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[ Read Online Stepbrother Dearest è fantasy-romance PDF ] by Penelope Ward ☆ Title Stepbrother DearestSeries StandaloneAuthor Penelope WardRelease Date September 29, 2014Rating 4 starsCliffhanger No HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler New York Times Bestseller for four consecutive weeks The book that started a phenomenon.
NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER ANDIn ROMANCE You Re Not Supposed To Want The One Who Torments You When My Stepbrother, Elec, Came To Live With Us My Senior Year, I Wasn T Prepared For How Much Of A Jerk He D Be I Hated That He Took It Out On Me Because He Didn T Want To Be Here I Hated That He Brought Girls From Our High School Back To His Room But What I Hated The Most Was The Unwanted Way My Body Reacted To Him At First, I Thought All He Had Going For Him Were His Rock Hard Tattooed Abs And Chiseled Face But Things Started Changing Between Us, And It All Came To A Head One Night Then, Just As Quickly As He D Come Into My Life, He Was Gone Back To California It Had Been Years Since I D Seen Elec When Tragedy Struck Our Family, I D Have To Face Him Again And Holy Hell, The Teenager Who Made Me Crazy Was Now A Man That Drove Me Insane I Had A Feeling My Heart Was About To Get Broken Again Stepbrother Dearest Is A Standalone Novel Contains Graphic Sexual Content And Harsh Language It Is Only Appropriate For Adult Readers Age 4 Stars I m not going to lie the title and the cover of this book drew me right in and made me one click the minute it went live I ve never read this author and I wasn t sure what the book was about besides a stepbrother stepsister but I knew I had to read it I LOVE forbidden love stories so the title alone drew me in Stepbrother Dearest was different that I expected It was a little young for a lack of a better word, at the beginning Then it got a little sweet and sexy The last half was muchangsty It was one of those books that wasn t perfect for me, but it was also one that I read in one sitting so you know I was hooked from the start Greta s stepbrother Elec is 17, just like her She s never met him, but he s coming to stay with her family for a year while his mom travels from work Greta wants to get to know Elec, to make him feel comfortable Once she sees hi To tell you the truth, I was not going to write a review for this book, because I really don t have anything positive to say about it There are many things that are wrong with this book, but I ll just address two.
First would be the writing It was juvenile Especially in the first part The plot was repetitive they flirt, they fight, he insults her, she runs to him like a love struck puppy This book was trite, clich and juvenile Did I already say that Ah, I don t care, because this book obviously doesn t have a problem with repeating itself What was that with Elec s book Repeating exactly the same events from his POV is so not cool Dear author, that s just plain cheating Overall, Stepbrother Dearest is a poorly written novel, IMO Second issue would be the main female protagonist Greta.
The best thing Elec said to Gr 3.
5 StarsYou make me feel things, Greta You always have When I m around you, whether it s good or badI feel everything.
Stepbrother Dearest, is written in two parts In the first part the character are 17 18 years old and in highschool In the second part the book fast forwards seven years The characters are reunited, and so the story continues.
So first of all let me just say that, Stepbrother Dearest was a really great book The writing was engaging, the characters multifaceted and the pacing was pretty good too.
Secondly, 3.
5 Stars is not a bad rating It means as per Goodreads rating system that I liked the book bordering on really liked it.
Here s a quick summary of my feelings towards Stepbrother Dearest Yes, the I loved this book I had expected the story to be kind of hard to get into after reading many reviews that said it got off to a slow start That was not my experience at all The story of Elec and Greta captivated me from page one I devoured this book Elec and Greta s story was full of passion, forbidden desire and angst Reading their story took me on an emotional roller coaster ride I laughed, cried and smiled After a brief, but intense, fling, Elec disappears from Greta s life for years When they finally cross paths again, life seems to be playing a cruel joke on them Despite their mutual longing and intense attraction, these two just can t seem to catch a break This was one of those books that kept me up late into the night I kept telling myself I d go to sleep when I finished the chapter, but couldn t I had to know what was going to happen I m pretty sure I ll

I know I m not supposed to care But when it comes to you, what I m supposed to be feeling has never seemed to matterThis was one angsty ride The book was very intense and emotional I couldn t stay away from it and kept flipping pages like crazy I was enamoured with the story from the beginning till the end It is divided into two parts The first one tells us how Greta and Elec met They were step siblings, Elec came to live with Greta, her mom and his dad for a year She wanted to be friends and all he did was acting like a giant dick and an asshole But he was my kind of asshole, who in the end.
wasn t really that asshole, you know They didn t spend much time together because Elec had to go back to take care of his mother Before he left, they somehow became friends or evenand spent one hot and sexy night together, which left their hearts brokenYo FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED 4.
5 stars WOW I was hooked on this book from the moment I started it and I could not put it down until the end An angsty, unconventional love story and such a roller coaster It was absolutely unputdownable.
When Greta s stepbrother came to live with them during her senior year, she never expected him to be such a jerk, and she certainly never expected to feel so drawn to him He was stunning Gorgeous Hot Tattooed and pierced yes, there with bad habits and a bad attitude to match And yet she sensed something behind his abrasive behaviour something that showed her a vulnerability and hurt that she could see was eating away at him, and she was determined to get through to him one way or another He was rude, he lashed out with his words, paraded girls in front of her, and toyed with her emotions and yet the next moment he was put Stepbrother Dearest stand alone Tragedy re connects girl with the step brother she still loves, but can t have Stepbrother Dearest Heart Be Desert PortsI want to be the first one to show you everything and to be the one you ll always remember for the rest of your lifeStepbrother Dearest stand alone opens up to high school senior Greta Hansen waiting for her stepbrother to arrive for a year long stay Nothing could have prepared her for Elec O Rourke He is eerily handsome borderline beautiful, but he is also angry, broken, cocky and oh so determined not to like her Greta is smitten, but in all her innocence doesn t quite know how to deal with him The sexual tension is off the chartsSoon Greta starts getting mixed signals from Elec He taunts her with his sexuality and his many girlfriends only to do or say something kind and then back to b

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