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[ Read Online Naked ↠´ demons PDF ] by Kevin Brooks ↠´ This book was stupid, boring, and pointless Maybe someone who was really into the origins of the punk music scene would enjoy it I honestly don t know I considered giving it one star, but I have this odd feeling about how no one forced me to read it, and I could have stopped at any time, so it couldn t have been that bad, right And it didn t offend and the ending didn t ruin it or anything so.
5 stars From what is understood that a book is a good book for you Sometimes you understand when you read the first page and you realize that you can t wait to find out what story these pages contain other times you come to a point where you are so involved that you don t stop reading even to eat or put yourself in a comfortable position if it makes you cry it can be considered a good book because it involved you enough to make you feel something when it s over And then there are those times when all these things are nothing compared to reality Without even understanding it, you find yourself reading a page after another, even though you are aware that it s coming to an end and, with it, you also have a bad omen Spend half an hour, then an hour Close the book, get up from the bed, l Il Racconto Di Lili Comincia Con L Estate Del , Quella Che Cambi Per Sempre La Sua Vita L Estate In Cui Nacque Il Punk E La Sua Band, I Naked, L Estate Del Sesso, Della Droga, Degli Eccessi, Ma Anche Dell A Dall Incontro Con Curtis Ray, Il Dio Della Musica, Leader Della Band, All Ingresso Nel Gruppo Del Misterioso Ragazzo Irlandese Che Le Ruber Il Cuore La Vita Di Lili E Dei Naked Corre In Parallelo Con Un Pezzo Di Storia Della Musica E Della Londra Di Quegli Anni, Scossa Dalla Nascita Di Un Nuovo Violento Movimento Culturale E Dilaniata Dal Terrorismo I d never read a Kevin Brooks book before this one but I know a lot of people rave about his writing so when I got the review request, even though it didn t totally look like my kind of thing, I decided to give it a chance Each character in this book was so unique and different from the next and that was something I really loved The main character, Lili, is quite sweet and innocent at the beginning and a massive contrast to Curtis, the boy who takes her under his wing In one way, I kind of think that Curtis corrupted Lili a little bit, showing her a completely different way of life and introducing her to drugs and drink but then on the other hand, I think maybe she might have turned out the same way anyway due to the era and what was going on I liked Lili though, she brought a softer side to a very ha Naked is one of those books by a well established author that you just know is going to be huge While not entirely for me as I m not sure I m into the topic it covered I enjoyed reading it and I m sure someone far into music than me or someone who can remember those early days of Punk will devour and love it.
The thing that struck me most about this book is that the main characters voice is so brilliantly realistic Reading this is actually like reading the diary of a teenage girl granted without all the soppiness Lili is in a punk band you know I loved learning about the early punk scene through her eyes.
There were several elements to the story that I enjoyed.
I liked seeing the relationships Lili built up with both Curtis and with William and enjoyed seeing how completely different thos This is the best book I have read in a long time The Troubles the ethno nationalist conflict in Northern Ireland during the late 20th century may be living memory for any of us over 30 but for teenagers they are history and a new book is needed to replace the likes of Joan Lingard s excellent Across the Barricades Naked fills this space brilliantly with a narrative seen through the eyes of naive teenage girl experiencing sex, first love and painful loss of innocence during a blazing summer.
It is 1976, London and Lili is 17, practicing Debussy in the school music room when Curtis Ray, the boy everyone loved, hated, wanted to be or be with, comes in and asks her to join his band She says yes and finds punk and love, their band feeding into the burgeoning Kings Road punk scene in London around Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren s controver This is the first Kevin Brooks book I ve read but it will definitely not be the last This was a raw, exciting novel set in the burgeoning world of punk The main character is Lili, a young classically trained musician who finds herself swept into this dirty, unglamorous music scene that began sweeping its way through 70 s era England She finds herself becoming the bassist of a group called Naked but is never really sure if she fits into this world.
The characters are at the heart of this novel and Lili is a likeable and relatable protagonist Her relationships with Curtis the lead singer in the group and William the mysterious new rhythm guitarist are what drive the narrative I found both characters to be very interesting Curtis, with all his self destruct Bellissimo Consigliatissimo a chi come me vuole una romanzo ambientato nel mondo reale e che abbia verosimiglianza, personaggi davvero ben caratterizzati e perci indimenticabili, e perch no , una buona dose di citazioni e conoscenze musicali Qui c tutto questo e anche qualcosa in pi.
I protagonisti sono liceali solo all apparenza, perch la loro testa e la loro esperienza vanno ben oltre la scuola frequentata a cui si accenna pochissimo e la data anagrafica di nascita Sono uomini e donne con volont e capacit decisionali ben definite, caratterizzati nella loro psicologia dai comportamenti tenuti in situazioni pi o meno drammatiche.
Ho sorriso, mi sono emozionata, scesa anche qualche lacrima e Ho anche scoperto cose che non sapevo Un piccolo oscuro capolavoro scoperto grazie ad un amica per la comune passione per la musica Ma una chicca da non perdere, per ch

Some of the best books I read are the ones I stumble on accidentally I can t even remember why I decided that I might like this book I m not a huge fan of the 70s I have an aversion against bands in YA fiction I d never even heard of Kevin Brooks.
So why would I read this YA book about a fictional band in the 70s written by Kevin Brooks Maybe I was feeling particularly crazy that day.
I don t know, but I did and it was brilliant Seriously, it was brilliant.
If I could sum up what this book was about in one word it would be passionate Every single character in this book is passionate about something Well, OK, not Stan but I m passionate about Stan so that s OK we ll kind of balance each other out Whether it s music, drugs, punk, sex, it seeps from the page and it s practically impossible not to be drawn into it whether you care about it or not Th Un autore che scrive di adolescenti e con protagonisti adolescenti.
Lettura, per me, dunque, totalmente inadatta se non fosse che qui domina la musica punk e un punto di congiunzione lo trovo.
La voce narrante quella della sedicenne Lil che assieme al fidanzato Curtis suona nella band dei Naked Naked significa nudo Siamo a Londra nel 1976 un luogo e un tempo in cui la nudit potremmo rapportarla a quel nascente movimento in cui i giovani vogliono spogliarsi della mentalit benpensante Gli eccessi sono la nuova morale e la musica deve riflettere questo ritmo esistenziale incalzante.
Dunque, Brooks inserisce questa band immaginaria in un reale contesto.
Per me stata una lettura piacevole per le atmosfere storiche che ci riportano da un lato questa rivoluzione musicale e sociale dall altra un contesto storico politico altrettanto

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