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[Cathleen Schurr] È The Shy Little Kitten [transsexual PDF] Read Online ¹ I was surprised by what good condition this was in, compared to other books from my childhood then I realized that it wasn t from my childhood, it was a recent copy given to the girls Man, that 1946 artwork is odd.
Hey look, someone wrote a book about me Okay, not really, buuuutThis book is so stinking cute 3 Me love it.
The enchanting mid century illustrations are the saving grace for this strange little story The illustrations would make excellent wall paper for a children s room in a midcentury modern home Exactly why was a kitten eating a carrot at the end And what was so funny about a bee stinging a frog I don t think that was funny, I think it sounds painful Plus, they all laughed at him, and then he laughed along, but I doubt he found it amusing I think they were all stoned at the end, particularly that pig.
I m not sure what makes this kitten shy She s the only kitten who leaves their mother and the only kitten who makes friends with other creatures that seems pretty outgoing to me In a little pile of books in the corner of my favorite bar in Barcelona was this one.
I had forgotten the nameit was my very first bookbut I never forgot the sense of identification I felt with that shy little kitten,whose curiousity took her so far.
I also remember the feelings evoked by especially the mole,who for some reason I found very disturbing, and that little black dog with the very pink mouth,scared me silly and was probably one of the reasons I wasted a lot of years being afraid of dogs.
That this book showed up again here seems unbelievable,but thinking about it, a real strong sign that yes, whatever doubts I have, I am on the right path.

When I was first able to read, I kept this book on hand at nearly all times The first signs of destruction were the peeling of the spine, the next, the pages falling from inside, here and there, so only bits and pieces of the story remained So I glued it back together, againand againand againuntil my mom bought a two new copies One kept hidden, and the other for me to carry around again I feel terribly sorry for my mom, as she read it to me, listened to me read it out loud I must ve had one hundred books, but The Shy Little Kitten, The Poky Little Puppy, and the Frog and Toad Collections, were readily available in a basket in my room at all times.
This came to mind because when I went to my sister s house yesterday, I discovered MY COPY of The Shy Little Kitten My For the past few nights, my four year old son has been taking a few Little Golden books to bed I m not really sure if it is because of the stories or the shiny gold spines The Shy Little Kitten he seems especially fond of We have three cats in our house Not one of them was shy little kitten They all, however, were just as cute as The Shy Little Kitten I think the story might have been written around the adorable illustrations, but it still works What is really great is not only is this book old enough for me to have read, it is also old enough for my parents to have read.
I do not like this book the writing style is very outdated published in 1946 and The Shy Little Kitten part makes me feel like the author is referring to girls in general, for some reason But Kate seems to really enjoy it, so out it comes every night.
It s just not my thing I don t understand why the kitten is labelled shy when it heads out to explore the world while its siblings stay home, and, while I know it s wrong to compare novels such as this to other similar ones, I don t understand why the pokey little puppy got in trouble for running away and The Shy Little Kitten didn t Just screams discrimination to me Might have to check spark notes for further analysis One Beautiful Day, A Shy Little Kitten Embarks On A Journey Filled With Adventure In The Course Of Her Wanderings, She Meets An Interesting And Often Amusing Collection Of Fellow Creatures The Shy Little Kitten, With Illustrations By The Renowned Gustaf Tenggren

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