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[ Pdf McGlue Ñ punk PDF ] by Ottessa Moshfegh À Selected For The Inaugural Fence Modern Prize In Prose By Rivka GalchenSalem, Massachusetts, McGlue Is In The Hold, Still Too Drunk To Be Sure Of Name Or Situation Or Orientation He May Have Killed A Man That Man May Have Been His Best Friend Intolerable Memory Accompanies Sobriety A Sail On The High Seas Of Literary Tradition, Ottessa Moshfegh Gives Us A Nasty Heartless Blackguard On A Knife Sharp Voyage Through The Fogs Of Recollection They Said I Ve Done Something Wrong And They Ve Just Left Me Down Here To Starve They Ll See This Inanition And Be So Damned They Ll Fall To My Feet And Pass Up Hot Cross Buns Slathered In Fresh Butter And Beg I Forgive Them All Of Them The Entire World One By One Like A Good Priest I Ll Pat Their Heads And Nod I Ll Dunk My Skull Into A Barrel Of GinOttessa Moshfegh Was Awarded The Plimpton Discovery Prize For Her Stories In The Paris Review And A Creative Writing Fellowship From The National Endowment For The Arts She Is Currently A Wallace Stegner Fellow At Stanford, And Lives In Oakland, California MCGLUE, the title and main character of the novel by Ottessa Moshfegh, is unmoored in a rummy ocean of memories and over the 100 odd pages of his narrative tries to grab hold of some buoy of truth to anchor himself to the possibility that he murdered his friend and companion named Johnson There s a literal crack in his skull from which flow the metaphoric salty language he uses to tell his tale of woe He sounds fully wedded to his time in history and contemporary in his concerns about love and friendship, ideas that have set men to sea from time immemorial For such a short book, the story is rich in detail, character and incident, but what most struck me were the words that Moshfegh sets in place on the page, words that snap together as if they could never stand apa We have yet to see the next level Ottessa Moshfegh book that I firmly believe she s capable of delivering So I m holding out on the five that my effusive review might otherwise point to This, of course, is the way of things she s only now coming up on book three, and I d rather someone begin a little short of their potential than release a knockout debut and stagnate afterward For its part, McGlue is a novel of a few small problems There isn t a whole ton of character development, the hazy plot is light on causality Yet what Moshfegh always succeeds in, why I believe she s got a masterpiece or two or three in her, is because her writing is so full of vitality This short novel is a crude howl, a short brawling work, drenched in drink and unease, almost elemental in its force There s life on every page, emotions that teeter on the edge of too much and only fail to slip over be Moshfegh excels crafting characters voices She revels in the grotesque, never so much perhaps as with this one, her first foray into fiction McGlue is a story that unravels along with its narrator, though where it leads may not be as satisfying to readers as how it gets them there.
I get up My head thwarts around and I see nothing, then I see stars Saunders called Johnson dead, I think I greet the cot again, blind Saunders will come back with Johnson and have a laugh Until then I ll ride my cogitations out through the stabbing pains in my skull, the licking waves Most likely I ll doze then wake up to bread and butter and hot beans and whiskey and it ll be night and we ll be halfway to China and they ll say, Hit the well, McGlue, like after my last bout I try to remember the port of call I got this wet in First published in 2014 when it won the Fence Modern Prize in Prose , McGlue was Ottessa Moshfegh s first release and on the heels of her recent successes, this short novella is about to be re rel Tessie is one of my favorite authors right now After reading Eileen, and Homesick for Another World, I was dying to get my hands on her first novel a novella , which she says is her favorite thing that she s written I can understand why She has an uncanny, almost preternatural ability to take a character and wrangle every single nuance out of them She is meticulously, overwhelmingly detailed in her descriptions of mostly despicable, filthy people looking for some meta version of redemption McGlue is no exception in 100ish pages, she does something with a character that a great many authors can t do in 400 pages And that is why she s so great The plot is exactly what it says in the description, minus the fact that it i Lackluster grit yeah, I know, it does sound nosensical, and so is the book The idea was interesting, but the pretentious grittiness was sub par All the ingredients for a good book intrigue, confused memories, self destructive unreliable character, two plot lines, two temporal planes, familial tragedy, forbidden love are there, but still just meh Review to come.
This book has salt on its fists and iron on its dancing feet.
What a piece of vicious brilliance.
i ve said before ottessa moshfegh is the best writer working right now i think it s probably true, and then i think to myself that we don t need terms like best or worst she s just doing her thing and it s fucking amazing McGlue is violent and harsh and delicate and so empathetic and lovely they kept using the word intoxicating and intoxicant on the back of the book it s true an addictive and poisonous flower.

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