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↠´ The Heretic Queen à Download by ↠´ Michelle Moran In Ancient Egypt, A Forgotten Princess Must Overcome Her Family S Past And Remake HistoryThe Winds Of Change Are Blowing Through Thebes A Devastating Palace Fire Has Killed The Eighteenth Dynasty S Royal Family All With The Exception Of Nefertari, The Niece Of The Reviled Former Queen, Nefertiti The Girl S Deceased Family Has Been Branded As Heretical, And No One In Egypt Will Speak Their Names A Relic Of A Previous Reign, Nefertari Is Pushed Aside, An Unimportant Princess Left To Run Wild In The Palace But This Changes When She Is Taken Under The Wing Of The Pharaoh S Aunt, Then Brought To The Temple Of Hathor, Where She Is Educated In A Manner Befitting A Future QueenSoon Nefertari Catches The Eye Of The Crown Prince, And Despite Her Family S History, They Fall In Love And Wish To Marry Yet All Of Egypt Opposes This Union Between The Rising Star Of A New Dynasty And The Fading Star Of An Old, Heretical One While Political Adversity Sets The Country On Edge, Nefertari Becomes The Wife Of Ramesses The Great Destined To Be The Most Powerful Pharaoh In Egypt, He Is Also The Man Who Must Confront The Most Famous Exodus In HistorySweeping In Scope And Meticulous In Detail, The Heretic Queen Is A Novel Of Passion And Power, Heartbreak And Redemption From The Hardcover Edition Some would call the Pharaoh Akhenaten and his wife Nefertiti visionaries They ended the polytheistic religion of Egypt and destroyed the greedy and corrupt temples of Amun They instituted a revolutionary monotheistic system, worshipping one God, the Aten Unfortunately, thousands of years of religious belief could not be erased so easily Their reign ended in disaster and the old religious order was restored, ending a line of kings stretching back over a hundred years.
Michelle Moran starts this novel several years after the events of her first novel, Nefertiti The sole survivor from the previous royal line is Princess Nefertari, niece of Nefertiti She has been raised at the court of the current Pharaoh, Seti I, and alongside the royal heir, Ramesses They are fast friends In fact, he is one of her only friends and the only reason the othe Loved it, loved it, loved it I don t normally gush about a novel but I enjoyed this eventhan Nefertiti I really didn t want it to end It was a vivid, captivating page turner and I thoroughly enjoyed being immersed in the Ancient Egyptian world I have been interested in Ancient Egypt since my own school years then helping my sons with assignments on Ancient Egypt the pharoahs, the Gods, their customs and burial practices, I have always found their highly advanced civilisation fascinating Nefertari, the orphaned daughter of Mutnodjmet and niece of the infamous Nefertiti is an absolute delight in this novel.
She is kind hearted and moral like her mother but very strong and clever without being calculating I

Moran also wrote Nefertiti and Cleopatra s Daughter, but I only read this one Set in ancient Egypt, The Heretic Queen is an odd mixture, because it felt sometimes exactly like a romance and a sexy one and other times like a historical narrative with some liberally embellished and possibly fabricated history For romance readers, it might be a nice cross genre piece, since it bridges both worlds For those who likehistory, and only the straight dope, this will disappoint Setting Ancient Egypt Thebes at the time of Ramesses III, referred to as Ramesses the Great, who reigned as pharaoh from 1279 1213 BC POV The story is told by Nefertari, whose beloved mother is Mutdodjmet, a former queen According to this author, Nefertari is th Soak it up this is entertainment at its best Michelle Moran s second novel is an enthralling read that will have you frantically turning pages, completely absorbed in the world she has created for you.
Moran s Egypt is a backdrop for all the guilty pleasure plot points you know you love sex, power, violence and true love And her cast of characters are fabulously self serving and deceitful in a way that makes you keep reading just to find out what they will do to each other next Some are motivated by love, others by greed, but all are capable of doing anything and that makes it all theexciting If you fell in love with Mutny from Moran s previous novel then I guarantee you ll love her orphaned daughter Nefertari You ll see the resemblance to her mother in her kind heart and strong moral code

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