↠´ One Good Dragon Deserves Another (Heartstrikers, #2) Á Download by ↠´ Rachel Aaron

↠´ One Good Dragon Deserves Another (Heartstrikers, #2) Á Download by ↠´ Rachel Aaron This is one of those series I just find a whole heap of fun It s filled with exciting ideas about bloodthirsty dragons, the lady of the lake, humans, mages and the first book I definitely enjoyed than I anticipated, and this one was exactly the same Filled with action and drama and lots of good twists from the Dragon Seers who can influence the future I just think it s pretty great.
We re once following Julius, one of the youngest Heartstrikers Dragons who is currently sealed because he annoyed his mother, the great leader of the Heartstrikers She s trapped him in mortal form and so he s living with a human and trying to make a business from magic and helping people, He s just a bit too nice Suddenly, his mother shows up and tells him she needs him so he s dragged off to be a part of a large meeting between the two most powerful dragon clans He 5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum had to wait at least a day after finishing One Good Dragon Deserves Another to write my review, lest I just end up gushing incoherently like a madwoman That s because this book was simply amazing Not only did it manage to be even better than the first book a magnificent achievement in itself, considering how awesome Nice Dragons Finish Last was and how much I already loved it to pieces it s also now vying for the top spot in my list of best books read in 2015.
This sequel takes place not long after the events of book one Our protagonist Julius, the youngest and nicest dragon in the Heartstriker clan, is feeling happier than he s ever been in his entire life Working out of the Detroit Free Zone as a magical pest control specialist with the help of his friend and mage par After Barely Escaping The Machinations Of His Terrifying Mother, Two All Knowing Seers, And Countless Bloodthirsty Siblings, The Last Thing Julius Wants To See Is Another Dragon Unfortunately For Him, The Only Thing Dangerous Than Being A Useless Heartstriker Is Being A Useful One, And Now That He S Got An In With The Three Sisters, Julius Has Become A Key Pawn In Bethesda The Heartstriker S Gamble To Put Her Clan On Top Refusal To Play Along With His Mother S Plans Means Death, But There S Going On Than Even Bethesda Knows, And With Estella Back In The Game With A Vengeance, Heartstriker Futures Disappearing, And Algonquin S Dragon Hunter Closing In, The Stakes Are Higher Than Even A Seer Can Calculate But When His Most Powerful Family Members Start Dropping Like Flies, It Falls To Julius To Defend The Clan That Never Respected Him And Prove That, Sometimes, The World S Worst Dragon Is The Best One To Have On Your Side Actual Rating 4.
5 StarsSo this is the installment where the series really grabs you by the face, sits you down, and forces you to see a much bigger picture than you thought possible.
I m sort of amazed, because I ve never had such a great relationship with any Urban Fantasy I ve picked up before this one.
The first most noticeable difference for me personally was the huge improvement in Aaron s writing style Where there were patches of unnecessary repetition occasional over description, the overall feel of this novel was much smooth concise I m actually quite impressed to see an author close such a gap in the span of only one book Given the tone of the first one, I wasn t 100% sure the story would venture into such escalated territory and I ve never been happier to be so wrong The stakes in this book jumped from maybe a 3 4 to a ful The sequel to Nice Dragons Finish Last was an improvement in every way possible There is just so muchof everything which made the last book enjoyable that the series is shaping up to be a fantastic one The worldbuilding was expansive as we get to see and learn about the magic of dragons and of the spirits of the earth Rachel Aaron has created a really unique setting for this series and the backstory of how dragons ended up on earth was truly captivating Even though the exposition can sometimes come across as a bit of an info dump, I was too happily lapping it all up to be really bothered about it.
The development of the characters was wonderful While Julius was still as nice as ever, you just cannot mistake him for being weak and definitely not stupid With the machination of his oldest brother, who wa Full review now posted I didn t realize how much I needed dragons in my life Man, this book was so much fun It was everything I was hoping to find in the first book, and then some.
My issues with the writing feeling unpolished and clunky in the first book were completely non existent in this follow up The prose transcended being simple sentences on a page and disappeared, until I wasn t seeing words on a page but instead saw the events of the book playing out like a movie in mind That is the highest compliment I can pay to a fantasy novelist whose prose is merely a vehicle for the story they re telling, such as Brandon Sanderson While I love beautiful prose, like that crafted by Rothfuss and Kay, I also appreciat 5 I just finished listening to the second book of the Heartstriker family dragon saga and I am stoked This is turning out to be one of my favorite new series Ms Aaron has found the right map to my heart and it is populated with dragons Although I love Julian, him being all idealistic and adorable and all, Marcy is still the stronger character and her potential is unlimited But I am I love with Chelsy and Katia They stole the show for me in this one, upstaged only by the oldest Heartstriker daughter now there is a lady I would love to guzzle some Margaritas with I do feel bad for the entire white dragon clan after all the colemeties at the end and hope our guys help them settle the score If there was something I was not too found of, it was the ruling committee that everyone agreed on for the Heartstrikers It doesn t see The littlest dragon and his benevolent family are finally back.
and they are crazier than ever Longer wait for sequel totally paid off, because this book was pure, unadulterated fun OGDDA is set only a month after the events of first book, just enough for Julius to become comfortable thinking he wiggled out from Bethesda s claws.
before it all goes to hell Dragon politics is like a mix between Game of Thrones and Survivor and Marcy and our baby dragon are dragged right in the middle of it Oh, and there is also pesky little annoyance of Alongquin s famous Dragon Hunter after Julius.
Book 2Book 1I think I flew through this in one sitting, because, simply, it was hard to put it down Story picks up pace right from the start and considering there is a time stamp on our characters, they can t catch a breather Plot was

It s OFFICIAL The Heartstrikers series now belongs to my shelf of Favorites YEY Warning This review contains lots of blabbering, fangirling and random fanarts done by me, so no suing, ok For higher res gerynh.
com The story begins a few months after the first book ends and what a start it is We finally get to meet Bethesda, the Boss Mother of the Strongest Dragon Clan, and some of her older children We also have a few epic Bob and Justin scenes that made me want to squeal There was a short period starting at around 30% up to almost the middle of the book where there was just talking, info dump and not much else But in a few moments, everything changes and there is dragons fighting to the death Followed by even amazing scenes and character development and just pure awesomeness Don t get me started on the last 10% Ok, ok, story so Julius the runt in his family and the 5 count them 5 StarsThis series is a lot of fun for me and delightfully entertaining I wish I would have written a review as soon as I finished so I remembered all the great deets, but alas there are so many books and I forgot I hadn t stopped to tell everyone how great this one is.
I m usually not a huge fan of beta boys Overall they can be a little boring, but not Julian, he has so much chaos going on around him there is no time for him to be boring at all Everything in this story happens in a matter of days and so it all goes pretty fast and very nonstop and Julian gets thrown into the middle of it all I blame Bob, Julian should blame Bob too since his brother and the Seer of the Heartstriker clan has positioned Julian into the middle of all of his machinationsSchemes to foil, plots to thwart, naps to r

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