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Download Epub Format â Mad About You PDF by Õ Sinéad Moriarty I m really enjoying this authors stories My teenage years was spent reading chic reads by irish authors and I ve added Sinead to that list Like Emma I found myself leaving Ireland to live in the uk with my kids Away from my family and everything I know I found myself insecure at times so I did feel for Emma Great storyline Looking forward to readingfrom this author.
This was was a nice surprise when I heard about it as I didn t know another book for the Emma Hamilton series was in progress I did like it, but found it to be w bit lacking the passion and entertainment value as much as the last three books I look forward tofrom Sinead Thanks goes to net galley for providing a copy in exchange do an honest review.
This is classic chick lit, set in a suburb of London The thing I didn t like about it was that it felt very predictable Emma, mom of two, moves with her rugby coach husband from Ireland to London She has all the stresses you would expect trying to make their rental feel like a home after the move, getting her two young children settled into a new school, finding a job easy, thanks to her sister Babs , finding a nanny babysitter again, surprisingly easy after a referral from a neighbor But then someone starts stalking Emma through text messages and inappropriate packages and convinces her that her husband is having an affair despite the fact that the man seems to be completely likable and loyal Very early on, I figur

If not for Richard and judy book club, I wouldn t read this book very slow to get into it ,Emma is irritating character she was judging her friend for working hard and same time judging her neighbour for being a stay home mom But Lucy was different She was quite masculine in the way she able to separate work from parenthood I don t want to be harsh but this book is , I love to read books with twist and real life problem , but I would like to love the main character , not dislike her Emma was hysteric lady , of course the husband didn t help Oh and other character were very selfish the sister and the best friend.
Mad About You starts off when Emma and her family leaves to London for her husband, James s new job Settling in is a huge challenge for Emma and her children, Yuri and Lara and to top it off, the mums at their school gate aren t exactly very friendly Suddenly, James and Emma receive strange, explicit texts from an unknown number which seem to want to drive them apart but coincidentally, these texts are a bit too personal, but who would want to destroy Emma s family As I ve mentioned, Mad About You is my first Sinead Moriarty book and I went into it without much expectations, that s the best thing about reading books from authors you ve not read before the thrill and excitement really gets to me OK, I ll get to the point I really enjoyed Mad About You It s gripping and engaging The characters are well w This was the first book I have read by Sinead Moriarty and I cannot believe this is her ninth book Where have I been Once I started reading this book I realised that it was from a series of four, this being the latest book This however did not take away my enjoyment of the book, and if there was going to be another story in this series I would like to read it This is a story about Emma and James, they have two small children and move from Ireland to London for James job He is the coach of the London Irish Rugby club and has been head hunted from Ireland to help bring the level of the club up Emma reluctantly agrees to go, she knows she will miss Ireland immensely but understands that in a marriage you need to compromise and give up things for your husband Once in London James cracks Enjoyable book , predictable plot A husband caught flirting multiple times, a wife worried about getting old and getting into mid life crisis, two kids who wants a young sexy girl as a nanny.
The moment Emma hired Claire I knew where the action is going to lead and eventually the end of it.
On the other hand , the book is easy to read and I really liked Moriarty s writing style My favorite character remains Barbara because she was the only one who was interesting and who actually animated the story and brought some colors and fun to it Emma And James Hamilton Have Weathered Lots Of Storms In Their Ten Year Marriage From The Heartbreak Of Infertility, To The Craziness Of Then Becoming Parents To Two Babies In One Year, To Coping With James Losing His Job, Somehow They Have Always Worked As A TeamHowever, The Pressure Of Moving From Dublin To London For James S New Job Away From Familiar Surroundings And The Family Emma Loves Puts Them Under Stress Like Never Before So When James Starts Getting Texts From A Stranger Texts That Show Startling Insights Into Their Lives Emma Is Not Sure What To Think She Is Far From Home, Isolated And Before Long Finds Herself Questioning Everything About Their RelationshipMaybe Those Texts Are Telling Her The Truth And The Life She Believed To Be Solid And Secure Is Just A Mirage Somehow She Has To Get A Grip, But How Can She Do That When A Stranger Is Set On Driving Emma Out Of Her Home And Her Marriage All posted on stars Mad About You is a funny chick lit full to the brim with zany characters Hidden beneath the humour though is the serious theme of trust and how easy it is to shatter it.
My Recap This is the forth book about Emma and James however each one can be read as a standalone Previous books covered their battle with infertility, an adoption journey, the stress of parenting two young children And now in this one they face yet another upheaval as they have to up sticks and move to England for James s new job Isolated, lonely and facing an outside threat to their marriage, this could be their toughest challenge yet.
My thoughts I have loved the previous books by Sinead especially the first two in this series as they have mirrored my life to a certain extent I understood the pain and heartbreak that Emma and James w In Sin ad Moriarty s ninth novel, Mad About You, she revisits Emma Hamilton and her family First introduced in The Baby Trail, we followed Emma and her husband James in their quest to become parents in A Perfect Match and then From Here to Maternity In their ten year marriage, Emma and James have weathered the heart break of infertility, the joy of new parenthood and the stress of unemployment but when the family is forced to move from Ireland to London cracks begin to form James is working all the time and Emma is lonely, despite finding a job with her sister, so when James begins to receive racy texts, and Emma threatening messages, Emma grows increasingly suspicious of her husband and their marriage begins to buckle under the strain.
The tension in the novel isn t sustained by identifying the stalker but by the question of i

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