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2 stars As promised to my dear Vio, I took the plunge first with this one and thoroughly enjoyed it Before seeing Cole s review, I was not aware Dragon Slayer was the initial part of a series luckily, I was prepared for some sort of cliffhanger or to be continued ending, so I refrained from unladylike noises of interrupted reading frustration at the endThe story was very well written, with a quite fast paced plot, solid world building and engaging characters I liked Ingram s vulnerability and quiet strength, how Mallory gently courted him and showed that Ingram was important to him, the subtle mystery around Mallory, how Ingram grew confident enough to fight for what he believed in and the people he loved The action and romance were quite well balanced, though things seemed to developquickly towards the end I should mention that the sexy sc Review posted at The Armchair Reader.
I really have grown to love Isabella Carter s books So I was really excited for this one, which not only promises to be an in depth story because it s the first of a series, but also that I know she likes to really dig into her fantasy worlds In many ways you can see that this book is a setup, but if you didn t know it was the first book of a series, I think you d find that it felt like a whole book It isn t just setup, but it does a really good job of giving us the story and leaving the ending open So yes, it s important to know that this is the first of a series so that even though you get some resolution, you won t be surprised that there is a bit of a cliffhanger ending.
Ingram has become the weakling that his father has always accused him of being Though he s learned that nothing he does can make his f This was quite a fabulous fantasy story about a Prince, Ingram, forced by his father to marry a Dragon Slayer, Mallory, who is the warden of their kingdom s northern territories There was some interesting world building and I enjoyed the build up of the characters and their relationship I loved Ingram from the beginning and it while it took me a bit to warm to Mallory, he became a richer,substantial character for me as I read on Sex is fade to black and that definitely works for the story I found myself really invested in Ingram s journey and how he and Mallory built a life at Winterveil and there were quite a few twists and turns in the plot that I didn t see coming that I loved There s a great setup for the next story that left me wantingbut not in any way dissatisfied with this book, I just can t wait to see what happens next If you love M M stories Oh the intrigue and adventure, the secrets and plots, the lying But there was also the love and sweetness, the caring and adventure and dragons Ingram, his father the king is an asshat, treats Ingram poorly and at first opportunity marries him off to a wild looking Dragon Slayer from a far off land Ingram actually takes all of this well, considering and actually starts to like his new home and husband, but you know you can t fill the pages with peace and prosperity Like in a lot of these kind of stories from LT3 the sex is practically non existent it s hinted at once I think but that s ok I enjoyed it a lot, but there is a lotto be solved and the story will continue I look forward to the next one in the series, I just wonder if it This was a very enjoyable m m fantasy read about a prince who is shuffled off into a marriage to a Lord, under his jerky father s orders to act as a spy But poor Ingram soon realizes that everything is not as it seems his new husband isthan a dragon slaying brute, his father s demands are rooted in baseless paranoia, and he even finds within himself aspects and depths and courage that he never realized he had.
I liked Ingram and Mallory very much they have a slow, but sweet developing romance It s the kind when weighted looks mean so much, even if the person being looked at doesn t realize it yet But the reader does This is a very fun, light read it has some angst as Ingram deals with his low self confidence and the verbal abuse from his father, but overall, it s not dark, and the mood is like a mix of fairy tales and a Jane Austen level of romance where things are a slow build, oft

abandoned at 95 percent, because sometimes you can get over fade to black sex if there s a proper story going on, but not if the story makes hardly any sense and hinges on finger wiggling sorcery and dumb secrets and very little else.
this publisher is dreadful.
i am 0 for 5.
A sweet fantasy romance with enough real danger to keep it from being too much I really liked the main character, and seeing how he grew over the course of the story His love interest is strong, but not controlling, or overbearing I m looking forward to reading .
NOOOOOOO too soon to end Nooooo MORE Ingram and Mallory were amazing Love Ingram, and hate how he was treated by his own father, the king To a fantasy book, it s a great mystery storyLove the mystery cues were all around the book, telling me the truth about both men, but just near the last page I connect all the dots and discover it I ADORED all the dragons Yeah Pluralthan one LOVE THEM ALL I loooooves the magic It will take a while to start to be mentioned, but it s there if you like fantasy books with magic and magic creatures dragons believe me this is perfect for you The romance is a little odd I prefer PERSONAL PREFERENCE NOT a problem of the bookstruggle andangst before two characters fall in love, so Ingram and Mallory were almost to sappy to my p A wonderful tale of kings and princes and dragons lol.
I really enjoyed this wonderful medieval tale From the first pages it kept me hooked By the exciting climax at the end I was reading as fast as I could.
Ingram is a delightful character that had me wanting to hug and protect him While Mallory was a hero right from the start There is no on page sex in this book, which is a plus for me, but the feelings that developed over time between Mallory and Ingram gave me the perfect fix of M M romance.
While this story is complete in that we get a HEA for Ingram, this story is not over While not a cliffhanger ending, there is certainly a part two waiting to be read.
A great read, especially if you are getting a bit jaded by the sameness of the M M genre Would of liked a heads up in the book blurb that this was the first part in a series though, just to of given me fair warning.
Ingram Is A Coward And Weakling At Least According To His Father, The King, And The Royal Court He Cannot Use A Sword, He Faints At The Sight Of Blood, And Even His Brilliant Abilities As A Strategist Are Not Enough To Overcome His Failings When His Father Loses A Bet To The Notorious Lord Mallory Over The Matter Of A Dragon Slaying, He Pays His Debt By Ordering Ingram To Marry HimThen His Father Reveals That He Is Putting Ingram To A Greater Purpose, Giving Ingram One Last Chance To Prove He Is Not Worthless All It Requires Is Betraying His New Husband

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