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✓ The Girl in the Glass Tower á Download by à Elizabeth Fremantle Arbella Stuart Is Trapped Behind The Towering Glass Windows Of Hardwick Hall Kept Cloistered From A World That Is Full Of Dangers For Someone With Royal Blood Half The Country Wish To See Her On The Throne And Many Others For Her Death, Which Would Leave The Way Clear For Her Cousin James, The Scottish KingArbella Longs To Be Free From Her Cold Hearted Grandmother To Love Who She Wants, To Wear A Man S Trousers And Ride Her Beloved Horse, Dorcas But If She Ever Wishes To Break Free She Must Learn To Navigate The Treacherous Game Of Power, Or End Up Dead Quite disappointing I ve enjoyed two of Elizabeth Fremantle s previous books Queen s Gambit and Sisters of Treason so was surprised by how much this book didn t grip me and was even boring Nothing happened until 3 4 of the way through and even then I wasn t feeling it The majority of the book was presumably a set up of our main character but I found her flat and not well developed even after 300 pages And the secondary character never became someone I cared about either Shame.
To read all my book reviews plus author interviews, excerpts and giveaways, visit my blog Girl in the Glass Tower weaves together the stories of two women, drawing on historical fact about each of their lives, although in reality, as the author admits in her afterword, there is no evidence to say they ever met in the way imagined However, this is historical fiction after all and I really liked the way the author made connections between the situations of the two women.
Aemilia Lanyer referred to as Ami in the novel was an English female poet who became mistress to Henry Hunsdon, first cousin of Elizabeth I When she fell pregnant, she was married off to Alphonso Lanyer We encounter Ami in this novel following Alphonso s death, left in poverty to bring up her son, Henry Ami comes into possession of Arbella s papers which include fragments of a memoir Although Arbel Great TOME beware updated on 12 Feb 2017Excellent historical fiction which soon draws the reader into this period in English history and its intrigue and plot The narrative covers two parallel stories, the first being the life of Lady Arabella Stuart who was destined to succeed Elizabeth 1 to the English throne For her protection she is taken to rural Derbyshire at Hardwick I loved this as we used to live near Hardwick Hall and visited on many occasions, so this brought the backdrop muchrealistic for me The second story looks at Ami who has been exiled from court and whose story becomes entwined with the first How the two narratives come together in the second half of the book is done well This is a well written historical fiction, even for those readers new to the genre I felt the overall desolation of Arabella who was technically The absorbing and intimate story of Lady Arbella Stuart who so nearly succeeded Elizabeth I to the throne in 1603 In parallel, we experience the story of Arbella s friend, the poet Aemilia Lanyer after she fell from grace, from the court of James I.
Arbella Stuart was long considered a contender for the English throne after the demise of Elizabeth I So she was kept a virtual prisoner by her grandmother, known to history as Bess of Hardwick, and cocooned against potential threats by Catholic plotters Fremantle imagines her life and tells it as a sort of memoir being read by out of favour court poet Aemilia Lanyer some years later I ve come across Lanyer before in other works that fictionally explore her supposed relations with Shakespeare and put across the argument that she was his Dark Lady This was a wonderful piece of historical fiction and Fremantle has a masterful way with words.
The Girl in the Glass Tower by Elizabeth FremantleTitle The Girl in the Glass TowerAuthor Elizabeth FremantlePublished Feb 17Publisher Penguin Genre History Pages 464Price onPaperback 7.
74 Kindle 4.
99ISBN 1405920041Arbella Stuart is a royal who lives at Hardwick Hall, she cannot leave Trapped behind the huge glass windows of Hardwick Hall Arbella longs to be free But with half the country wanting her to take the throne and the other half wanting her dead so her cousin can take the throne and become the Scottish King All Arbella wants is to be free from her evil grandmother, she longs to ride her horses and be free to love who she wants But to be free she needs to learn how to navigate the treacherous waters of the kingdom s power plays or he might just en So, this book was recommended to me and to be fair it was an entertaining novel However, there was something about it that didn t quite resonate with me Maybe it was the length of the book which IMO should have been shorter or maybe that I felt little empathy for the characters, I can t quite put my finger on what it was Could just be that I ve read loads of pretty similar novels and I m getting just a bit bored It was good to finally read some historical fiction that doesn t just re hash the same Tudor stories, but I d take some Phillips Gregory over this In summary, it s entertaining and perfectly readable but not the best piece of historical fiction I ve ever read.
It was the sheer size of the windows that made the rooms at Hardwick so impossible to heat Grandmother seemed impervious to the chill and could not hide her delight at her vast shimmering rectangles of glass, fit for a cathedral, the talk of all Derbyshire photo by my husband Mark Hardwick Hall,glass than wall so went a common saying about this large Elizabethan country house Built at a time when glass was exceptionally expensive, it was the pride of Bess of Hardwick, Countess of Shrewsbury, the richest woman in England after the Queen herself If you look carefully in the photo above, you can see her initials ES, for Elizabeth Shrewsbury atop many of the towers she knew how to stake her claim It s now a National Trust property, and Mark and I paid a visit to Hardwick Hall and its grounds on our trip to England in 2014 Port DNF I tried to like this, I did but it was just so very dull No visible plot A dual narrative that served no purpose and it just bored me to tears.

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