Trailer à Happy Family: A Novel PDF by РWendy Lee

Trailer à Happy Family: A Novel PDF by РWendy Lee When Hua Wu Arrives In New York City, Her Life Seems Destined To Resemble That Of Countless Immigrants Before Her She Spends Her Hectic Days In A Restaurant In Chinatown, And Her Lonesome Nights In A Noisy, Crowded Tenement, Yearning For Those She Left Behind But One Day In A Park In The West Village, Hua Meets Jane Templeton And Her Daughter, Lily, A Two Year Old Adopted From China Eager To Expose Lily To The Language And Culture Of Her Birth Country, Jane Hires Hua To Be Her NannyHua Soon Finds Herself In A World Far Removed From The Cramped Streets Of Chinatown Or Her Grandmother S Home In Fuzhou, China Jane, A Museum Curator Of Asian Art, And Her Husband, A Theater Critic, Are Cultured And Successful They Pull Hua Into Their Circle Of Family And Friends Until She Is Deeply Attached To Lily And Their Way Of Life But When Cracks Show In The Family S Perfect Facade, What Will Hua Do To Protect The Little Girl Who Reminds Her So Much Of Her Own Past A Beautiful And Revelatory Novel, Happy Family Is The Promising Debut Of A Perceptive And Graceful Writer i dont have any words I honestly dont know what to think of this book I mean i had sad emotions mostly through out the end And it was a casual read so i didnt really dislike the book as i was reading But i mean i dont think this reflects what newly immigrants go through like it says on the back And hua literally kidnaps the child That reaaallyyy threw me off She never harmed the child Never intended to but still I didnt know if i was supposed to like or dislike hua Am i supposed to sympathize with her Hua is lonely and ya she loves the child but you dont kidnap her Ya i honestly dont know The ending just reaaalllyyyyy threw me off And also she seemed a little too creepy and weird You know, getting into their business, stealing their things harmless things but still stealing stalking them etc Yaa i actuall What a disappointment The characters weren t very deep and neither was the plot Like the main character, I am an immigrant to the U.
, however, I did not find Hua, the main character, relatable or believable at all The only reason why I finished it was because I was stuck on a plane with nothing else to read.

Good premise but then went nowhere.
I hesitate to give 5 stars since I m sure this isn t the best book ever classic, but what the heck, I liked it and thought it was well written I thought there were interesting structures and contrasts the novel was like a puzzle that made me think about how all the ideas fit together BTW, this book is also being discussed at I think Happy Family was about the characters and in particular, the development of Hua, the main character than about adoption per se, I do also think the author was commenting on international adoption esp with the kidnapping incident While Jane clearly wanted a child, she also seemed to have a China fetish that Lily was helping to fulfill The author writes on P 56, In some ways it was that simple Lily needed parents and Jane and her husband needed a child But foreigners were forever meddling in business that wasn t theirs, taking things that did

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