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[ Pdf Skywalking: The Life and Films of George Lucas ✓ harlequin-heartwarming PDF ] by Dale Pollock Ì Filled With Revelations About The Origins And Making Of American Graffiti, Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, And Return Of The Jedi, This Only Full Length Biography Of Filmmaker And Cinematic Visionary George Lucas Has Been Updated With A Substantial New Chapter That Discusses The Revamped Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition, The Star Wars Prequels, The Filming Of The First Installment, And The Controversial Ways In Which Lucas S Approach And Success Continue To Alter The Landscape Of The Film Industry I really enjoyed this book, and it was a great book if you and anyone you know is interested in the life of George Lucas I read this book because I was very interested in George Lucas s life and I am a huge Star Wars fan Making movies is like the construction business You are fighting all possible odds and everyone is seemingly against you Pollock 154 This quote was very interesting to me because it showed how hard making a movie is and it relates to the struggle George went through at the beginning with people not believing in him I recommend this book to anyone who loves Star Wars or any of George Lucas s work It was a great biography and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Interesting book on George Lucas, about whom I knew the usual The biggest surprise to me was realizing just how many well known movies, especially in the 70s, he was involved in I knew that he started out as a hotshot student at USC, but the book really puts across just how amazing a hotshot he was Not just as a filmmaker but as a businessman perhaps mostly as a businessman and general workman.
There s probably a whole other book to be written or perhaps interesting movie to be made about his relationship with Francis Ford Coppola who can t help but stand as the complete opposite of Lucas My edition was updated in 1999, which did lead to at least one down note as his first wife goes from seeming like a partner whose skill and mind he admires and trusts to someone complaining that her husband always saw he As a long term Star Wars fan, I enjoyed reading about the beginning of George Lucas career and his rise to fame He certainly is a fascinating subject The only problem I had was that this book was written a while ago at least, the version I read and didn t cover his recent life It definitely wasn t this updated version I wonder how far into the future this version goes A fascinating read, especially considering it came out right before Return of the Jedi, so much of Lucas s story was yet to be written.
Really fun read I loved the chapters dealing with the making of American Graffiti Star Wars stuff was cool too, but most the world knows it now It is interesting to see how many things were in George Lucas s mind at the very beginning, and how much changed.
I first read this when I was a kid and fascinated by all things pertaining to Star Wars and Indiana Jones There is a new bio of George Lucas out, but it apparently draws heavily from this earlier one, which is still or less definitive A great behind the scenes story and an interesting portrait of Lucas as an artist and producer.
Skywalking was a good book about the creator of Star Wars The book started when he was around 30 years old and ended when he was about 65 It went through everything when he was a kid and how he grew up It was explaining how George Lucas was thinking and how he explained things on paper It goes through his adult hood when he married Marcia and then he got a divorce and then he wrote how that changed his life and how it changed his story s He talks about his obsession with movies and how they are boring without special effects because special effects means a story that is not boring, that is one of his famous quotes too The book starts and ends when George explains how he got into a wreck in high school and it almost killed him and severely injured him He thought that it changed his course in his career and then h This isn t the first time I ve ever read this and I seriously doubt it ll be the last a comprehensive, well written, nicely laid out biography of George Lucas from his birth up to completing Return Of The Jedi the book was first published in 1983 It keeps pulling me back because the behind the scenes details of the films are unrivalled and certainly haven t appeared in anything else I ve read on Lucas It doesn t appear to pull too many punches, it features interviews with key players from 70s early 80s cinema and, above all, it s a gripping read I was surprised, however, to learn when I started this re read I loaded it up to Goodreads.
com and also had a look on the Net that Lucas changed his mind about the book after it was published and is now openly scathing about it strange, really, because I think he comes out of it well Apparently, an An excellent, contemporaneous look into the life and mind of George Lucas just on the brink of mega success When the book was written, Return of the Jedi was in the middle of shooting It examines the pressure Lucas was under to wrap up his huge story and deliver another blockbuster It goes into great detail about his early life, his initial struggles as a film maker and how that affected his later work, and ultimately his emergence as one of the top Hollywood film makers of all time There s also quite a bit of information regarding the business and financial dealings of his films Overall, a very interesting snapshot of a talented, driven, and stubborn man at a time in his life when he still felt unproven.

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