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☆ Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit ☆ Download by Ú P.G. Wodehouse ENGLISH Tenth book about Jeeves and his master Bertie Wooster, which forms a trilogy with Right Ho Jeeves and The code of the Woosters, which we could call the trilogy of Aunt Dahlia and Anatole As always, Bertie is about to marry a girl he doesn t love, in this case his cousin Florence, daughter of her aunt Agatha.
ESPA OL D cimo libro de Jeeves y su amo Bertie Wooster, que forma una trilog a con Right Ho Jeeves y The code of the Woosters , que podr amos llamar la trilog a de T a Dahlia y Anatole Como siempre, Bertie est a punto de casarse con una chica a la que no quiere, en este caso su prima Florence, hija de su t a Agatha.
It is pretty generally recognized in the circles in which he moves that Bertram Wooster is not a man who lightly throws in the towel and admits defeat Beneath the thingummies of what d you call it his head, wind and weather permitted, is as a rule bloody but unbowed, and if the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune want to crush his proud spirit, they have to pull their socks up and make a special effort Let s just take Ring For Jeeves as a blip An ill starred, dark alleyway that Wodehouse and Jeeves stumbled inadvertently down before thinking better of the whole enterprise There was so much which didn t work in that novel the lack of Bertram Wooster, the third person narration in lieu of Wooster, B the ostentatious 1950s setting, the unhelpful glimpses inside the hitherto imperial Jeeves mind It s a book which didn t s A Jeeves And Wooster NovelThe Beefy Stilton Cheesewright Has Drawn Bertie Wooster As Red Hot Favourite In The Drones Club Annual Darts Tournament Which Is Lucky For Bertie Because Otherwise Stilton Would Have Beaten Him To A Pulp And Buttered The Lawn With Him Stilton Does Not, After All Like Men Who He Thinks Are Trifling With His Fianc E S AffectionsMeanwhile Bertie Has Committed A Heinous Offence By Growing A Moustache, And Jeeves Strongly Disapproves Which Is Unfortunate, Because Jeeves S Feudal Spirit Is Desperately Needed Bertie S Aunt Dahlia Is Trying To Sell Her Magazine Milady S Boudoir To The Trotter Empire And Still Keep Her Amazing Chef Anatole Out Of Lady Trotter S Clutches And Bertie Bertie Simply Has To Try To Hold Onto His Moustache And Hope He Gets To The End In One Piece Bertie is growing a moustache, and Jeeves doesn t like it.
Bertie is pissed Jeeves does not object to David Niven s moustache, then why the fuss about his Jeeves says Mr Niven s moustache is very becoming to him This time Bertie is determined to hold on but the problem is that Florence Craye, who has turned to novel writing of late, also thinks the moustache is fascinating thus inviting the wrath of Stilton Cheesewright, her fiance, who considers it a cheap trick by Bertie to steal his girl.
Nighttime escapades in nightclubs with Florence who is collecting material for her new novel , the presence of a Roderick Spode who no longer fears the mention of Eulalie see The Code of the Woosters and Aunt Dahlia up to her usual mad capers ensures Bertie has his plate full He even comes within inches of wedlock until he is saved from the scaffold at the last minu One of Wodehouse s best, I think It has the same basic plot as all the Jeeves novels, but it s perfectly paced, and the details are all just right Here s one such detail Bertie Wooster s account of the menu of a dinner cooked by Anatole, his Aunt Dahlia s amazing French chef Le Caviar FraisLe Consomm aux Pommes d AmourLes Sylphides la cr me d crevissesLes Fried SmeltsLe Bird of some kind with chipped potatoesLe Ice Cream I love the way that keeping up the French just became too much effort for Bertie.
One thing that struck me on this reading is that this book is racier than usual for Wodehouse and that means that it s hardly racy at all, because Wodehouse s lovers are usually pretty chaste But Bertie ends up in Florence Craye s bedroom in the middle of the night, and on her orders kisses her hard enough to leave her nightcap in disarray And t Bertie Wooster has grown a mustache Does Jeeves approve Jeeves does not approve But Florence Craye does Who s Florence Craye Florence Craye, author of Serious Novel Spindrift, is Wooster s ex fiance So is Wooster in for it this time Not if Stilton Cheesewright, pumpkin headed man about town, manages to leg it down the aisle with her first Who s Cheesewright Florence s current fiance, who comes down as firmly anti mustache So will Cheesewright pound Wooster into a fine paste Not until after Wooster s won the annual Darts sweep Cheesewright has fifty pounds riding on the outcome Whew Or until Cheesewright can offload his stake on Wooster to another interested party say, Mr Gorringe Gorringe who Gorringe you glad I didn t say banana Also c Did you ever read Spindthrift I asked, retrieving the soap I skimmed through it, sir What did you think of it Go on, Jeeves, don t be coy The word begins with an l Well, sir, I would not go so far as to apply the adjective which I fancy you have in mind, but it seemed to me a somewhat immature production lacking in significant form My personal tastes liein the direction of Dostoevsky and the great Russians11 In a stressful thesis writing period, Wodehouse is your my man I read Ring for Jeeves shortly before Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit while the first has Plum on a very rare off day, the latter sees him squarely on top of the wave of his singular craftsmanship.
A jolly good book this Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit is a balm to the soul much like a well made English tea on a cold morning.
Bertie Wooster wears a mustache that Jeeves does not approve He is in mortal danger of being affianced to Florence Craye who wishes to shape him Oh and also the slight danger of being pummeled to pulp by a pumpkin headed cop to who Florence was engaged Aunt Agatha is in trouble and needs all the help she can get All while Jeeves has to be away.
Bertie must fend for himself Many disastrous and hilarious complications ensue, until Jeeves returns Many laugh out loud moments and a nice light read.

Another deeelightful romp in the Wodehouse world Romp tiddly romp, I say, what What, what Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit, aka What Ho, Jeeves, is a bit different from others in the Wooster Jeeves line in that it reads like a play In my case, it listens like a play, because I ingested this audiobook style So, in place of Wodehouse s wonderful narration via Bertie s inner monologue, we get awkward exposition and strange soliloquy Instead of a witty description of Jeeves discontent over Bertie s ghastly upper lip appendage, we hear the actor groaning and moaning in a most peevish manner, in a word whinging All the above sounds odd and irritating, and would be off putting enough to make most listeners give it up I m not most readers when it comes to a Wooster and Jeeves novel, so I stuck it out, and boy am I glad I did Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit turned out to b I can t begin to tell you how much I enjoy these books If there is one problem, it is that I m reading them out of order but that is hard to avoid The problem is that they seem to have been out of print for ages and trying to find them in second hand bookshops is also remarkably difficult I asked a woman in a second hand bookshop I frequent about them and she said they disappear as soon as they come in the door She has a lovely grey cat that allows you to pat it while you talk to her the lady of the shop about books I trust this woman implicitly, as one trusts anyone who allows a cat to sprawl on the desk before them Bertie is a remarkable creation I know I ve said this before, but he really has captivated my imagination Not least because he breaks all of the rules as I would have them He is not the smartest person in the book and I would normally re

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