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Trailer Ä Hell for the Company PDF by » Angel Martinez I loved it Ridiculous world, ridiculous characters, humor You know when you read mass of books where one or another is just to perfect that it annoys the crap out of you None of it here, and it s awesome Development Yes Multidimensional characters For sure Flying cows You got me there.
5 5.
0Angels, Demons, anti gravity cows Didn t expect that did you What a wonderfully fun read We meet Shax and Verin while Shax is stealing some pretties and the men they belong to are trying their best to kill him Verin comes to his rescue and once safely away Shax realizes they have some interesting passengers in the cargo hold Anti gravity cows totally awesome Shax and Verin are demons on the run for reasons that are explained later in the book Shax is a demon prince of thieves which explains his love of the pretties Verin is his business partner and friend When a need arrives for food for their bovine cargo they stop on a planet and find an angel, unconscious and injured Shax cannot leave him and besides, he has golden feathers for wings pretties What f Absolutely Delightful Oh, gosh This was so much FUN to read I loved every crazy word of this demonic space adventure Floating, antigravity cows rain patties down in the hold Demons run a space transport business An angel works his way into a demonic heart This book has me writing in sentence fragments it must have something to do with sexy demon horns and angelic voices of doom.
Antigravity cows That s three stars in the bag right there.
TL DR funny Space Western with Angels and Demons read it on a day you re feeling grumpy, it ll perk you up.
Andfor the rest of this review, please keep in mind that I am a Science Fiction reader first and foremost And as a reader, I m extremely critical of the majority of books in the romance genre notwithstanding the hypocrisy of having written books that could purportedly belong to that sub genre myself.
Angel doesn t suffer from the shortcomings of many of the other authors I ve read in the genre she writes very well, with strong emphasis on craft and a lilting aww shucks voice that goes down very nicely Like Czech beer refinement, without having to work for it But on that noteAngel Martinez is wasted on romance And it s not because she does it poorly I d venture Rating 3 starsI m not a big fan of angel and demon s stories so that may have colored my enjoyment of this book I thought it to be okay I really like the author s writing and I really liked all the characters It just seemed that something was missing Maybe it was because the book was so short or the fact that it ended in a HFN I don t know exactly, but overall it was okay and I will definitely read the next in the series.

The Brimstone series never fails to be charming, hilarious, wacky beyond belief, and still boast one of the most fun ensemble casts I ve ever read In the prequel, we were introduced to our anti heroes Shax and Verin, demons on the run from Earth after ahem a disagreement with management The mysterious Julian made his debut among the gunfire, but when we return to Hell for the Company, it s just our demons and their drag queen AI, Miss Ivana.
Still trying to make a somewhat honest living by taking on various jobs delivering cargo, Verin agrees to haul some antigrav cows think, cow balloons while Shax ends up in trouble for stealing synthetic sapphires He can t help it He is the Prince of Thieves, after all When the demons realize they re short on feed for their weightless companions, they make a quick stop at a totally psych This was a fun and sweet little short, and I especially think it was a nice and easy read in audio format I do think that it could have had a littledepth to it Shaw immediately feels something when he find the injured Angel, even though he can t describe it or explain it So it s a bit insta lovey He does end up making a lot of sweet observations about Ness and I do believe those feelings, I just wish they would have stayed away from some of the unexplained emotions because it can feel shallow at times.
The story isn t really long enough for us to get too invested, but like I said it s light and fun The anti gravity cows were hilarious and I loved the way they were described and Shax s affection for them, the ships computer was also an addition that addedto the story Not only was she funny but I liked seeing Shax charm her and their playful banter Because it is Arg, need to read the sequel now Wicked since of humor, reminds me of Reddwarf at times The ship s name is Brimetstone and its operating computer is Ms Ivana, a drag queen Demons, Shax and Verin are outcasts from Earth, doing shady and legit transport deals, including a delivery of antigravity cows And along the way Shax finds a crash life pod, with a hot sexy angel Shax turns on the seduction tactics to win Ness over But things are just starting in their relationship when this book ends I need to read the sequel read as part of Brimstone Demon Owned Operated, three novella collection You can read the prequel book, Potato Surprise A Brimstone Prequel, for free at most retailers I really like Angel Martinez, and I like her light hearted sci fi stuff I wish this one had a littlebuild up, a littletension between the two MCs I thought that their adventures were fun, but the romance was too insta lovey for me So much potential here, though Moving on to the next book.
Demons And Angels Have Been Among Us For Thousands Of Years, In Many Cultures And In Many Forms What Happens When You Set The Mischief Corner Authors Loose On The Vague Prompt Write A Story About Angels Or Demons The Poor Unsuspecting World Is About To Find OutFrom Angel Martinez Hell for the Company Brimstone Shax, The Demon Prince Of Thieves, Has Reconciled Himself To Exile He Has A Grand Time Careening Around The Galaxy As A High End, Intergalactic Purloiner Of Pretties Everything S Going Just Fine, Thank You Very Much All Right, Fine, The Anti Gravity Cows Are A Bit Problematic And Some Of His Buyers Are Bad For His Health, But He Manages Until He Comes Across An Injured Angel In A Psychedelic Alien JungleHe Only Rescues The Wing Boy For His Golden Feathers, But What Shax Doesn T Know About Angels Could Fill An Intergalactic Encyclopedia

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