[Estelle B. Freedman] ✓ Maternal Justice: Miriam Van Waters and the Female Reform Tradition [cw-bentonville PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓ loveonline.pro

[Estelle B. Freedman] ✓ Maternal Justice: Miriam Van Waters and the Female Reform Tradition [cw-bentonville PDF] Ebook Epub Download ✓

First of all, this book was assigned reading for one of my classes Second of all, that does not matter I love this book It is the biography of Miriam Van Waters who dedicated her life to prison reform, specifically female prison reform The books starts with an introduction into how Miriam came to be, that she was born from a minister and a woman who wantedthan what she got Miriam grew up wantingform her own life, not only to create a better life for herself but so that she could better the lives of those around her, mostly her family, her mother She got her Bachelors degree, her Masters degree, and even her PhD in a time when girls didn t really go to college, and in many cases women weren t allowed to go to college.
She then took it upon herself to focus on the problems of juvenile criminals, creatin Celebrated Prison Reformer Miriam Van Waters Made History For Her Sensational Battle To Retain The Superintendency Of The Massachusetts Reformatory For Women InMaternal Justice Provides A Compelling Biography Of This Early Lesbian Activist By Moving Beyond The Controversy To Tell The Story Of A Remarkable Woman Whose Success Rested Upon The Power Of Her Own Charismatic Leadership Estelle B Freedman Draws From Van Waters S Diaries, Letters, And Personal Papers To Recreate Her Complex Personal Life, Unveiling The Disparity Between Van Waters S Public Persona And Her Agonized Private Soul With The Power And Elegance Of A Novel, Maternal Justice Illuminates This Historical Context, Casting Light On The Social Welfare Tradition, On Women S History, On The American Feminist Movement, And On The History Of Sexuality Maternal Justice Is As Much A Work Of History As It Is Biography, Bringing To Life Not Only A Remarkable Woman But Also The Complex Political And Social Milieu Within Which She Worked And Lived Kelleher Jewett, The Nation This Sympathetic Biography Reclaims Van Waters For History Publishers Weekly The Van Waters Legacy, As Freedman Gracefully Presents, Is That She Cared About The Lives Of Women Behind Bars It Is A Strikingly Unfashionable Sentiment Today Jane Meredith Adams, San Francisco Chronicle Book Review, Editor S Recommended Selection This Finely Crafted Biography Is Both An Engrossing read And A Richly Complicated Account Of A Reformer Whose Work Bridged The Eras Of Voluntarist Charitable Activism And Professional Social Service Sherri Broder, Women S Review Of books This Is A Sympathetic, Highly Personal Biography, Revealing Of Both The Author S Responses To Her Subject S Life And, In Considerable Detail, Van Waters S Family Traumas, Illnesses, And Love Affairs Elizabeth Israels Perry, Journal Of American History

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