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Trailer ☆ The Shadow Isle PDF by ò Katharine Kerr Prepare To Get Lost In The Magic VOYA Of Katharine Kerr S Popular Deverry Fantasy Series The Shadow Isle Is The Long Awaited Conclusion To The Phenomenal Deverry Fantasy Saga The Wild Northlands Hold Many Secrets The Mysterious Island Of Haen Marn, The Mountain Settlements Of Dwarvolt, And The Fortified City Of Cerr Cawnen, Built Long Ago By Escaping Bondmen From Deverry Itself As The Horsekin Continue To Push Their Religious Crusade Toward The Borders Of The Kingdom, The Humans Of Deverry And Their Elven Allies Realize That The Fate Of The Northlands Lies Tangled With Their Own Only The Magic Of Dallandra And Valandario And The Might Of The Powerful Dragons, Arzosah And Rori, Can Reveal The Secrets That May Save The Northlands From Conquest This one ended a bit abruptly than I remembered, and it felt a little choppy than others have But still, I love it just the same.
Waiting for new Deverry is hard There s just something lacking in these last few books I m reading because I m invested in the series, but the quality of writing and storytelling is just not up to par with the first six or seven books, which I couldn t put down.
We re coming to the end of the series It s all set in present day Basically Deverrey and the West Folk and Mountain People arm against the Horsekin Neb finds his true calling I admit to being a little impatient with reading him as a young person it feels like he s got the same superiority complex as he did as Galrion I went back and forth on what I felt about the fact that it was Salamander rather than any of Neb s female teachers that talked him around, but I felt that was in line with the patriarchy of the society It s cool that the medicine appears to remain era appropriate I m not familiar with the medical standards, but it fits with what I think their medical knowledge would be, and so I buy it It s nice to go experience Neb s frustrations with how much he doesn t know abo Another solid entry in the Deverry Cycle This is the third book in The Silver Wyrm quartet and the 14th and penultimate book in the overall Deverry series There is a definite feeling when reading this one that things are coming to a head As the author herself puts it in a short note at the front of the book, it is the beginning of the end Quite a few plot lines make significant progress throughout this book In particular, I enjoyed Neb s Nevyn s evolving story as he comes to terms with his new identity and discovers his purpose I also liked the introduction of Rori s Rhodry s daughters Marnmara and Berwynna as well as Rori s struggling with the huge decision on whether or not to give up his dragon form and pursue being turned back to human once Other major plot strings include an intriguing look at the return of the mysterious island of Probably the weakest off all the books in this series Not much happened, though we had a few mysteries solved.
A 15 book epic well worth reading and making your way through The timespan and scale of this book is simply stunning and I m not sure how the author manages to make it all work and hang together That in itself is a work of art I ve loved Rori s story from the beginning but this is so much than the story of a single person The celtic myth and past lived makes this as much as the stories of the central characters.
Rereading the books I had read before and then finishing this pretty much back was well worth it and I am sure I will return to Deverry again And now onto something new read and EnjoyThis series continues to get better with each new book, though trying to remember past events and the many incarnations of the various characters can be than a little difficult at time This however, was not the case with this particular book as all the events take place in what would be the present If you re read the other books in the series you will enjoy this, if you haven t read them, then I suggest you do before reading this or you will be totally confused by all the references to past events, incarnations and the Wryd that binds them all together.
We re finally reaching the end of the Deverry saga with this penultimate book in the series the last is due to be published in October 2009 There is a sense of Katharine Kerr pulling together all those strands to finish off the series effectively, but some mysteries are still to be resolved One thing I am glad of is that I don t actually know what Kerr will do to finish the story although the Horsekin are currently evil , there has been enough switching sides and distinctions made between Horsekin and Gel da Thae for us to realise that no one is outright evil and everybody can be redeemed In fact, this has been a theme running through the whole Deverry sequence the idea that all beings whether human, dwarf, Elcyion Lacar, Horsekin have the ability to turn to good.
This book picks up where the previous left off this is another feature of this last Act Eac The saga continues The magical island appears again, along with its inhabitants The dweomer masters are looking into a way to change Rori back to human form And the horse kin are still a threat I doubt you would enjoy this if you hadn t read the others in the series It is a page turner, and it s nice to see characters from a few books ago reappear This is a character based story this time, looking at the impact past lives have had on people A very good read.

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