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[ Read Online Winnie Davis Ó young-adult-science-fiction PDF ] by Heath Hardage Lee Ó Well researched and well written biography of Winnie Davis, youngest child of Jefferson and Varina Davis, born in 1864 and adopted by citizens of the Confederacy and ultimately by veterans of the Confederacy and United Daughters of the Confederacy as a symbol of a mythologized Confederate culture.
The book explores the information that is available about Winnie and her relationship to her parents and siblings She ultimately is a tragic figure, a captive to the people who idolize her and the culture she represents to them , and to her parents emotional needs and controlling interests in her life She died at the age of 34, after developing a brief career as a writer The author deftly explores the contradictions in Winnie s personality and life For A very well written and well researched biography that is also extremely readable and entertaining A fascinating look at Jefferson Davis tragic family and an exploration of the post war south through the life of his daughter Winnie I did not think that there werestories to tell about this era, but Heath Hardage Lee has found some Highly recommend.
I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway This fascinating biography deals with the life of Winnie Davis, the youngest daughter of Jefferson and Varina Davis After the War Between the States, many who had supported the Confederacy tried to make Winnie a symbol of enduring Southern virtues While her life was lived out not as a symbol, but as a human being, the War overshadowed everything she did Her role as The Daughter of the Confederacy had a profound impact on her major life decisions, at times causing her to make excruciating sacrifices This book contains a few errors in editing, for example, Winnie s brother Joe is referred to as Joe, Jr a few times near the beginning of the book, and there is at least one missing period at the end of a sentence A few sentences were confusing to me Also, Lee tends to repeat herself at times This book is the first biography of Varina Anne Winnie Davis, the youngest child of Confederate president Jefferson Davis Born at the end of the Civil War, Winnie eventually became a living symbol of the Southern wife and family for defeated Confederates Although highly educated in Germany and very publicly engaged, Winnie died young and single Winnie was the sixth and youngest child of Jefferson Davis and his second wife Varina Jefferson s first wife died tragically just months after their marriage, and Jefferson is said to have never completely recovered from this loss Jefferson and his second wife Varina lost their first child, Samuel as a baby By the time Winnie was born the family had expanded from the loss of their first child to include Margaret, Jeff Jr.
, Joseph, and William Tragically, just months before Winnie was born in 1864, young Joe fell from a Heath Hardage Lee deserves five stars for being the first scholar to unearth and tell this fascinating story It boggles the mind that it took so long for Winnie to earn her own biography The book deserves another five stars for being a wonderfully written and powerful read.

I picked this up at Chop Suey books probably my favorite indie book shop on Cary Street in Richmond Hadn t heard of it but it was on the front tableread it in one big gulp Interesting stuff, compellingly written Shout out to Wonton the cat heath does justice to this interesting woman and defines the Davis family exquisitely What a snooze fest Book club selection Really awful writing, bad editing and a boring subject read like a poorly written masters thesis.
Daughter of the Lost Cause is the poignant story of Winnie Davis, one of the last casualties of the Civil War Jefferson Davis s youngest daughter was destined by birth to carry the torch of the Confederacy It was an obligation she never asked for but could never refuse She had the then modern advantage of an education in Europe, which gave her the intellectual tools and the ambition to break free from a domineering mother and a cosseted upbringing in the defeated south But her willingness to be the handsome, poised, dutiful daughter of the Confederacy s first family instead turned her into the living symbol of an antebellum way of life that she had never known Heath Lee tells this tale with simple elegance and matter of fact sensitivity She makes you understand that neither of Winnie s two worlds the languor of the Mississippi Gulf Coast or the hustle of downt Varina Anne Winnie Davis Was Born Into A War Torn South In June Of , The Youngest Daughter Of Confederate President Jefferson Davis And His Second Wife, Varina Howell Davis Born Only A Month After The Death Of Beloved Confederate Hero General JEB Stuart During A String Of Confederate Victories, Winnie S Birth Was Hailed As A Blessing By War Weary Southerners They Felt Her Arrival Was A Good Omen Signifying Future Victory But After The Confederacy S Ultimate Defeat In The Civil War, Winnie Would Spend Her Early Life As A Genteel Refugee And An Expatriate Abroad After Returning To The South From German Boarding School, Winnie Was Christened The Daughter Of The Confederacy InThis Role Was Bestowed Upon Her By A Southern Culture Trying To Sublimate Its War Losses Particularly Idolized By Confederate Veterans And The United Daughters Of The Confederacy, Winnie Became An Icon Of The Lost Cause, Eclipsing Even Her Father Jefferson In PopularityWinnie Davis Daughter Of The Lost Cause Is The First Published Biography Of This Little Known Woman Who Unwittingly Became The Symbolic Female Figure Of The Defeated South Her Controversial Engagement InTo A Northerner Lawyer Whose Grandfather Was A Famous Abolitionist, And Her Later Move To Work As A Writer In New York City, Shocked Her Friends, Family, And The Southern Groups Who Worshipped Her Faced With The Pressures Of A Community Who Violently Rejected The Match, Winnie Desperately Attempted To Reconcile Her Prominent Old South History With Her Personal Desire For Tolerance And Acceptance Of Her Personal Choices

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