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Ü Read Ñ Soulbroken (Legacy of Tril #2) by Heather Brewer î Can I just roll into a ball and cry right now This is so stupid At least tell us what happens at the end UGH I WAS WAITING FOR LIKE AN ENTIRE YEAR FOR THIS BOOK I m furious.
what causing the delay of this book please release this.
im dying to read the sequel please please please.
Will Be Published As An Ebook FallIn The US By HarperTeen Sometimes You Have To Break The Rules To Discover The Truth In This Follow Up To LEGACY OF TRIL SOULBOUND, Kaya Has Learned That She Is Soulbound To Darius, The Barron She Secretly Trained With At Shadow Academy But He S Been Sent Away, Leaving Kaya With Questions About How He Could Be Soulbound To Her And Another Healer Determined To Find Answers And Prove Herself Worthy Of Fighting In The War Against King Darrek And The Graplars, Kaya Sneaks Away, Encountering A Mysterious Barron Named Gage In Her TravelsBut Darius Has Shocking Information About Gage Information That Changes Everything Kaya Thought She Knew About What It Means To Be Bound Update Ok, so HarperTeen bought it and it will be released as an ebook in 2015 Yay I just hope this is the conclusion and not a saga or trilogySeriously, where the hell is this book Somebody, either Dial or Ms Brewer better explain Can t believe I have to wait to fall 2015 to read the next book Fak.
EDIT ON JAN 28TH 2017 Will be published as an ebook Fall 2017 in the US by HarperTeen AM I FINALLY GETTING THIS FUCKING BOOKPLEASEP L E A S E Soulbroken has literally left my soul broken To say i loved Soulbound is an understatement, it took me weeks to get over that book because i became so emotionally attached to it it was that good I dont think i can ever read it again because im just too damn obsessed with it, its like my potter obsession the fact that the series will never be finished it makes me feel so desolate and heartbroken I just hope that one day Brewer will be able to bring it back, whether it be next year or ten years, ill still be faithfully waiting Was just heading to my library to pick up this little book and rejuvenate my poor heart after finishing Soulbound only to find out that it DOESNT FAKKING EXIST WHAT HAS MY LIFE COME TO COULD MS BREWER GLADLY JUST PUBLISH THIS SEQUEL AS A FANFIC OR SOMETHING TO GET US THROUGH I m devastated Just fak update COULD MR BREWER PLEASE AT LEAST LET US KNOW WHAT THE FAK IS GOING ON WITH DARIUS AND KAYA

I have nothing to say, except DAMN YOU PUBLISHERS FOR CANCELLING THIS BOOK How could you do this to everyone especially after how the first one ended EDIT 25 10 13 It s happening, IT S HAPPENING Harper Teen bought it and it will be released Fall 2015 in e book format You can see the announcement here EDIT 27 09 13 Heather has just released a new video explainingabout the situation I kinda want to cry Heather has just announced that this book will NOT be released first book in this series was, without a doubt, one of the best books that I read last year and this was one of my most highly anticipated of this year I think that it would a bit easier of a pill to swallow if the previous had had a sort of standalone vibe to it, but it didn t in the slightest I hope that Heather or the publisher will at least provide us with some sort of closure perhaps in the form of a short story.

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