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[Angela Fox] ¹ Made For Service [young-readers PDF] Read Online ↠´ A Young Woman On Hard Times Accepts Money For Attending An Interview For A Position As A Live In Maid However, Her Prospective Employer Is A Strong Dominant Woman Who Seems To Want Than Just A Housekeeper Initial Disappointment At The Woman S Reluctance To Hire Her Leads Her To Accept A Test To See If She Can Follow Orders And Tolerate Unusual Conditions And Discipline Knowing That Even If She Fails She Can Still Collect Her Money Successfully Passing The Test Will Lead To Opportunities To Take On Difficult Challenges As Well As Earn A Little Money That She Desperately Needs However The Challenges Lead Her To Question Her Own Beliefs And Reveal New Insights To Her Own Nature She Wonders Whether She Could Really Accept The Demands Of Domestic Slavery To A Powerful And Dominant Woman Will Her Own Surprising Submissiveness Override Her Natural Abhorrence Of The Life Style Her New Mistress Seems To Want And Provide Her The Safety And Happiness She Desperately Seeks

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