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Trailer Ö Enemies of Promise PDF by Ö Cyril Connolly Whom The Gods Wish To Destroy, Writes Cyril Connolly, They First Call Promising First Published InAnd Long Out Of Print, Enemies of Promise, An Inquiry Into The Problem Of How To Write A Book That Lasts Ten Years, Tests The Boundaries Of Criticism, Journalism, And Autobiography With The Blistering Prose That Became Connolly S Trademark Connolly Here Confronts The Evils Of Domesticity, Politics, Drink, And Advertising As Well As Novelists Such As Joyce, Proust, Hemingway, And Faulkner In Essays That Remain Fresh And Penetrating To This Day A Fine Critic, Compulsive Traveler, And Candid Autobiographer Connolly Lays Down The Law For All Writers Who Wanted To Count He Had Imagination And Decisive Images Flashed With The Speed Of Wit In His Mind V S Pritchett, New YorkReview Of books Anyone Who Writes, Or Wants To Write, Will Find Something On Just About Every Single Page That Either Endorses A Long Held Prejudice Or Outrages, And That Makes It A Pretty Compelling read You End Up Muttering Back At Just About Every Ornately Constructed Pens E That Connolly Utters, But That S One Of The Joys Of This Book Nick Hornby, The Believer A Remarkable Book Anthony Powell Just finished Part I, the witty survey of English literary trends, feuds and factions from 1890 until 1938 The copy I have is a library one, so I may not proceed until I can buy my own markable copy Connolly has such an aphoristic style at times I m conscious of reading through filler before the zinger that I need to read him with pen in hand.
I have always disliked myself at any given moment the total of such moments is my life.
This is a rather surprising and confusing book only the middle third is like I thought it would be which is also the part advertised by the title Since this section is by far the shortest, it leaves me with a lot of time to reflect on the other two.
The first eighty or so pages which lay out the Predicament, as Connolly calls it are given over, as he puts it, to the problem of how to write a book which lasts ten years This was, now that I think about it, an advertisement that attracted me as a reader I am much interested in writers views on writing What I had not realized is that, in enquiring into style and form in the novel, Connolly was interested in a specific ten years that is, the years that were to immediately follow the writing of his book and that for his data he drew upon books that had appeared in the thirty or so years preceding Which is, I suppo There is but one crime, to escape from our talent Cyril Connolly 1903 1974 was a British reviewer, critic and writer of distinction Connolly s Unquiet Grave a despondent meditation on creativity, and existence, in a world challenged by the destruction of World War II is one of my favorite books I finally got around to ordering Enemies of Promise, first published in 1938 and designed to solve the problem of how to write an enduring book by his count, one that stands for at least a decade The book is split into three major parts The first is an audit of British writing, tracing the rise and fall of some of the well known authors and poets many of whom were not familiar to me as well as their main styles of writing This section really brought to life Connolly s breadth of knowledge related to the landscape of English letters The second part is focused on advice for how writers can live William Boyd said of this Somehow manages to enshrine in his words and life everything that we aspire to, and that intellectually ennobles us, and all that is weak and worst in us as well.
This is a book written by a very well known literary critic and journalist, Cyril Connolly It sets out to address the issue of why he never became the successful author of fiction that he aspired to and that others felt he should have become.
It is set in 3 parts, the first part is literary criticism He talks in great detail about mandarin and realistic writing, analyses different writers and poets such as Hemingway, Maugham, Joyce, and a few others I haven t heard of and talks a little about what literature and poetry will lastthan 10 years and what writing will be lost in the passage of time, i.
e what components make writing last the distance I think the idea of many successful authors who write in a way that compliments the times is a good one, the writing that appealed before the world wars will be different than writing that appeals after, because the world is a differe Connolly is a true pleasure to read Pay no attention to his complaints those Eton types were chaps who could turn a phrase or two Book I provides a detailed round up of early 20th C prose as seen through the dialectic of mandarin and vernacular style Book II is a marvel It s not on the curriculum of any MFA programs that I am aware of for the obv reasons , but it could easily be the sole text in a course listed as Literary Ambition Its Discontents Gotta love Book III too Connolly puts his lesson plan into use to see if he measures up Critic, write thyself The autobiographical sketch of boyhood in England s finest schools is reminiscent of and provides a nice counterpoint to Orwell s on the same topic.
In the first part of this book, Connolly examines the dual trends of stripped down, vernacular storytelling and elevated, stylistically ambitious prose in early 20th century novels He looks at the strengths and weaknesses of both styles and proposes a synthesis It s interesting stuff, rendered dated in its prescriptions by the fact that the dam was about burst a vast array of styles far beyond the elitist mandarin or demotic vernacular of his analysis were to explode on the literary scene And yet, the essential ebb and flow of forces of stylistic complication and simplification are still a valid way to view literary history In the second part, he lists the factors that can prevent a writer from realising his promise Some of these are largely valid and others seem a bit ridiculous try telling Shirley Jackson that a pram in the hallway is the writer s worst enemy His analysis of the all A secondhand edition of this book, first published in 1938, has sat on my shelves since I finished university I finally got around to reading it following a deadline at the end of last year The delay was probably necessary, but approached now I did indeed find as many have before me that Connolly s book saidabout the practise of being a writer, and the pitfalls that surround it, than any other single volume Highly recommended.

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