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[ Read Online Decoding the Irrational Consumer ↠´ niger PDF ] by Darren Bridger ✓ A little dry for the average reader The end notes are distracting Decide who the reader is b c if it is supposed be a business manager, this book is a waste of time A business person wants headlines, how tos, practical tips The science should back those things up, not come first Sorry, scientists Tell a story to illustrate your points.
Darren Bridger looks at a number of the recent theories and ideas underpinning how marketers, ad creators, designers and neuroscientists use neuromarketging data Most people do not accurately self report their motivations Rather than taking rational decisions their emotions, feelings and past experiences cause their brains to take short cuts The industry requieres new market research tools All major international companies trying to understand consumer behaviour include some understanding of the noncnscious, intuitive consumer.
Decoding the Irrational Consumer offers a revamped toolbox consisting elements from neuro aesthetics insights from neuroscience on what we find beautiful, pleasurable or attractive and why , behavioural economics studies how people make decisions about value , implicit response measures compu A fascinating insight into the new developments of behavioural sciences and how consumers make decisions We like to think we re rational creatures, but most of our decisions are irrational, based on emotions, such as fear or love Bridger takes a look at the new techniques marketers are developing to unveil this unconscious process, including facial action coding, biometrics, and eye tracking.
Because of this, the book is a bit too technical for the average consumer or the business owner looking for practical tips to implement straight away But I highly recommend it to everyone interested in the science behind our actions, and the way marketers are exploiting the results of this research to get us to buy their products.
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An excellent, thoroughly researched book on current and future trends in consumer behavioral studies.
A sound book for starters in advanced research techniques along with information about cognitive underpinnings governing consumer decision making and the latest technology.
New Developments In The Behavioral Sciences Have Revealed That Most People Do Not Accurately Self Report Their Motivations It Is Now Understood That Decision Making Is Driven By Emotions And The Subconscious, Rather Than By Purely Rational Calculations Asking Direct Questions, As The Global Marketing And Advertising Research Industry Has Previously Depended On, Is No Longer Enough Instead, The Industry Requires A New Generation Of Research Tools, Such As Behavioral Economics, Eye Tracking, Implicit Response Measures, And Facial Coding To Find The Truth Behind What Consumers Are Saying Decoding the Irrational Consumer Provides Marketers And Researchers With An Overview Of Each Of These New Research Tools And Techniques, Their Individual Strengths And Weaknesses, And How They Can Be Used To Generate Consumer Insights Chapter Topics Cover Key Principles And Applications, Facial Coding, Heuristics, Behavioral Experiments, Biometric Data, Prediction Markets, Creating Smarter Surveys, And How To Combine Techniques

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