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Ñ Read ↠´ Misbehavior (Death Dwellers' MC #3) by Kathryn C. Kelly º Val is a jerk and there is no other way to say it, he s selfish, self destructive, a cheater, a bad father and weak Even before getting the back history on Zoann s past, I never understood why everyone was so down on her For goodness sakes she was raped, her mother gets her face blown off right in front of her and her baby daddy is a major douchebag biker So I say she had a lot of reason to be bitchy all the time even if we didn t know the reason why As for Val, I hate weak heroes and he fit the title to a T Every time he was faced with a difficult situation he turned to drugs, alcohol or other women He was like kid unable to cope with anything His reaction to finding out the true extent of Zoann s rape was appalling and killed any possible chance of me liking his character I felt that he just wanted her to get over it and Abit spoilerish not too much tho ALL THE GUYS OBSESSION WITH MEGGIE NEEDS TO STOP I have to say that it got frustrating that all the boys thought Meggie was simply the best I too love Meggie but enough was enough.
no one could disrespect her but the other girls were allowed to be In my opinion, it showed the lack of love attraction one has for their woman if they kept commenting on how sweet and sexy Meggie is Val mentioned it many times or would talk about her legs and breasts or what she was wearing What probably bugged me the most was when it was mentioned how Johnnie still had something for Meggie it was mentioned multiple times how if Megs would have it he would have her in his bed.
how does that show his love for Kendall It s not fair for the ladies in their lives.
I mean we are reading a romance book and I like if the heros and heroines in my book don t mention m Matthew Val Taylor, The Road Captain In The Club, Was Introduced To Sex At An Early Age Saved From The Streets By The Club S Enforcer And President Years Ago, Val Now Lives For Women And The Open Road Until The Night The Only Woman He S Ever Loved Is Almost Killed Val Determines To Change His Ways And Be The Man Zoann Should Have And The Father Their Son DeservesZoann Donovan Has Loved Val For A Long Time Violence And Bitter Betrayal Forces Her To Ignore Her Feelings And Distance Herself Not Only From The Sexy RC, But Her Beloved Brother Too Until She Discovers The Truth Can Zoann Ever Be Forgiven For All The Pain She S Caused Will Val Overcome His Own Demons And Have A Future With Her And Their Son Who Will Survive In An MC Filled With Lust And Revenge, Love And Hate Warning This Is A Tale Of Rape, Murders, Deception, Heartache, Lies, And Infidelity The Road To Redemption Is A Tumultuous Struggle Where Only The Strong Survive And Justice Is Served Outlaw Style Zero Stars Reminder to self Do not read any of this series, it s THAT bad The H was a vile prolific cheater, I don t care what anyone says, I DO NOT FORGIVE A CHEATER Especially this disgusting asshole who screws everything in a skirt Constantly.
This was one of the weakest men I have ever read He had no redeeming qualities.
I was lucky to receive an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Let me tell you if you haven t read this series it is a definite must This story isn t your usual girl meets biker, this series is about pain, anger and working your way to happiness With Zoann and Val their story was about their journey and how they came to how they are now There was so much rawness and pain but they fought to get their happiness.
I love this series a lot Especially with Johnnie and Kendall because he s standing by his girl and how their journey devlops Megs and Outlaw, oh i wanted to shake the life out of him I wanted to continue to readbut when I got to the end I was mad because one i ran out of snacks and two i was at the end of the book This story isthan 5 stars, the series is a 30 star series image image image image image image image okay so I love these books I really enjoy this story so heartbroken over Zoann and Val and the others as well the only issue I have and honestly I can t stand it any is the bragging about getting into pants of Megs jeez like I get it so stoop talking about it it was okay to see it in previous book because that was one of the main issues and I love how the story continues so every couples problem don t end with the their book but I don t wanna hear about the Megs pants any it s just boring please just please and seriously Johny I m only a human sentence well fuck off that s was just shitty image Johnnyimage And on door number three You guessed itCheatingSelf note .
So this is book 3 in the Death Dwellers MC series and it s all about Val and Zoann, characters you have met if you read the first two books I really recommend that you read the first two books so that you can have a clear understanding of all of the characters It could be read as a standalone but so much would be lost if you don t really know the background Be warned that if you have a short trigger for rape and or cheating, you may want to reconsider reading this book I am emotionally invested in all four couples this series Book 1 gave us Outlaw Christopher Megan book 2 was about Johnnie Kendall and then there is Mort Bailey So throw in Val Zoann and we have four major couples that we have tracked in previous books We have loved Meggie Megan for her sweetness and hated Kendall for a lot of reasons Then Kendall gets redeemed in book 2 but falls off the

I was lucky enough to read an ARC on this book in order for an honest review So here goes A friend once told me that Kathryn Kelly is just a genius and we are all just lucky enough to sit back and read it.
It s so true This is NOT your happy rainbows and unicorn MC Club It s dirty, it s gritty, it s bad and it s FREAKING FANTASTIC I fell in love with Outlaw in Misled and Misappropriate I hated Kendall in Misdeeds and wanted to slap Johnny In fact, despite the killer writing and story I d go as much to say I hated the 2nd book love hate but still hate This third book I was worried I wanted to bitch slap Zoann so many times in the past This book brought so many different ranges of emotions it had me wrapped up and twisted and turn Another great read by Kathryn Kelly.
This whole series has been one been a wonderful roller coaster ride Within these stories, you meet alpha males, some flawed strong heroines and at times intense situations There is plenty of angst and some heart ache but a great story.
If you enjoy MC stories and love your characters powerful, you will love this series.
ARC provided in return for a honest review.

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