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[Liu Cixin] ↠´ 死神永生 [young-adult-paranormal PDF] Ebook Epub Download Ó Death s End Truly epic finale to the THREE BODY trilogy NEW INTERVIEW WITH TRANSLATOR KEN LIU GIVEAWAY OF THREE BODY TRILOGY AUDIO CD SET Listening to Cixin Liu s THREE BODY trilogy reminds me of those graphics on cosmology that illustrate our relative scale in the universe It starts with the microscopic world of individual atoms and molecules or even subatomic particles like quarks and neutrinos , expands outward to individual cells, organisms, and larger creatures, then jumps out further to continents and the planet Earth, zooming back to encompass our solar system, the Milky Way galaxy, and then pulling out further to an endless sea of galaxies that make up our universe But Liu doesn t stop there He s just gotten started, really After all, there areuniverses out there, and w WOW What a way to end the series This is my very first sci fi and it has set such a high standards for me in this genre that whatever I will read in sci fic from now on will be in its shadows Like the previous two books, this book also has a different protagonist, Cheng Xin I was so happy for this female since I was a little disappointed in Dark Forest as it has all the male leads Cheng Xin is a rocket scientist, awakened from artificial hibernation She made a plan which would interfere with the advance of Trisolari s towards earth, ultimately destroying it There are two other important plot lines but I am not giving away any spoilers, one must read the book to know about them because reading them is so much fun and at the same time it gives a very deep meaning to the web that Liu has weaved.
If Three Body Problem tells us about a s With The Three Body Problem, English Speaking Readers Got Their First Chance To Experience The Multiple Award Winning And Bestselling Remembrance Of Earth S Past Trilogy By China S Most Beloved Science Fiction Author, Cixin Liu The Three Body Problem Was Released To Great Acclaim Including Coverage In The New York Times And The Wall Street Journal And Won The Hugo Award For Best SF NovelIt Was Also Named A Finalist For The Nebula AwardMaking It The First Translated Novel To Be Nominated For A Major SF Award Since Italo Calvino S Invisible Cities InNow This Epic Trilogy Concludes With Death S End Half A Century After The Doomsday Battle, The Uneasy Balance Of Dark Forest Deterrence Keeps The Trisolaran Invaders At Bay Earth Enjoys Unprecedented Prosperity Due To The Infusion Of Trisolaran Knowledge With Human Science Advancing Daily And The Trisolarans Adopting Earth Culture, It Seems That The Two Civilizations Will Soon Be Able To Co Exist Peacefully As Equals Without The Terrible Threat Of Mutually Assured Annihilation But The Peace Has Also Made Humanity ComplacentCheng Xin, An Aerospace Engineer From The Early St Century, Awakens From Hibernation In This New Age She Brings With Her Knowledge Of A Long Forgotten Program Dating From The Beginning Of The Trisolar Crisis And Her Very Presence May Upset The Delicate Balance Between Two Worlds Will Humanity Reach For The Stars Or Die In Its Cradle I can hardly heap enough praise onto Cixin Liu s great trilogy and it s incredibly breathless ending, fittingly titled Death s End The story is so tightly bound to the two previous books and so surprising and astounding and mind bending that revealing any of the plot here would be a massive spoiler Rarely have I read a book of such vast scope that was able to maintain a few primary characters and touch upon nearly every field of human knowledge and inquiry from history to literature to philosophy, from nano science and quantum physics to astrophysics and string theory, from earth sociology to cosmic sociologyand yet, although it gets very,very technical, the author takes pains to explain the concepts in layman s terms and wherever possible provide visual examples Note that sometimes, the explanation will come a little after a new phenomenon and so one must be patient, bu I enjoyed this so muchthan The Dark Forest The science and epic ideas on display captured my imagination And yet.
The gender dynamics grated on me throughout Feminity is all about love and motherliness, wut An autistic male scientist wasn t a real man because he d never been with a woman yeah, kinda hella offensive in two ways, there.
The final 100 pages were depressing as hell Realistic Dunno Showing that humanity isn t the center of the universe and maybe not really that important Yup Still depressing You betcha.
And Cheng Xin The main character is a woman And the story just beats her up over and over again She s smart, but has no agency She gets nothing DONE The plot moves along because she FAILS And at the end of time and the end of the book, she s empty inside and knows it.
That s depressing Every single other important This book, like the other two books in the series, is very imaginative There were parts of the book that were interesting and made you think However, unlike the other two books it doesn t really lead anywhere other than increasingly implausible disasters and poor decision making Humanity keeps entrusting its fate to one particular woman, and each time she decides she d rather let everyone die rather than make a tough decision This is why we don t let the hippies manage the nuclear deterrent Everyone in their proper sphere and all that Anyway, she feels bad about it afterwards, and I guess we are supposed to empathize with that Either way, after the solar system, the human race, and the entire universe is destroyed in one way or anoth UPDATE All spoilers are now hidden During those few years I m using Goodreads, I ve noticed something curious the better a book is, the less I know what to write in a review Death s end illustrates it perfectly I m sitting in front of my laptop, wondering what should I write, and all the ideas, all my creativity leads to such vast and in depth reviews like Just wow , It s amazing book, nuff said or It s a masterpiece worth ten stars, not just five But I mean it What started in The Three Body Problem as a good, but slightly below my expectations book and continued into The Dark Forest s low pace and still nothing is going on though it s almost 50% of the book already , exploded into outstanding and gripping sci fi, whose grandeur and scale are almost unparalleled What I liked the most about this book, was Liu Cixin s ability to constantly challenge me an A dismal, often confusing end to a very grim series There be some spoilers ahead, so be warned.
I was not thrilled with this one, largely because I found the main character incredibly annoying and a bit of a Mary Sue No matter how badly she fucks up and screws over the human race in the process, nobody ever seems to blame her or wonder why the fate of humanity keeps getting put into the hands of someone with decision making skills that are this poor The only one who seems to blame the main character for her long list of failings is the main character herself, and this is treated as simple survivor s guilt or depression when it quite literally is her weakness that nearly results in the genocide of the human race Twice.
Annoyingly enough, the main character seems all but

I never write reviews, but I will make an exception for this book 1 I read the the Three Body Problem and The Dark Forest in June 2016 back to back and was devastated to learn that the final instalment would not be available in English until September.
2 I contemplated learning Mandarin in order to shorten the wait.
3 I contemplated Google translating the Chinese edition.
4 Death s End exceeded my expectations.
5 In the future people will take neuro drugs that will selectively erase memories of this trilogy in order to be able to read them again for the first time.
Thank you Cixin Liu Death s End should ve won the Best Novel of the year award at Hugo Award 2017 instead of The Obelisk Gate by N.
K Jemisin.
I was scared to start this book because in my opinion, The Dark Forest truly felt like the perfect conclusion to the series In fact, I still do However, Cixin Liu outdone himself by showing all his imaginative and brilliant ideas that made the trilogy goes into territories that goes beyond godlike it made this book a worthy conclusion to the trilogy Judging from the first book alone, it felt surreal to see how far and grand the scope of the story has become in this book It s speculatively brilliant and highly imaginative, but most of all, despite how far fetched all the idea seemed, they actually felt possible tooTime is the cruelest force of allThis is because with every grand concepts and ideas, Cixin Liu backed them up with int

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