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✓ Read µ The Belles of Williamsburg by Mary Maillard ë NOTE Received as an ARC from Netgalley I love reading other people s letters it s like literary eavesdropping Although I thought there would be a bitabout all The Belles of Williamsburg the title is actually taken from a poem , the correspondence between Eliza and Tristrim was interesting, enlightened immensely by the author s background material and the illustrations.
A charming and evocative portrait of Williamsburg, Virginia in the 1840s told through the letters of local belle Eliza Fisk Harwood and her friend, later sweetheart and then husband, Trim Skinner from North Carolina The letters are a wonderful resource for anyone interested in the social history of the era, detailed as they are and full of fascinating glimpses into the daily lives and thoughts of the writers and their circle.
A candid glimpse into the Antebellum SouthThe Belles of Williamsburg The Courtship Correspondence of Eliza Fisk Harwood and Tristim Lowther Skinner 1839 1849 provides a fascinating peek into life shortly before the Civil War Eliza, of Williamsburg, Virgina, and Tristrim, of Edenton, North Carolina, meet when Tristrim is enters William and Mary College and boards with Eliza s family Eliza is only twelve at the time Eliza s aunt had no children, and her parents had eleven, so Eliza went to live with her childless aunt to be raised by them a practice not uncommon for the time The early correspondence between Tristrim and Eliza is that of friends, though there are clearly undertones of encouragement from Eliza s Godma This early correspondence is easy and familiar As Eliza enters society, the tones of the letters becomeformal, largely adhering to the social customs of the da The Belles of Williamsburg is a collection of courtship letters between Eliza Fisk Harwood and Tristrim Lowther Skinner dating from 1839 1849 An introduction gives the reader an overall idea of what is going on during the correspondence and an epilogue gives an overview their lives after they were married The initial letters were mainly about what college students are boarding at the Williamsburg house, who is marrying, and who is dying As Eliza gets older and especially as the courtship becomes serious, the letters talkabout Eliza s and Tristrim s own lives.
I appreciate that the editor included excerpts from the novel that Eliza thought mimicked her own courtship Having these excerpts helped me to better understand what Eliza and Tristrim were referring to and going through in their own courtship There were also about 100 pages of end notes and such to give further I ll come back to this one when my reading experience hasn t been soured by a certain stalkerish Goodreads member ARC NetgalleyA fascinating glimpse into the real life of a young woman in the decades leading up to the Civil War This book is made up of the actual correspondence between Eliza Fisk Harwood and Trim Skinner A true life glimpse into the life of an antebellum belle.
After The Twelfth Night Party In Williamsburg, Virginia, InThirteen Years Old And Brimming With Hopeful Exuberance Eliza Fisk Harwood Wrote Her Close Friend, Trim Skinner Of Edenton, North Carolina, That She Had Danced So Long She Wore Holes Into Her New Satin Shoes And Hose Their Subsequent Correspondence Charts Eliza S Education, Coming Of Age, Courtships And Engagement, And Tristrim S Practical Education In The Management Of The Skinner Family S Farms At The Age Of Twenty One Ten Years After Trim Had Made Her A Secret Promise And Sealed It With A Ring Eliza Married Him And Left Her Childhood Home To Become A Carolina Plantation MistressEliza Harwood S Detailed Letters Are A Popular Masterpiece Of Social Commentary Perhaps The Only Such Record Of Williamsburg College Life During The S More Importantly, The Harwood Skinner Correspondence Sheds New Light On The Complex Social, Familial, And Romantic Elements Of Antebellum Courtship In A Decade Not Well Represented Among Available Primary Sources Eloquent And Considered, The Letters Are A Pleasure To read And Would Appeal To Students, Historians, And Non Academics Interested In The South And Its History

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