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[ Pdf One Hundred Spaghetti Strings ☆ anglo-saxon PDF ] by Jen Nails º The book I read was One Hundred Spaghetti Strings by Jen Nails The book is about a girl name Steffy who loves to cook and bake but lives with her Auntie Gina since her Dad is in California and her mom got a brain injury in a car crash The setting of the book takes place in her hometown and her Auntie Gina s house The problem is her dad coming back to try and attempt to take of them once again since her mother accident But while that is going on her Auntie Gina is also going to move out of the house and move in with her boyfriend So she lives in her hometown and her house where her dad now lives in with them The cultural norms of the place are modern time She lives in a normal neighborhood middle class I would say Steffy mostly goes to her best friend s house, her house, school, and Auntie Gina s house The setting places the plot because she not used to live with her dad in their house The popularity of young foodies is on the rise and this has most certainly played out in recent years with an uptick of books about child chefs One Hundred Spaghetti Strings is yet another one to add to this ever growing list and it is worth not overlooking.
Eleven year old Steffy walks us through the story of how her love for cooking helps her through a tough transitional period in her life Her alcoholic father fled the scene many years earlier following an accident which left her mother brain damaged Now that her father has returned she and her older sister, Nina, move in with her father, leaving the comfortable camaraderie of Aunt Gina s home Determined to win her father s appeal Steffy takes to the kitchen, When Life Hands Steffany Sandolini Lemons, She Makes Pasta Sauce This Brave And Heartwarming Middle Grade Novel Will Leave Your Belly Rumbling And Your Heart FullSince Steffy Was Little, She And Her Older Sister Nina Have Lived With Their Auntie Gina But When Their Dad Comes Home To Live With Them, Everything ChangesWhen Steffy Feels Like There Are Pieces Of Her All Over The Place, She Does What She Does Best She Cooks Her Way Through The Hardest Year Of Her Life But Sometimes Her Life Feels Like A Kitchen Sink Meal, With Too Many Ingredients That Don T Quite Work Together Can The Recipes Put Her And Her Family Back Together Again Start WithCup Of Authentic Voice, Add A Tablespoon Of Coming Of Age AndTeaspoons Of Delicious Culinary Concoctions, Mix Together, And Serve Up To Fans Of Rebecca Stead And Sarah Weeks E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineSteffy and her sister Nina have been living with their aunt Gina Their mother was in an accident and is in a nursing home because she has suffered a traumatic brain injury and have to be reminded of who they are each time they visit Their father has been unable to deal with the situation and has been living far away, but he is finally coming home It s not easy for the girls to readjust to living with him, and they miss their aunt, who is engaged to be married Steffy copes by cooking a lot, and eventually gets accepted into a cooking competition, Chefs of Tomorrow It gives her something to look forward to, which is especially good as her family situation starts to fall apart.
Strengths It was good to see that even though their home situation was This book is a very simple read and heartwarming based on the storyline What caught my attention is the essence of this book revolved around a recipe book I like the creativity of the writer who painted the strong connection the character felt for her mother through the recipe book handed down from mother to daughter Reading by the effects of the accident that impacted the mother, that incident would have shaken the family completely, leading the father to be away from the family for a while The heartwarming sense is seen in the two girls and the aunt who never gave up on the mother for her recovery And that hope is brewed stronger with the daughter s discovery of the mother s recipes which she embraced and perfected thanks to her passion for cooking In a nutshell, it s heartwarming to read how the recipe book strengthened the bond between a mothe I started reading One Hundred Spaghetti Strings by Jen Nails and at first, I was a bit miffed because the start of the book really didn t engage me Still, I decided to read on and boy, am I so glad I did The story really picked up in the second chapter or maybe I just began to understand what was going on in the story Once that happened, I was glued to the pages of this book to the very end Half way through this book, I took a breather, shook my head and told myself, how could I ever have thought I didn t like this story I was deeply touched by Steffy, Nina and their family While One Hundred Spaghetti Strings is not a smiley, everything is roses kind of book, it is about a family in chaos searching for healing both as individuals and as a family M I received this book through Goodreads giveaways It s not too often I tear through a book as fast as I did with this one I instantly felt for Steffy, and her sister Nina This author is amazing at grabbing your emotions, and ever better at holding on to them The story moved at a good pace, and the author s writing style flows almost effortlessly I loved the creative idea of chapters named after recipes, and that they are included at the end of the book My only problem with is book is that it s currently midnight, and I have an awful hankering for banana bread.
The Sandolini family has had a rough go of it Mom suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident eight years ago, Dad took off and left his two young daughters alone Luckily, Aunt Gina came to the rescue and moved in to take care of them Now, however, Dad s come back and Aunt Gina has moved in with her fianc soon to be husband Harry who lives across town The girls, Steffy, now aged eleven, and Nina, thirteen, are having a rough go of the change Nina is a talented dancer, and Steffy is a wizard in the kitchen We watch as the girls come to terms with the changes in their lives and as they each get the chance to pursue their own special talents.
The story is told by Steffy and her cooking, each chapter carries a food related ti

Steffy and her older sister Nina live with their Auntie Gina Her dad isn t around and her mom has had a traumatic brain injury and she s in a nice assisted living type place She s focusing on her cooking which she s incredibly good at and school when suddenly her life is turned upside down her dad is back and he s going to live with them I loved this sweet middlegrade And I love Steffy Adult readers will pick up on things younger readers may not or may just register faster but nothing in this novel is gratuitous or inappropriate My example is that Steffy s dad keeps a ton of beer in the fridge and drinks a lot of it Then the beer disappears and he starts to spend a lot of time in their church s basement Adult readers may not only clue in to drinking problem almost immediately but will also think AA meeting Warning food descri I didn t really like this book because of the pacing but it does have some very real scenarios portrayed although what target audience was this for and the food described is accurate but the characters themselves didn t seem all too there for me Steffy is a normal girl but her food makes her special and it tries to link it together but the way it is written gets a little lost from time to time.

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