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[Kate Laurens] ↠´ Love Me Twice (Safe Haven, #3) [lesbian-fiction PDF] Read Online ↠´ Este es un libro bastante corto y la verdad es que hasta el momento no le ninguna historia que involucre a un tr o, por eso es que lo eleg.
Desgraciadamente me encontr con otra cosa y para evitar que les pase lo mismo, tengo que decirles que en este libro NO hay escenas del tr o sino que m s que nada se cuenta la perspectiva de Jax que desde siempre le gustaron los hombres y que tiene un pasado con su mejor amigo del cu l todav a lo sigue queriendo.
Su vida da un giro de 360 cuando Nick vuelve y junto con l, su novia Jax no puede creer que est mirando de otra manera a Kayla de hecho se vuelve loco, porque imaginen que es como que l se replantea su sexualidad y, para colmo se encuentra con ambos todo el tiempo.
El libro se centr mucho en los dilemas de Jax y nada m s, por eso hizo que se tornara un poco aburrido Encima aparentemente iba a haber una continuaci n, la busqu y I was so excited about this storyline I knew it was a novella but really I liked the story and the author s style of writingBUT.
why release this instead of the whole story thank goodness it was free or I would be very pissed.
Jax Kennedy Isn T Interested In GirlsKayla Connor Isn T Just Some Girl, Though She S His Best Friend Nick S Girlfriend That Means Hands Off, Even If She D Been His TypeBut There S A Little Something Between Kayla And Jax And Nick Knows ItWhen He Asks Jax To Be Part Of A Wild Experiment Involving All Three Of Them, Jax Knows He Should Say NoBut What Do You Do When The Guy You Ve Secretly Loved Forever And The Only Woman To Ever Catch Your Eye Both Want You Well That S Complicated For what it was it was a good read but why is it only 57 pages and another book on the way Why not just publish the whole thing and not split it up Thank god it was free.
shame could have been a great read instead of just good.
this is before tempt twice 1 aboutJax and Nick and Kayla Good thing it was free Very short story and WTHhow do u leave it like that After Nick and Jax kiss.
just finish the book so we know already I don t get this short teaser stories.
Good prequelNice little introduction to next book Well developed characters but it s really a bit of a teaser to get you to buy the next book.

5 stars Qu.
Carajo PrimeroQu fue ese final SegundoNo termino de entender si la saga va a ser sobre Nick Jax o Jax Kayle, fue una mezcla de los dos TerceroAdem s A Jax le gusta Nick y Kayle A Nick le gusta Jax y Kayle A Kayle le gusta Nick y Jax PERO QU CARAJO This book isn t normally my kind of thing, but I like the story and chemistry between Jax, Nick and Kayla.
What do you do when you ve been in love with your best friend, for as long as you can remember In Jax case you throw him a party after not seeing in over five years and long for him while wanting his girlfriend.
that s logicalright Nick has hidden his true feelings for Jax since they were seventeen, since the night that they kissed Nick loves Kayla, but he wants, no he needs to finish what he started with Jax and he wants her to be apart of it.
what could possibly go wrong I guess we ll have to wait and see.

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