own grandfather migrated to Malaysia, the practice of marrying a living person to a dead one had all but disappeared I have heard of a recent case of a marriage between a dead Chinese couple though No, what I could imagine was the family intrigue, the head of th

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