↠´ How Baking Works æ Download by ô James Morton

↠´ How Baking Works æ Download by ô James Morton Great for all levels of bakerI love James Morton s books I have baked for years and have a lot of success, but I wanted to expand my skills and try some new techniques James has covered a whole range of recipes from around the world and delivers the why s, pitfalls and science behind the bakes, which is why I love his style of books Each recipe covers the basics with step by step pictures and then gives lots of ideas for variations I will be making full use of this book Pastry book next please James First of all, welcome to a new time for The Hungry Seagull Instead of posting late on Sunday night, I shall be getting posts up on Saturday morning so you have something to enjoy over breakfast as well as the news, Facebook or whatever floats else your boat.
This week, I am reviewing another book, James Morton s new ish How Baking Works And What To Do When It Doesn t.
I have been using it for the last few months and I have to say it is utterly fantastic As the title suggests, the book attempts to teach the reader basic recipes and techniques and how to sort out problems ranging from hard shortbread to soggy puff pastry.
Morton takes a highly methodical approach to the book s layout, with each chapter tackling a different type of bake Cake, sponge, brownie, muffin, torte, biscuit, short pastry, sweet pastry, choux bless you pastry, pu Best baking book I ve readfriendly writing style with simple, clear instructions which provide understanding as to why you have to do certain things throughout the baking process Also excellent troubleshooting sections.
I thought that I d just dip and out of this as needed but I ended up reading it cover to cover It does exactly what the title suggests it tells you how and why baking works and how to correct things for next time when things go wrong Not only that it has some really great looking recipes I ve baked a couple of them and the results are fantastic.
Like his first book Brilliant Bread this is going to be something I ll keep coming back to again and again.

Love this cookbook Particularly like his chocolate and orange cookies.
Another great book from James which, like his first, was a great read cover to cover.
Not what I was expecting Hasrecipes than theory Will see how it turns out once I bake Brilliant Absolutely brilliant Another cover to cover read Just like the first one This one does not really include bread and there s no need, that s what the first book is for , but it does include different types of pastry, how to make them, possible substitutions, how not to mess them up and what to do in case you do Great job James This one will be in regular use.
I Want To Show You How Baking Works I Want To Prove How Easy Baking Can Be Whether You Want Light Cakes, Squidgy Brownies, Perfect Pastry, Stress Free Macarons Or Mountainous Meringues, This Book Features A Mini Masterclass For Each OneEverything S Split Up Into Wee, Simple Steps There S No Faff And You Don T Need Any Expensive Equipment You Don T Even Need A SieveAnd For Baking Veterans, This Book Tells You Why You Re Doing What You Ve Been Doing All These YearsHere S To Baking That Just Works

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